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Miami Miracle Mile [RCT2]

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Hello tycoons,


Here are some screens from my current build: Miami Miracle Mile...


There was actually a previous Miami build, here is the last time I saw my baby before my old computer died...



It was quite a park, The trees and hills in the middle would have been removed and that's where the coasters would have went in a "park within a park".


I was about halfway finished and had a new style of building and about a half-dozen resorts in place. here is the first one I had built, The Majestic...



It was a drag losing that park, but you guys know how it is, you just have to come back even better, here is the New Majeastic from the New Miami build...



A pool to match the high-rise...



It is more finished now than the screen depicts, let's take a little tour...


This one is The Avalon and it is situated right in the prominant part of the bay. (Remember, this is my own stylized Miami folks.)O





That large structure behind the resort is the Avalon Opera House...



Here the new Trocadero nightclub...



Later I added a modest, plainish highrise...



There are several other full-blown resorts, but also a number of executive-style highrise hotels, here are a couple...




And I am adding restaurants and shops all the time.


The Country Kitchen...



I have since added a ventilator and some other assorted do-dads on the roof.


And here is a Howard Johnson's...



I'll probably put freestanding animated signs out front of those, and the whole park needs a finish coat.


Thanks, and much more to come folks!



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I'll say some of the buildings are a bit plain and the area is lacking in scenery, but those high rise buildings are impressive! You captured the art deco-ness of Miami pretty well. Non-theme park RCT projects are always a ton of fun to look at and see expand.


Love the Howard Johnson's too. I didn't expect to see one of those in here.

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Thanks for the responese!


What buildings did you find plainish and what do you think I should do to soup them up?


Yes, the whole park needs a finish coat as I said, meaning shrubbery and small details, I always do that last. I'm going to tear out a lot of the trees you see that are lined up along buildings and along entrance paths and replace them with more random variations as to the type of tree and their placement.


Some of them have as many trees as they are going to get though, anymore would be too much.


There is a tendency for some to make every shop a spectacular "flagship" or headquarters store, I'm trying to remind myself that for the sake of realism some of them have to be run of the mill average.


Here are a few more screens...


Here is a plainish White Castle burger shop...



It needs some roof treatment and some more shrubs I know... I'm still trying to get some good animated flags to put on the roof, but will probably have to settle for ones that are not ideal.


Right behind the Troc we have a Macy's highrise...



I might put some more baseblock on the roof to make a pattern. I am trying to avoid plain baseblock rooves. I'm going to tear down that Mexican restaurant next to it ands replace it with something a little more flamboyant.


I had a larger, flagship style Winchell's here and tore it down and replaced it with this...



Now this is a fancy little shop named "Pavillions" and is famous for fabulous fashions...



Here is a pool, area I finished recently... I added a few changes but that's about where it's at.



Yes, NONE of these have the finish coat of scenery as I said in the starter, the last three or four days of a build I spend putting in all the final details, I like to wait until all the buildings are in place.


Lots more screens to go folks!



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Here are a few more screens folks...


This is Miami Marlin's stadium, it is fairly close to a full-scale field and you could probably play a game there...



That is just the rough structure, lots of details to go on it.


I wanted to put a resort for the stadium so folks could rent a suite and watch the game from their room. My first idea was something like this...



There was going to be a large wing that branched off the main stack where I have the land marked in grey and brown. The large rectangular hole was going to be a glass medalion of sorts. The problem was, the main stack would not get the view, just the wing, and it also looked like it was going to obscure too much of the stadium.


After putting up several and tearing them down I decided on this...




Those signs on the lawn are just there to remind me, they say: "Try Our New Ty Cobb Salad!" and :Try Our New Yankee's Pot Roast!" (sorry, lol)


Here is the side with the views of the field, you are ten feet closer to first base than the catcher.




There is no railing around the balconies I know, still looking for a good railing, but might have to settle for glass quarter panels.


The finished front...



That glass sculpture is supposed to represent a baseball. I am going to put a baseball museum/souvenir shop with a 3-D theater on top that looks like a baseball as well. Here is an old one from another park...



That was from my New York park from several years ago, the geo-sphere would be removed and that's where the 3-D theater would go.


And the back pool area of the new stadium resort. See those barbecues up by the prep station near the corner? They grill steaks on those and on game nights the whole stadium is smelling grilled steaks and has nowhere in the stadium to get them, lol.



Much more to come!



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I put a new building up a couple nights ago, here is the spot I had picked out for it...



And here is what I put there...



The other side before it was finished...



A closer view of the front, I added those skylights and put in planters and am trying to add more of them in my building instead of the usual line of trees.



It's supposed to be the "World Travel" agency building, hence the rotating Earth looking sphere in the front.


A long shot of it in the neighborhood...



Lots more to come folks, here is the map so far...




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Thanks for your replies so far folks!


Here is another very large resort with a generous pool area...




That is a bulky structure and I am considering tearing it down or jazzing it up radically somehow... it needs more quarter blocks.


Here is a large, but unfinished resort: Caribbean Shores...



I want to put elaborate twin swimming pools on either side of the entrance path, but as am yet uninspired.


Maybe something like San Simeon, but instead of Greecian make them Spanish style.


I love the old classic movies and the old movie palaces... here is the Taj Cineplex...



The neon lights flash, the waterfalls flow, five theaters: Two running current blockbusters, three theaters devoted to 24 hour matinees separated by eras. 30s-40s-50s (



The last week I have been putting in a couple new resorts, these are right on the beach and each have pools that hang over the ocean... This one still needs a large lobby or wing addition, I don't want to block too much of the view for the resort behind it, so maybe I'll keep the addition around 5 stories...



Here is another one a little furter down the beach that is similar, but a little more finished than the last...



A close-up...




I have been working like stink trying to get that Miami skyline filled up, the game can generate 10,000 guests and I want to be ready for them.


Here is one of the latest new resorts as the superstructure is going up; the hardest thing about doing these is making up your mind what you want and fitting it into the neighborhood...



Notice she is situated right next to the fancy French place with the thatched roof, "Liason" where they are lined up at 7:30 AM for French toast and Belgian waffles. ...Also the Mexican restaurant "Pinche Rellienos" which is slated for major remodeling, but the food will stay the same of course! )


Here is a longer shot of the finished building...




It has almost twice the accommodation of the other building in it's double-stack, twice the hot tubs, twice the patio tables, a bigger pool and a restaurant: "DelMonico's" that specializes in steaks, local seafood and is open to walk-in traffic and is in addition to the resort's house restaurant.


Plus she's right on the beach at the head of the bay.



Previously I posted this screen of a resort I didn't know how to finish...



Pretty fancy place I was going to name "Caribbean Shores", but it sure took up a lot of real estate.


So I tore it down and replaced it with these...



Three modest scrapers, a strip mall and a five-story department store there in the front.


A little closer view, the blue one is an office building and the yellow/brown one a condominium.



And there is still plenty of room for more in that section.


Along with those I added this round building next to the Avalon Opera House...



I'm thinking another condo, a pool will fit nicely next to it.


I guess I am something more than half-finished with the park overall, maybe 60% filled in and all the buildings need the final finish coat.


For about a week I go around after everything is built adding trees and plants and a thousand other details I will kick myself for if I overlook them.


All I want to worry about when the park opens are coasters and sweepers because running a huge park like this is a full-time job in itself, lol.



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Your work on these skyscrapers is absolutely incredible. I wish I could do something like this in RCT2. Also, in some of the patches of land, what are you going to fill in there? Anything like parks or foliage of some sort?

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Your work on these skyscrapers is absolutely incredible. I wish I could do something like this in RCT2. Also, in some of the patches of land, what are you going to fill in there? Anything like parks or foliage of some sort?


Thanks, I put some of those partialy finished buildings in there so folks could see how they are built. You want to be in the highest resolution so you can raise the pieces up around 20 stories, if you want more you have to raise the land, build on top and then build up from underneath. You can get 30 stories or more like that.


Yes, that park is a long way from being finished and many of the larger stretches of grass will have something on them, a small shop etc.


One might wonder how I am going to deal with all that grass when it starts growing, hire an army of grass cutters?


No, here is a tip: I cover the grass with clear pathway and it will stay green, but wil not grow.


Remember though to isolate the clear from regular path or the peeps will walk on it and puke on it, so I put fences between and then remove them so they are not connected.


Some of the smaller area will be little "mini parks" where someone can just sit for awhile and watch the world go by.


There are no roads one might notice, it's all monorails and people movers.


Thanks again!


The last couple weeks I go around and put all the little touches and make sure the buildings are finished the way I want.


There is an air of spaciousness though because I stagger shops and tall scrapers for the most part.


"View" and not blocking the beauty shots are a real consideration and get tighter as you go, you also have to see a building to put it up, too many scrapers next to it will make it difficult or impossible.



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Why don't you keep the fences separating the clear paths from the original? That way it would look more realistic since people wouldn't be able to touch the grass



Well, if you want a fence there leave it...


I'm just pointing out that clear pathway will keep the grass from growing, that's a huge tip.


Look at this section of my old New York build...



Those are actualy three separate pathways that I am careful not to let intersect... this is to avoid the dreaded "peeps whirlpool", you guys know what I'm talking about.


So here a bunch of fences along every path might not look right.


And, there are places I go ahead and let the clear path join, like a city park so peeps can walk on the grass, they can't do it unless it has pathway.


Here are a couple more shots of partial builds guys...





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The buildings and infrastructure depicted here are larger than life. The skyscrappers are beautiful and amazing. It would be a very delightful experience to have such type of accomodations. According to my views, pool area and stadium are the two most attractive places. The Taj Palace is a miracle in itself. It would be a dream come true for the people who want to reside here.

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It's nice to see a non-coaster RCT park show up every once in a while. I love those three towers with the pool!


First, thanks for all the great comments guys, I'm thinking about returning to the park and opening it.


Next @Voxelmatic, remember guys, the park has to be open to put coasters in... I am not yet out of the "building" phase.


Oh, I had planned a "park within a park" you understand for New Miami... Wouldn't be much of a "Miracle Mile" without some of the largest and most elaborate coasters in the world now would it?


That large, somewhat circular open area in the middle is where the "park" would be...



Quite a lot more has been added since this next pic like the baseball park hotel as you might notice from the other pics in the thread...



Those trees clustered in the middle sections would be removed and that's where the coasters go.


And there would be thrill rides etc scattered in the "city" area too, you can't just keep those peeps wandering around with no attractions to keep them amused.


And that's what these coaster "bays" within the "park" section were for... big, elaborate rollercoasters...



Plus, as mentioned, there are no streets, just subways, monorails and people movers...


And well, maybe a go cart track or two...




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Don't forget to add this stupid thing to the Marlins ballpark.



Lol, I guess that thing goes off when they hit a run?


Well, for the one who built this a few years back, it looks like it might be right down my alley...



I'll see what I can do, looks like a challenge, thanks!


Here is the latest view of the Miami build...



Getting a lot more filled in.



Turning into a regular metropolis.



I kind of wince a bit when I think of all the work in that so far, lol, but I still have a long way to go and want to have the park pretty well finished before I open it and start letting peeps in.


Keep in mind: Buildings first, then shrubbery, so I realize these all need more shrubbery okay?


This park is so big, has so much pavement I'm worried I might not have enough sweepers...


Here are a few more pics...


A Micky-D's.



The slide is the "small fry maker" and the bouncer is the "tenderizer"


Shakey's Pizza.



Here is a closer look at a more finished Majestic Hotel...




Here is a new scraper going up, this one was built on elevated land because it's going to be more than 20 stories, maybe 26 or 27... You build on the elevated land, then you take the land down and finish the building from underneath.



You might wonder what this big monolith in the middle of the park will be...



This is where the tallest building, a Space Needle like structure similar to the one in that first pic I put in this post.^


It should come out around 34 stories where the average scraper is only 20-21, so it will be noticeably the tallest structure in the build.



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Don't forget to add this stupid thing to the Marlins ballpark.



Lol, I guess that thing goes off when they hit a run?


Yes, when a Marlin hits a home run it spins around and water shoots out of it. It looks ridiculous.


Thankfully this means it never goes off because the Marlins are an embarrassment to themselves, the sport of baseball and humanity in general.

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