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What theme parks have you done this season and what was your

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uhh...big list for me this year (thanks Robb & Elissa!)


-USH (5 days a week there...)






-Mt. Olympus

-Little A-Merrick-A

-Riverview Park

-Timber Falls

-Santa's Village


-Safari Land


-Park Asterix


-Disney Studios Paris

-Walibi Lorraine


-Walibi Rhone Alps


-Movie Studios Park


-Europa Park

-Holiday Park



-Hansa Park

-Bon Bon Land

-Movie Park Germany





-Farup Sommerland

-Walibi World


-Walibi Belgium



-Magic Kingdom




Going to try and sneak in BGT, Animal Kindgom, and the kiddie credits in Vegas this November...(and maybe some other parks if everything works out!)

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Well my list was...


Peter Pans Southend


Brighton Pier


Pleasure land Cleethorpes

Fantasy Island Skegness

Bottons Skegness


Grant Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Joyland Great Yarmouth


Chessington World Of Adventures Surrey

Cosmoworld Yokohama

Sea Paradise Hakkejima

Hanayashiki Tokyo

Tobu Zoo Ueno

LaQua Tokyo

Yomuriland Tokyo

Toshimaen Tokyo

Fuji Q Fujikyu- The best of Japan IMO


Universal studios Hollywood

Disney's California Adventure, anaheim

Pacific Pier Santa Monica

Cliff's Albuquerque

Wonderland Amarillo

Bell's Tulsa

Navy Pier, Chicago

Cedar Point Ohio - The best of the lot

Sea Breeze Rochester

Astroland and all the other parks at Coney Island


Funderland, Colchester


28 parks in total, alot for me, most in a year infact by miles


And that doesn't include ones that were closed or walked through

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So far I've done

Six Flags Magic Mountain-done 7 times, love X. SFMMs getting better.

Disneyland & DCAdone 5 times, shame Screamins closed, but really glad to have Space Mtn back.

Knotts Berry FarmOnly been there once this year. Xcelerator RULES, Silver Bullet fun.

Six Flags Marine WorldWent there a month ago. Medusas just like Scream, V2 is very fun.

Kevin"Hope to do Vegas in 5 weeks"Bujold

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So far:

Movie Park Germany (my home park)

Heide Park Soltau (was my favorite this year beacause it was completely new for me)

De Efteling (was new for me as well but I liked HP betetr)




I'll add Walibi World on Sunday and probably a few more visits at MPG for Halloween.

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In alphabetical order:


Adventure Island

Adventureland New Brighton

Alton Towers

American Adventure

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Botton's Pleasure Beach

Brighton Pier

Camelot Theme Park

Chesington World of Adventures

Clarence Pier

Disneyland Resort Paris (both parks)

(Drayton Manor - going in 3 weeks time)


Dunes Leisure

Fantasy Island


Funland Amusement Park

Gulliver's Matlock Bath

Gulliver's Warrington

Knowsley Safari Park

Legoland Windsor

Lightwater Valley

Loudoun Castle

M&Ds Scotland

Oakwood Theme Park

Ocean Beach Amusement Park

Parc Asterix

Pleasure Island Theme Park

Pleasureland Southport

Thorpe Park

Walibi World

West Midlands Safari Park

Williams Amusements


Mostly just sweeping up those UK credits I haven't got yet - I should have done almost all the UK parks by the end of next year.

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So far this year I've been to 46 different parks, 64 total park visits, and 20 new to me parks. They are:






Universal Hollywood






Casino Pier

Funtown Pier

Morey's Piers (all 3 of them)


Silver Dollar City

Celebration City



Universal Florida

SeaWorld Orlando

Sesame Place

Blue Diamond Park



Conneaut Lake


Del Grossos


Williams Grove

Cypress Gardens


Six Gun City


Santas Village

Mt Olympus

Timber Falls



Little A-Merrick-A



Funtown USA

Canobie Lake

Palace Playland

Michigan's Adventure



I've still got trips to BGW, all of WDW, return trips to BGT, IOA, USF, Hershey, Knoebels, Dorney, DL, DCA, SFMM, and Vegas. Not too shabby a year.


Of them, my favorites were Silver Dollar City for its atmosphere and coasters, Dollywood for atmosphere and food, and BGT for B&M goodness.

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Thorpe Park x 5

Chessington x 2 (again this weekend)

Alton Towers x 3 (again the weekend after)

Port Aventura x 7


Drayton Manor x 3 (again the weekend after that)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach x 2

American Adventure (yawn, lol)

Blackpool South Pier


That's more then 3 times the parks I did last year...

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I went to SFMM this summer twice. Once with my parents and another with my friends I had a great time excepted for the crowds. I did a lot of rides and manged to go on Goliath 12 which rocked and I went on dive devil free. 8)


Knott's Berry Farm

This year I went to Knott's for the frist time in 10 years. I had a great time. My favorite ride I went on was supreme scream. Sliver bullet sucked big time and there was no scary rides besides supreme scream and xcellerator. I still had a great time because I was with my freinds.

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So far i have done this year.



Animal Kingdom WDW

Epcot WDW

Magic Kingdom WDW


Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios

Old Town






American Adventure

Barry Island Pleasure Park

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Brighton Pier


Drayton Manor

Ocean Beach Amusement Park Rhyl.

Thorpe Park.

Tir Prince Leisure Park Rhyl.


Travelling Fairs.

Cardiff Big weekend.


Still to go.

Alton Towers

Brean Lesiure Park

Coney Beach Pothcawl

Goose Fair Nottingham


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Parks visted so far this year:


Thorpe Park

Alton Towers



Brean Leisure Park

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

South Pier (Blackpool)

Parc Asterix (and Foire du Trone)

Jardin d' Acclimatation


Will be visiting Drayton Manor and Flamingoland next month.


A quiet coaster riding year for me compared to the 2004 season.

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Done Way To Much This Year compared to others years





Alice in Wonderland

Alton Towers x 7

American Adventure

Blackgang Chine

Blackpool Pleasure Beach x 5

Botton's Pleasure Beach

Brean Leisure Park

Camelot Theme Park

Carousel Park Adventure Island

Chessington World of Adventures x 3

Clacton Pier

Clarence Pier

Cleethorpes Beach

Crealy Adventure Park Devon

Dunes Leisure

Fantasy Island x 1.5

Fort Fun Amusement Park

Funland Amusement Park

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

GreenWood Forest Park

Gulliver's Matlock Bath

Gulliver's Warrington

Joyland Amusement Park

Oakwood Leisure Park x 5.5

Ocean Beach Amusement Park

Paultons Park

Pleasure Island Family Theme Park

Pleasureland Southport x 3

Pleasurewood Hills

Rhyl Promenade

South Pier (Blackpool)

Thorpe Park x 16.5

West Midlands Safari Park

Wicksteed Leisure Park

Williams Amusements (Tir Prince Leisure Park)

Wonderland Pleasure Park & Garden Center




Attractiepark Slagharen

Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Disney Studios Paris

Disneyland Resort Paris

Drievliet Family Park


Holiday Park x 2

Jardin d’Acclimatation x 2

Liseberg x 2

Parc Astérix


Walibi Belgium x 2

Walibi World x3


Travelling Fairs


Foire du Trone


One's Still Hoping to visited this year



Thorpe & Chessie again for Fright Nites & Hocus Pocus.

Port Aventura


Tivoli Gardens

Drayton Manor


Lightwater Valley

Gulliver's Milton Keynes (If you can get in)

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I really had a sad year as far as coasters and theme parks go. I went to PKI once towards the end of the year for my Italian Job credit. I also went to SFGAm for the second time in my life because I liked the park and needed my S:UF credit. The last place I went was SFMM for the first time and was pretty dissapointed. While in CA, I laso went to Pacific Park for my West Coaster credit because the hotel I was staying at (Hotel California) was in a good location right across the street from it.

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I may have only gone to two parks this year, but most summers I'm lucky enough to get to one park anyway.


I went to WDW back in July, then I got to visit Kennywood for a day later on in August.


WDW was a great experience, of course, but it was also nice to go to a nice small amusement park like Kennywood.

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