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The Airplane Model project

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And here is the latest, taken the morning of 12/12/12. The 6 remaining bents have been risen, connected with primary ribbon connectors. One run of sub track is almost done. In the background, you can see the upper portions of the bents which will be put back in their proper place after all the track on these two runs are built and painted.


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Just the latest shot. This weekend I made the opposite side sub track and started the pattern for the sub track on the adjacent run. I added more lateral cross bracing and some paint detail.


I can almost feel the SWOOP as I do a mental POV.


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General Fred Church coaster stats. Attached is the section of the Airplane coaster and its typical measurements of boards and distances. Basically, you can tell about how tall a Church coaster is by counting up the ribbon boards in 5' increments. The BP Giant Dipper is almost the same, except it uses 6"x6" supports and 4"x4" lateral diagonals. See previous entry for track size detail.


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Whoo hoo. The stakes for the first 180o of the section for the first whirlpool have been planted!

As far as the bottleneck section, I added more bents on either side for a good lead in and exit for the lower trackage, which I'm currently laying. Right before I add the upper half, I'll take and post a photo. From what I've seen so far in a test assembly gives me goosebumps. Can't wait to share.


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Time for an update.

It seems like I've been working on this one section forever and I'm not anywhere near done.

Things are coming along on the section with the fan-curve beneath the turn off the lift hill.


Keep in mind, I'm going for an aged and weathered look.


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Here is a more recent photo, taken after I place on the lateral diagonal bracing on the inside of this curve.


I can't wait to begin adding on the upper deck (bents are ready and waiting in the bin to the right.)

I'm a little disappointed with the photo quality here.


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You are taking a lot of care to make sure the the guage is right, is this model going to be a working coaster?


I'm trying to be spot-on as much as I can, and the track gauge is pretty easy to use so it's fairly simple (and important to the final look).


In order to make the coaster work, the model would have to be engineered in a way that would change the look of the finished model (a REALLY tall lift hill and probably an abbreviated pathway. The track will be built so that MAYBE I might have a train that can roll over part of it, but - I'll worry about that when the time comes.

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Great work, Tim! I have a special folder to download your great pictures; you're inspiring me to pick up coaster modeling again! Always started models, but never finished one completely. I still have small parts of coasters in storage and at relatives' homes.


As a budding young coaster nerd in the 80s, I looked at pictures of you helping rebuild the Giant Dipper in Rollercoaster! magazine. Now, 25 years later, I'm watching you build another incredible classic coaster - just on a different scale

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Your dedication to this project is admirable, and your attention to detail is nothing short of astounding. I cannot wait to see the completed project.


One question I have for the coloring: Will you be planting the pieces of track that have already been placed or are those the actual ride colors?

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