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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

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^ Japan - is - expensive. No matter if it's Disney or Universal. But most of the time,

you do see "the money" with what they come up with, over there. IMhO


Why does Everyone keep saying this? In my experience it's just not true. My time in Japan was incredible but everything I did was super cheap in comparison to the US and Europe.

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I would imagine that construction costs are definitely higher in Japan. Between rebuilding from earthquakes/tsunamis, building for the olympics, their normal development growth, and everything else...construction resources have to be spread thin and more expensive to keep importing.

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Note: Other development plans to add value to Tokyo Disney Resort, other than those mentioned in this release,are currently under consideration. Those plans will be announced as soon as they are determined.


I'm assuming the footnote at the bottom is talking about the previous announcement: about the new port, moving of Small World etc.

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Most looking forward to seeing how the Beauty and The Beast dark ride is executed. Hope that it eventually comes to DL/WDW. I am not a huge fan of Mater's ride, but it sure does seem popular among the planners for the Disney parks. I think generally it is an odd fit thematically for Big Hero Six. The exterior concept art for their Soarin' is stunning. Kind of bummed to not learn more about the Frozen port as of yet.


And it is amazing to see how much money some of these plans cost! No idea it was that much. Some great info.

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I would imagine that construction costs are definitely higher in Japan. Between rebuilding from earthquakes/tsunamis, building for the olympics, their normal development growth, and everything else...construction resources have to be spread thin and more expensive to keep importing.


Also, to expand on the earthquakes: New buildings in Japan are held to some of the craziest building codes ever because of the threat of earthquakes, and that isn't cheap to do. As well, lately, Disney has been building Meet & Greets with multiple rooms and facilities. Its not just a box with some themeing, its a whole complex.

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Why does Everyone keep saying this? In my experience it's just not true. My time in Japan was incredible but everything I did was super cheap in comparison to the US and Europe.


Sorry, I should have been more specific. As everybody else above here has suggested, construction costs, earthquake proofing etc. is much more expensive in Japan in general, than in the US or Canada.


But what you said about it being easy to visit Japan in cost, I totally agree. A lot of stuff there, including food, transit and even the parks too, usually offer a much better deal for your Yen, and sometimes even more!


If I had a choice between going back to Japan or going back to Europe.... Japan Wins, easy!


By the way, I noticed that the "serving dishes/ride vehicles" in the Beauty/Beast attraction artwork, might hold up to maybe....9 people???

That is a BIG ride vehicle! Which means the show building could be as huge as It's A Small World's is. Or Indy Jones in TDS.


Those are BIG serving dishes, lol.


...And they remind me of mini-Tagadas, too! How about these being trackless? :p

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Random: Just wistfully wishing I was there, this year, for the celebrations...


Anything going on...uh....construction-wise? Anybody?


I don't care, whatever they're celebrating! I wanna go baaack! Here's hoping for a 2018 visit...


Even though TPR visited in June at the time (2011), it was fun with all the Easter stuff everywhere.

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^ I wonder if the 15 year anniversary is anything like they've been doing in Disneyland. "The Year Of Wishes" sounds similar where random guests would be granted a Disney wish, as well as a lucky lottery winner daily via a text lottery.

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Just found this at Screamscape.com - nothing verified yet,

but the 'connection' is interesting, when you know the history of...


(6/3/16) - I'm not quiet sure what it is about, but a new show is apparently on the way to Tokyo DisneySea this summer with a name that might make a few hardcore Disney fans raise an eyebrow. According to the preview poster the new show coming to the Hangar Stage will be called

"Out of Shadowland", and is expected to have something to do with a fantasy or Princess themed story.


In the world of Disney however, the name "Shadowland" has really been used for two things... there is the Shadowland song that is part of the stage musical version of The Lion King, and then there is the other "Shadowland"... a codename of sorts said to be used for a proposed 5th theme park concept for Walt Disney World also known as Dark Kingdom. Of course the Disney fandom has built up, embraced and spread so many of their own ideas about what Shadowland / Dark Kingdom should be like that very little of the actual proposal is known. It just became too hard to separate the rumors of the true proposal from the built up fantasy, other than it was apparently a park that would embrace the Disney Villains in much the same way that the Magic Kingdom is themed around the Disney heroes and Princesses.


In any case, it is kind of amusing that the new show would use "Shadowland" in the title. Now I guess we'll have to wait to find out what the new show is really all about.


(Also, "Shadowland" is the title of a past k.d.lang album. Just sayin'...)


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So I took my first ever trip to a non-US park last month, going to DisneySea. I was amazed at how wonderful this park was (mostly how immersive everything was). Luckily managed to be there during StormRiders last week, so go to enjoy it before it disappeared for good (which is sad, since I loved it and imagine a Finding Nemo ride won't have the campy adventure fun).


Anyway, if you're curious, I posted all my thoughts and a ton of pictures up over at Coaster101 (in two parts, since I was pretty much amazed and wanted to write about everything). I never know what the policy for linking other sites is here, hopefully I'm not violating any rules by linking to reports elsewhere.


Mostly, since you guys are the experts, tell me what I missed! I can't wait to get back there again (hey, flights aren't too expensive from SF). Enjoy!




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^ Just finished your TR, and it was really great! I agree with a lot of what you commented on,

including the "complaints" although really, when you consider how wonderful the cast members are

there in the parks, and helpful as best they can, not knowing the language isn't too big a drawback.


And Disney was once quoted as saying he always wanted to make his dark rides "busy enough, so

people have to come back and ride it again, so they can see everything else." Or something like that.

So to me, the way the Journey vehicles are designed is pretty cool, when you think how stuff is

sometimes sight-blocked a bit, or in full view the next time. The same thing goes for the 20K ride.

The little subs aren't totally "full view", but it certainly makes finding stuff out there more fun, to me.


And you got a photo of something new in the parks, something that I've been wanting to get, when

last there....smaller popcorn buckets! I've posted this photo you took from you report, showing the

new holder up beside the usual larger Mickey popcorn holder. The new smaller one can hold the

popcorn box you can get, with less popcorn in it, which I think is perfect with so many flavours to try.


Hopefully, those will still be available when we get over there, in 2018. And thanks for sharing your

great trip report! Very thorough, and great photos to go along with the text.



Up there on top, the smaller rectangular thing - that's the new smaller popcorn (box) holder!

By the way, glad to see that CURRY popcorn is still a fave out there. I enjoyed it, too!


Found a pic of the actual new popcorn holder, itself. (o:

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Tokyo Disney Resort® announced that “Frozen Forever” will be presented at Tokyo Disneyland® Park for limited period from January 13 to March 17,

2017. “Frozen Forever,” a new nighttime entertainment offering using projection mapping technology* will be presented as part of the Tokyo Disneyland special event, “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy.”


“Frozen Forever” will consist entirely of scenes from the Disney film Frozen. These scenes, projected onto the exterior of Cinderella Castle, bring to life a world of Frozen that Guests can only experience at the Park. The show highlights the themes of the film through scenes showing Anna and Elsa’s childhood, their adventures and the importance of family ties. Guests will also be able to enjoy the film’s memorable songs, including “Let It Go,” “For the First Time in Forever” and “Love is an Open Door.” The show’s finale features dramatic pyrotechnics over Cinderella Castle. This awe-inspiring world of Frozen awaits Guests this winter for a limited period at Tokyo Disneyland.


Show Facts

  • Duration: About 15 minutes
  • Performance: 1-2 Daily
  • Venue: Cinderella Castle (Castle Forecourt)


  • Reserved tickets (available by lottery) are required to view this show from the seats in the Central
    Viewing Area. For more details, please see the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website.
  • “Once Upon a Time,” currently presented at Tokyo Disneyland, will not be presented during the period
    when “Frozen Forever” is presented.
  • Projection mapping produces a three-dimensional effect by projecting images in a way that fits the
    contours of buildings and other structures.



Concept image ©Disney



Tokyo Disney Resort® announced the opening of a second Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Tokyo Disneyland® Park. Like the one in the Tokyo

Disneyland® Hotel, this new beauty salon in World Bazaar will make dreams come true for children who admire the Disney Princesses.


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique has been highly popular since opening at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel in 2008. The new beauty salon in the Park will allow even more children to enjoy this magical experience. In addition, after completing their princess transformation, children can have their pictures taken together with their families at a photo studio that will set up with the new beauty salon.


Note: In autumn 2016, The Disney Gallery and the Disney Drawing Class will close permanently to make way for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.


The opening date for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will be announced once it has been decided.



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That projection show sounds great. I would imagine that in like 3 or 4 years from now each Disney park will have collection of 5 or 6 different projection shows they can use on the castle and rotate throughout the year based on Holiday's, events, new movie releases etc. Kind of surprised EPCOT hasn't introduced some kind of Pre-illuminations projection show in Spaceship Earth yet.

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From Screamscape.com ....


2021 or Later - Frozen / Arendelle - In Development - (7/7/16) In an interview with the President of the Oriental Land Company, he reveals some timelines and important details regarding the future expansion of the Tokyo Disney theme parks. In 2021 or later he reconfirmed that Tokyo Disney Sea will be opening a new themed land based on the smash hit film, Frozen. He also mentions that they are looking into expanding into what bits of surrounding land they have available to them to ensure they have enough room to fit in the new expansions, especially for the new Frozen land.



Art concept of the proposed Arendelle/Frozen/"Scandi Land" at TDS.


Where it's (still) supposed to go, beside the Lost River Delta. TPR 2013 Japan Tour.

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Two things I miss, and hope I can get back to enjoying, in 2018....



(Photos are from the Resort's site. Thank you!)


FANTASMIC! ~ Beautifully done, on water, with fire, lasers. LED lighting... and fireworks! Worth seeing again (and again).


A newly opened, re-vamped BIG BAND BEAT - which I believe dumped Daisy's rainbow piano staircase...

...for an opulent looking COPACABANA NIGHT CLUB! You Go, Miss Daisy!!

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Disney and More has recently posted an article showing new artwork and model work for

the Fantasyland expansion, and the new Big Hero 6 attraction in Tomorrowand.




From that first model, it looks like the entire area involving the facades and pathways, takes

up almost the exact space, the Speedway did. And Big hero 6 is sitting right where the Jets

used to sit.


The whole area. A Minnie's Meet & Greet is to be located at the bottom left corner, there.


Close up of the Beauty/Beast show building (left) and the Stage Show building (right).


Guess where Big Hero 6 will go? (o;

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^ Could you imagine being stuck, right in front of Lava Monster at JTHCOTE, in TDS?


(And LM has a back up generator to keep going and going and going and...)



And I thought Storm Rider was now closed, for the renovation with the Finding Nemo overlay?


(Note to self: Never visit Tokyo Disney Resort in August. Or late July.)

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