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I'm not much of a teller, and I'm rather busy when writing this; therefore you'll get the short version.


This is my first park in a year or two during which I almost haven't touched RCT3, but in the last couple of days the inspiration has returned to me.


So I present to you:




The entrance


Theming around the only coaster in the park so far


A small shop


On the back side of the coaster, I'm working on a small fishing village



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Thanks for the replies.

Paradisecoaster - I'm hornored that you still remember me


It's weekend and I've had some time to play. The fishing village has grown with a new ride and theming around it.


The village's small town square


Storage buildings and toilets





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Nice! A park from Steffen, now those are the good old days


The entrance area looks cool. That structure on top of the lift hill, is that supported in any other way? or is it just hanging there.


anyway, have fun with the project

Ohh how sweet

I expect that the structure on the top of the lift hill that you are talking about is the roof thing, right? If so - it is supported by the coaster's supports plus 4 extra columns from the Main Street Sets.


Just Plain beautiful, this is definitely a park I will be keeping up with. I wish I had the skills to build an RCT3 park like this Great Job so far

Thank you very much


Holy...wow. Those waterfront buildings are absolutely spectacular. Hugely impressed!

Thanks to you too. I'm planning building a boat house beneath the waterfront buildings, but I'm lacking the boat... If anyone knows where to find a CS rowing boat - please tell

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