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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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With 100 days until opening, Disney has released a huge amount of new info about Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea!



What is Fantasy Springs?

Located between Arabian Coast and Lost River Delta, Fantasy Springs is themed to a magical spring leading to a world of Disney fantasy. This all-new, eighth port at Tokyo DisneySea will be home to three areas inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios films, “Frozen,” “Tangled” and “Peter Pan,” plus the all-new Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel.



Frozen Kingdom

Taking place after the film’s finale, you’re invited to visit the kingdom of Arendelle, where Elsa is finally able to embrace her previously hidden powers.

On the attraction, Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, you’ll board a boat voyaging through the “Frozen” movie scenes and the tale of two sisters discovering true love. The story begins with Grand Pabbie, the leader of the trolls, retelling the tale we have all come to love. Soon you’ll be whisked away on a journey through Anna and Elsa’s memories, accompanied by songs from the film including, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” “For the First Time in Forever,” “Love Is an Open Door” and “Let It Go.” The story will build to Anna turning into ice in an attempt to save Elsa from Hans.

In Frozen Kingdom, you will discover two dining options, the Royal Banquet of Arendelle and Oaken’s OK Foods. Anna and Elsa have opened the gates to the castle, which has been transformed into a dining area filled with books and artwork of beloved “Frozen” characters. Inside the Royal Banquet of Arendelle, you can even dine in the place of Elsa’s coronation — it’s like you’re stepping into the film!

Oaken has opened his doors to hungry visitors over at Oaken’s OK Foods! You will be saying hoo-hoo for the Scandinavian specialties he’s prepared, including a fluffy, cardamom bread filled with Scandinavian-style spiced meat and lingonberry jam.



Rapunzel’s Forest

For those who love “Tangled,” Rapunzel’s Forest will transport you directly into the world of the Disney Animation film where Rapunzel has lived since she was a child!

For the first time ever at a Disney park, the story of Rapunzel will come to life at Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival. The journey begins at Rapunzel’s tower where she’s seen singing “When Will My Life Begin,” from its window while Flynn Rider watches on. Rapunzel then escapes the tower with Flynn at her side, visiting locations you may recognize from the film. The journey will come to an end with their love blossoming at the Lantern Festival complete with “I See the Light” and countless glowing lanterns. We’ve had a dream of seeing the floating lanterns gleam and it soon will come true!

There’s a very quaint place, perfect for you at Rapunzel’s Forest! Hidden among the foliage, you’ll find The Snuggly Duckling, bringing to life the tavern from the film. Here you can chow down on the “Duckling’s Dream Cheeseburger” or the “Sweet Ever After Dessert” served in, you guessed it, a frying pan!



Peter Pan’s Never Land

Join the fun-loving and adventurous Lost Kids on an epic adventure in Peter Pan’s Never Land, from Captain Hook’s pirate ship to Pixie Hollow.

There’s not one, but two attractions in Peter Pan’s Never Land! On Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Lost Kids on an epic adventure to rescue John from Captain Hook and his band of pirates. Here you’ll board a boat sprinkled with fairy dust by Tinker Bell and soar into the sky while encountering Wendy, Michael, the mermaids and even Captain Hook’s moored ship, the Jolly Roger.

Over in Pixie Hollow, Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies will explore the fairy valley and its changing seasons. From flowers and mushrooms to painting utensils and pieces of nibbled cheese, you’ve been shrunk down to the size of a fairy.

After such a wonderful adventure, fuel up at Lookout Cookout! Made from parts of a shipwreck washed ashore in Never Land, you’ll also discover items from the Lost Kids such as pajamas and hammocks, inside their self-made hideout. The menu includes Lost Kids’ Snack Box with chicken tenders, seaweed fritters, banana chips and shrimp chips, as well as a “Pixie Dust Soda (Kiwi)” with a star that dissolves into a silver sparkling effect — just like pixie dust!

And that’s not all, there’s even a new popcorn flavor at the popcorn wagon in Peter Pan’s Never Land! Available for the first time at Tokyo Disney Resort, the Roast Beef Popcorn features a robust flavor seasoned with salt and black pepper, and aromas of roasted meat and gravy.



Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel

Not only is Tokyo Disney Resort welcoming a new port to Tokyo DisneySea, but an all-new hotel will open too! This park-integrated hotel is located right next to Fantasy Springs and offers the unique opportunity of fully immersing yourself into the magical springs.

Featuring interiors inspired by Disney Princesses, flora and fauna with motifs themed to the port, there’s also 3 dining experiences to discover: Fantasy Springs Restaurant, Grand Paradis Lounge and La Libellule.


Shop and Special Merchandise

You can’t go to Tokyo Disney Resort and not take a look at the special merchandise inspired by the world of Fantasy Springs and its attractions!

Fantasy Springs Gifts features an interior with designs inspired by the springs and their surrounding nature and wildlife. You can also find a few more items at Springs Treasures, a quaint little cart along the pathway leading from Arabian Coast to Fantasy Springs.

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hmmmm. . .so are they moving the Peter Pan ride from over in DisneyLand?    that description certainly sounds like the Peter Pan Flight ride there.

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9 hours ago, bert425 said:

hmmmm. . .so are they moving the Peter Pan ride from over in DisneyLand?    that description certainly sounds like the Peter Pan Flight ride there.

From what I have read at TDR sites, there is no plan to close down the Peter Pan ride in TDL. I was actually surprised too, when they first announced this new part of Fantasy Springs. But nothing else I have read (rumor or not) about Pan in TokyoDisneyland. And the system for this new Pan ride will involve ride vehicles like those used for Spiderman at IOA! And special effects to simulate ....flying! (woohoo!)


The ride vehicle for the new Peter Pan Never Land Adventure!

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^ I  will wait, until they come up with a Yorkshire Pudding popcorn, to compliment the Roast Beef popcorn. 😋


...then you buy one of these, and carry them both with you!

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Found this photo, taken a couple of days ago. What I found interesting about the shot, is that Space Mountain, once rebuilt and relocated, will be totally behind North Mountain In Fantasy Springs! And then, you'll be able to (pretty much) clearly see the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel opposite the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland.  :mickey:


Photo taken and posted by Sunmz, thanks!

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One of the Japan sellers I deal with, thru eBay, always sends me extra stuff along with what I've bought from her. Lately, she sent me a small catalog of souvenirs available in the new Fantasy Springs, opening in June. The writing is all Japanese, but the photos show what's available. I especially get a kick out of the 'hairdos' that the Elsa and Anna dolls have.





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