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East Coast Bash! Aug 4th & 5th - Kings Dominion & BGW

Will you be attending East Coast Bash?  

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I and my girlfriend was going to attend both days but thankfully I didn't buy tickets for the KD and BGW days. I was getting up out of my favorite chair and my knee went out. This was on Monday and still having a hard time walking. Oh well always next time TPR is in town I will be there.........

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So it turns out that I'll be at BGW later in the day, so I'll miss out on the morning stuff (no real loss for me though). Hope to see you guys tomorrow. Make sure you wear something TPR related. I'll try to do the same.


- I thought BGW Bash was today. I really had my hopes up too

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What an amazing time yesterday! Ended up with four rides on every coaster at BGW, plus seven on Verbolten. All that plus plenty of time sitting in air conditioned buildings for long periods of time (it was HOT) and two hours worth of an awesome backstage tour.


Basically, TPR has given me my best days at Kings Dominion (two years ago), Hersheypark (last year), and now Busch Gardens. Where to next??

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Robb and Elissa, thanks for putting together another great East Coast Bash! The I305 nighttime ERT was insane, the BGW backstage tour was great, and it was excellent to have it in Virginia again!

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Thanks again to TPR for giving me my second best experience at a park, only behind DSB last year. KD was great and nighttime ert on Intimidator was incredible for me and my group. Maybe at my next Bash event I'll take part in TPR Quest even though this one was injury filled, hope Amber is walking ok again.

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Such an amazing two days. I305 is without a doubt my new #1 coaster and of course a TPR event never fails to disappoint.


Highlights of Saturday:


- I305 ERT

- Being shocked at how much I enjoyed Volcano

- Tying Cliff in the Beer chugging challenge during TPR Quest

- I305 Night ERT

- Hanging out with awesome TPR peeps

- TPR Takeover of the Bobsleds

- Ending I305 ERT with a front row ride into complete darkness

- Ride Operator Robb during Dominator ERT

- Did I mention I305?


Highlights of Sunday:


- Verbolten!!! (Better than Radiator Springs Racers)

- The AMAZING BGW staff, not just during ERT but all day. Just awesome

- My first B&M Vertical Drop coaster

- The amazing backstage tour. So glad we did it!!!

- Night rides on Verbolten thanks to bonus Quick Queue!!!

- More awesome TPR peeps

- Not just 1 skyride but 3!!!!


And of course, no TPR event would be the same without the awesome TPR staff. Thank you so much for yet another awesome Bash!!!

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I'll judge officially in 2 weeks when I go to CP but I305 may have overtaken MForce as my favorite coaster.

11 times on Saturday, including 7 in a row during ERT, and it was f-in awesome.

Was told by so many people how there was little airtime and not sure what ride they had. 2 strong ejectors on the first 2 hills and even had some floater on the trimmed hill and following. Was so forceful and intense and the twists were not as violent as I expectected, though still epic. What a ride!


Sadly I had to leave early to get home for a wedding the next day but the trip was still worth it for the ERT and how many rides I got in!

Can't wait for future TPR trips, thanks everyone.

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^ The first ride when we hit the mid-course brake I was kind of "WTF", but honestly I was ok with it. It made it possible to re-ride IMO.


I also had absolutely no issues with the restraints at all.


Yeah same, it was a bit of a let down but I just stopped thinking about it and it was fine. I mean there was still some floater and that twist was still pretty abrupt! Can't imagine what it was like before they "upped the bite" as some have said.

Agreed, I found it very re-ridable. Hell I could've all day.


I thought the soft restrains were great, no shoulder soreness till near the days end, and I didnt even grey out that badly.

Awesome ride

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Just wanted to say I had a fabulous time at ECB, both days. Though I loved Busch I was a bit frustrated with some of the employees especially during that time after ERT and before they let the rest of the public in. I don't mind being stuck in one area, but the attitude of some of the employees who accused us of sneaking in even after explaining, that I was just talking to them during the ERT session, kind of rubbed me the wrong way.


But I will say, the food at Busch was amazing. I'm still thinking about that mac and cheese. And I still had a blast throughout the day. Lots of fun, laughs and my first dive coaster.


Kings Dominion, was awesome. Ended up not needing fastlane cause I got all but avalanche and dominator before lunch. Was able to relax a bit before night time ERT.

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Robb and Elissa - now that I've been back in the "real world" for a week, just wanted to say thanks for a truly great time at the East Coast Bash. My son and I have taken coaster trips every year since he was 10 or 11, and now that he is heading off to college, I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to attend a TPR event. But I have to say, our first TPR coaster experience was unforgettable. Both days were a blast, and the ERT was incredible, especially at night on I305 and Griffon. Can't wait to join you at an event in 2013!


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