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Oh, I was on it last week!

I was lucky, all the effects were working in the dark-ride section, which made it really atmospherical (the fog, the light in front of the boat...). Yeah, atmosherical is the word, because there's almost no scenery, but it's creepy nonetheless.

Then, the coaster section is ok...

The best about that ride is the queue line, the station, and the music. And the duck we meet, chilling in the station. Quack quack.

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I won't call the vliegende Hollander bad. I call it below my expectations. I think this ride has some great theming work in the queue but the ride is just sort and boring. The queue is what brings me back to ride it every time not the actual ride.

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Hey, I've seen those in action on TV, as well as being featured briefly on Travel Channel's Future Scream Machines. My gripe about this attraction is that it may be used as an upcharge attraction, until I saw the photo and saw how they could increase the number of riders per hour. Still, I bet they won't let a single rider on unless he/she has a partner.


I'm not perfect; I just love to ride

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