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Hanno's picture of the day

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Great photos. I miss those restraints.


Were you the one who has the photo showing the wheels off the track on Superman or is that someone else? I know you had one for El Toro.


I might have, but not sure when that was and where that image would be.. maybe someday i'll find it (again)

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Facial expressions are always fun to capture.

Same goes for Hairtime


Anyway, back in 2014 I got to visit Holiday park to do some filming on Skyscream (


Had to check out one of the best rides in Europe while i was there.


Expedition Geforce


Massive airtime machine, always providing nice photo opportunities.





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sometimes you get lucky with pictures.. sometimes the picture comes out even better than expected..


I know what I did for this picture.. but did not expect this result.


Lucky shot.

from 2008


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Back in 2011 I got to visit Gardaland for the opening of Raptor


Fun event and park.


Here's a picture from opening day


BWAAA-HAAAA-HAAAA. . . . absolutely priceless.

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Sometimes you go to a park and find an attraction which is just too much fun.

it's not a rollercoaster, but depending on your "madness" it can get really crazy.


from 2013


From Legoland in Billund, Denmark.


Ice Pilots school



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I guess nobody cares about robotic arm fun..

ah well..


How about some Tokyo DisneySea love?


Lava Monster is one of the many fun reasons to visit that park (although popcorn is pretty good as well)


Journey to the Center of the Earth


from a visit in 2015





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the robotic arms are interesting, but I can't really figure out what they are doing. . LOL. . that's why no comment.


while the Lava Monster is cool, i love the pics you have of the ride vehicle - so much damn detail. just lovely.

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from that same 2015 trip


Universal Studios Japan.


Hollywoord Dream: The Ride


Loved that they added the backwards trains on it. Made it more fun.

With the audio choice it's a fun ride




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