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Hi guys,


I am planning a trip to Germany over the next few months, and coming from the UK


Just a few questions really;


Whats the best way to get around? is it possible to take public transport from park to park or is rental car a must??


Which airport to fly to and from; and what route to take - Europa, Heide Park, Holiday and possibly Phantasia? I can obviously see these parks on a map, but logistically there may be a route which is easier??


I'm sure some if not most of you guys have done this trip, ideas and tips would be great!

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All of those parks can be reached via public transport, yet if you can drive then you may find that easier logistically - it would certainly give you more flexibility on hotels and where to store luggage etc. That said, here are the public transport links:


Heide Park : bus from Hamburg ZOB

Phantasialand : bus from Brühl station

Holiday Park : bus from Haßloch (Pfalz) station

Europa Park : bus from Ringsheim station


All of the parks can be entered as destinations on the Deutsche Bahn website.


Also don't forget Hansa Park : bus from Hamburg ZOB


These parks are in a straight line north-south pretty much, so ideally you'd start at one end and travel to the other to avoid doubling back on yourself, whether by car or train.


Plus by car you could even stop off at some smaller parks on the way - e.g. Go via Metz and hit Wallygator for a couple of hours, or hit Movie Park Germany on the way to/from Hamburg. If you time it right you could even hit Olympia Looping / Alpina Bahn / Teststrecke / Höllenblitz at a fair...

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By car you could add a couple parks and simply take the ferry or train to Calais, instead of a plane.



day 1: get an early ferry or train to Calais; then drive 4 hours to Walibi World

day 2: 4 hours to Heide-Park

day 3: 3 hours to Phantasialand

day 4: 2.5 hours to Holiday Park

day 5: 2 hours to Europa-Park

day 6: 2.5 hours to Walygator

day 7: 2 hours to Bobbejaanland; 2.5 hours back to Calais


You could even spend the afternoon at Tripsdrill, the day you're doing Holidaypark. They're only an hour apart and it won't affect the distance to Europa-Park.

Do consider spending two days at Europa-Park.

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I spent fall break doing German parks, and was able to get around fine without a car, though as people are suggesting you might be able to do a lot more with one.


Just use the Deutsche Bahn website for public transport- it will give you information on trains (and you can buy advance tickets at pretty good prices, I paid 20 euros each for 4 legs) and which buses to take.


I flew into Stuttgart, went to Europa Park for 2 days, then had a short day at Holiday Park (and a long day of traveling to and from it) and finished at Phantasialand, flying out of Frankfurt. Holiday Park was the most out of the way, but there is a bus from the nearest train station. I'd definitely recommend 2 days at Europa park. and if you can afford it stay in the park hotels. Otherwise, just make sure to check them out at night- I stayed in a guesthouse in Rust, but walked over to the hotels every night just to check out the fountain show, restaurants, environments and loved even just getting to see them. Phantasialand had amazing looking hotels as well- I stayed in the Hotel Ling Bao, and it was great. Additionally, I found Phantasialand to b a bit away from the town, so being onsite helped for getting there in the morning, though there wasn't anywhere nearby for me to eat except the fancy (expensive) hotel restaurants.

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The following tips if you get to Hamburg for a week or so...


Hansa-Park: DB (Deutsche Bahn) rail to Lübeck - dont miss the marzipane - and then by bus to Hansa-Park

Heide Park: DB rail to Soltau and then by bus to Heide Park

Tivoli Gardens / Bakken: DB/DSB train to Copenhagen, budget city hotel in Copenhagen check out the WakeUp - 10 mins walk to Tivoli



Hannover Carnival 29.06. - 08.07 - and Olympia Looping will be there - DB rail to Hannover, light cityrail to Schützenplatz

Sommerdom: 20.07. - 19.08 - most likely with Alpina Bahn - take subway to St. Pauli

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