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[RCT 3] Pleasant View Park

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Ummmmm, no, I'm not ready. Nor is this thread.


It is NOT OK to start a thread with a single picture.


You have 24 hours to post more pics, and add some substance, or this thread will go the way of most proposed parks: Locked up, with no chance of ever being opened.



Games Forum Moderating Team

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Oh my have things gotten more strict round these parts. Whats so wrong about getting some hype before posting the whole park?


from the Games forum posting rules, guidelines and etiquette:



3.) Do NOT start a thread for a park if you only have one screenshot, or just a Photoshoped logo. We want quality posts and threads. Get your park, or track, started and moving along before you need to make an announcement. A video of your park will suffice, as those take time to put together and edit.
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Hello everybody,


Today was Season Pass Preview Day for the new roller coaster, Insanity!


We can see you Insanity! I made sure to arrive a little before opening.


This is were my excitement started to build up!


Can you believe it!? The ride goes rite over the que line!


The ride is very photogenic!


Another great shot from the midway!


Just over the top of the lift hill!


There wasn't a long wait at all today! The longest I waited was about 20 minutes at the most. But on opening day the park is expecting to have a 2 hour wait for the ride! Glad I got to ride it today!


If you thought the coaster was photogenic during the day, just look at it at night!


Don't ask me how I got this


Good night everyone! Opening day next week! Can't wait!


- Tom Reynolds


EDIT: I just realized I used the wrong coaster name in the posts -_- ....... The correct name for the ride is Insanity, not Intensity. Intensity was the original name before I changed it to Insanity. Sorry for the confusion!

Edited by coastin
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Hello everyone,

As we get closer to opening day, I give you a picture of Ultra Twister!


Ultra Twister opened on May 19, 1989, and is a pipeline roller coaster manufactured by TOGO. The ride has remained a favorite among guests. Be sure to ride this classic coaster this opening day!




@A.J.- Thanks!

@coastercrazy- Thank you!

@nitro4ever- Thank you, glad you like it!

@MeMeMe- You're so right! Thanks!

Edited by QueerRudie
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A TOGO remaining a favorite among park guests? You must not be going for realism here (Just kidding). The coaster looks really nice. Keep up the good work.

Actually, Ultra Twisters are well loved and extremely popular in the real world. Pretty much the only model of Togo's that enjoys that status, really.

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^I know the feel. I mean, I can't speak for them myself, but when one's featured in a TPR trip report they usually speak very highly of it.


By the way, a bit late on this comment, but that Floorless looks absolutely stunning. Only thing I'm not really on board with is the 10-car-long train, which looks...well, frankly, a bit odd. Your choice, of course, but I'd suggest shortening it to 8 or so.

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Todays update is not following the story line. It's more just showing you what I have done with the park so far. Plus, I am in a block on building and could use an idea's or advice I can get! Also to get you guys involved with the building of the park! Thanks!



Thunder Bolt, a wooden roller coaster inspired by Thunder Hawk at Dorney Park. Yes, I still need to add trees and bushes.


Thunder Bolts station. I was experimenting with the colors. Would colors do you think would fit the station? Also should I add trees here, or Bushes and flowers?


A swing ride still unnamed. This was inspired by the swing ride at California's Great America. Any ideas for a name?


A building that I placed between the swing ride and Thunderbolt.


Here is Invertigo. (Name to un-original?) The supports are not finished yet, and is it too much to have a boomerang and Invertigo in the same park? One of them is going to close and be removed in the near future of the park.


Path Leading to Invertigo, Swing ride, and Thunder Bolt.


Warriors. A ride that is inspired by Double Dragons and is almost an exact replica! They even duel correctly! Scenery and station and que line are not finished.


A B&M standup. Inspired by Iron Wolf, now Apocalypse. It is un-named and un-themed. The colors for the coaster have not been finalized.


Last but not least is the path that runs next to The B&M Standup. The path leads to a petting zoo, and go-karts. This picture was taken facing the midway.


There's a lot more to this park! These are just the spots I have having the most trouble on.


Thanks for reading!

Have a great day!


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