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starting to go through some of my Italy/europe trip pictures.


Found this one:


Vol D'Icare at park Asterix.


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Upon checking out the latest picture, I noticed that rider in the middle with his head leaning over, Mewondering if that poor guy was only a moment away from throwing up, or was he also thinking:


"I should have stayed on the merry-go-round!"


That's one thing to like about roller coasters: it can bring out the best, the worst, and even the silliest riders of the planet.


"I know what he was thinking: I wish I was at home, in my bed, lying on my pillow!"

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How about another Airtime picture of Ispeed?


Mirabilandia at Italy


Quality is not the best.. but i do spy a decent amount of airtime in this


can you see it?

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Another picture from Italy (i'll start the "big" trip report soonish )


From Gardaland (again)

This time it's Sequoia Adventure

The dude is totally trying to.. (you get the idea)


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the most awesome waterslide ever (as far as i'm aware) is located in Italy

Rigth next to Movieland Studios you should be able to find a water park


and here's what could happen on one of the slides.



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