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East Coast Bash! Aug 4th & 5th - Kings Dominion & BGW

Will you be attending East Coast Bash?  

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East Coast Bash 2012 will be on August 4th & 5th at Kings Dominion & Busch Gardens Williamsburg!



Saturday, August 4th

- Morning ERT on various rides!

- Night ERT on various rides!

- ERT on Intimidator 305 both morning and night!

- ERT on Volcano!

- ERT on Dominator!

- More ERT will be announced soon!

- Park Management Presentation!

- Lunch included!

- BEER included!

- Backstage Tour!

- More Details Coming Soon!



Kings Dominion Tickets: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=179



Sunday, August 5th

- ERT on Verbolten!

- ERT on Griffon!

- ERT on Alpengeist!

- ERT on Mach Tower!

- Lunch included!

- Optional Backstage Tour!

- Optional Quick Queue!



Busch Gardens Williamsburg Tickets: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=180



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I've added a poll. Please vote YES if you plan on going to either day or both! It would also help if you would respond and let us know if you're planning either day or both!

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Hopefully I can make it to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I'll probably have to stay for two nights, and it's a long drive. I don't think I can afford to do both days.

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^ There is also one in Norfolk, but if you can find a cheap rate to Richmond (RIC) that would be best since it is around a 35 minute drive to KD and a 50 minute drive to Busch Gardens.

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