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Photo TR: Country Garden Farm & Beijiao Park (4/22/12)

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I have been doing a bit more explwhoring in China. I have found some more coasters, but due to a camera problem, I was not able to photograph a coaster (wild mouse) found in the city of Maoming and due to the rain, my visits to Dongyue Joypark(2 coasters) and Changxing Park (2 coasters) in Guangzhou were rained out, but today, I got lucky. I visited Country Garden Farm in Guangzhou and Beijiao Park in Foshan. I have now discovered 95 coasters before RCDB or ACE could find them. Country Garden Farm is located near Guangzhou South railway station. It is in the Pingshan district of Panyu. It reminds me of a smaller version of Chuanloard Manor and who knows, since they are located somewhat near each other, they may have the same owners. There are a variety of rides here, including two coasters. One is a standard jungle mouse coaster that is very common at parks here in China. The other is a kiddie coaster that is commonly known as Outer Space Flying Car at many other parks in China. I rode both coasters, took some photos and then left the park as I had learned this morning of a park in nearby Foshan called Beijiao Park. Beijiao Park is located around a lake and is very nice. It isn't too big, but it is big enough for people to enjoy themselves. There is an area with about nine rides. One of them is another mouse coaster-just like the one I had just ridden at Country Garden Farm. I rode the coaster, took some photos and then left to go home. Overall, the coasters today were just like many others I have ridden here. Beijiao Park is very nice, but it is a typical Chinese public city park like many others. Country Garden Farm is a cute park and as I said earlier, reminds me of Chuanloard. I enjoyed both parks for what they were. They are local parks built for local families. I had a great day.


I have arrived at Country Garden Farm.


Country Garden has this lovely merry go round.


This kiddie coaster provides entertainment to guests at Country Garden Farm.


A paratrooper is here.


This is one of the newer rides at Country Garden Farm.


A mouse coaster is here.


Here is the mouse at the top of the lift.


Here is the mouse in action.


Here is some more mouse porn for you before I leave Country Garden Farm.


I have arrived at my other park for the day.


Here is the lake at Beijiao Park.


The merry go round here looks nice.


Beijiao Park has this walk through haunted house. Here in China, the walk through attractions always appear to be more interesting on the outside.


There is a mouse coaster at Beijiao Park. It is just like the one I just rode at Country Garden Farm.


Here is a look at the mouse.


Here is one more look at Beijiao Park's mouse coaster to finish my trip.

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