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Former Universal Park [RCT3]

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Hey everyone, this is my first park that I've put on TPR. I appreciate any feedback on my work and hope you enjoy.

- Rashaun




Hello all, my name is Jason Meyer. I have been given the job as a news reporter for interesting things going around this area of North Carolina. I love working in the amusement industry and will try my best to provide the best information with you. Recently, Universal Studios closed it's fairly new resort in Wilkesboro due to failing attendance. The resort was placed for sale at an unknown price.


A sad sight to see...


The former Hollywood Rip Rockin' Coaster.


This area was planned to be home to a Universal hotel. The idea was dropped when the park closed.

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Rumor has it that Six Flags has bought the park and plans to reopen ASAP. This is not confirmed, but Six Flags signs have been seen going up. Hmmm...


As I was driving down the Parkway, I noticed a sign displaying "Six Flags". I'm taking it that Six Flags has taken over?


Six Flags signs continue to be placed around the park.

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WILKESBORO - Six Flags, Inc. announced plans today to invest over $25 million in the former Universal's Islands of Adventure Park and reopen as Six Flags Carolina in 2010.


Six Flags, Inc., which owns properties in Georgia, Missouri, California and Illinois, said in a press release today that most of the money will go to re-theming and adding new rides. A small expansion will also be added as well as Batman: The Ride.


"We here at Six Flags believe that another park in the Carolina's will continue to do well as we have seen in Charleston, SC with Six Flags South Carolina. Many big differences will be noticeable with this park and the park in South Carolina," park manager Jason Meyer said.


With the Six Flags brand also comes well-known characters such as Bugs Bunny, Batman and Scooby-Doo and the famous Mr. Six.


The property was purchased at the end of April and the infrastructure of the park will not be majorly changed when it reopens.


Universal's Islands of Adventure opened in early 2008 and began to notice failing attendance due to nearby amusement parks in Charlotte, NC; Greensboro, NC; and Pigeon Forge, TN.


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The growing park skyline.

Nothing big has really happened at the park lately. I noticed new landscaping in front of the parking lot and rides have began testing.


More soon,

- Jason


This area was originally planned for a hotel. As you can see, alot has changed.


A day in the sun really calls for a nice refreshment.

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