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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

P. 77: Disney Premier Access paid service coming to two attractions

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Just a question, but when the heck did Duffy and Shelly Mae get a pet?

Who knows? This may be a best friend of theirs, and not a pet. Still.


Bill! How can you not know about Gelatoni!?!? He debuted during Spring Voyage one year. Duffy and Shellie May were in Italy and Duffy dropped his gelato on the ground. Gelatoni used his tail to paint with the spilled gelato and they became great friends!


Yes, I know all about Gelatoni as KT fell in love with him and we have a plush and more toys!

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Must of missed that one.


Probably too much Tokyo Disney Sea Happiness.


~ Tokyo Disney Sea Happiness ~ Pier 33 ~ TPR 2013 Japan Tour


~ Tokyo Disney Sea Happiness ~ Take 2 ~ Casbah Food Court


~ Tokyo Disney Sea Happiness ~ Take 3 ~ Guess who?

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Just a question, but when the heck did Duffy and Shelly Mae get a pet?.


When Disney realized it's another way get money hand over fist.


btw, Happy B-Day KB.


It's all for you!

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I cant seem to find the link someone made on how to get to japan and to get on the bullet train, what to do when yiu arive, it was a great article, does anyone know it?


Do you mean this guide?: http://www.themeparkreview.com/japan2004/japanguide1.htm


I always use Hyperdia when I make my trips for the bullet train: http://www.hyperdia.com/en/


I also made this guide for some of the parks I visited although some of the information may be out of date (ToT no longer has single rider) and that express for Universal is old since they made a new page attached to the ticket page after Harry Potter came, if that helps at all: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1142982#p1142982

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I cant seem to find the link someone made on how to get to japan and to get on the bullet train, what to do when yiu arive, it was a great article, does anyone know it?


When I went recently, I used the N'EX Train to get to Tokyo station. I did this though because Disney wasnt my first stop, my hotel was. If your'e going straight to Disney, the Tokyo Disney Resort Bus is the best. But It has a limited schedule, so it may not work if you arrive too late at Narita.

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^ I've always taken the N'EX train when I leave from Shinjuku, I normally fly to Osaka since it's just over an hour by plane and then make my way park to park from Osaka to Tokyo and end my trip at Disney but because i'm usually on a cheap budget i've always found a budget hotel around one of the side stations of Shinjuku one-two stops from the main station (Shinjuku-Gyoemmae) instead of staying on site and then take the subway to Tokyo and transfer for Disney, as you said the buses have a limited schedule and could take 50 mins with traffic. The subway wasn't that much quicker with transfers but they were way more frequent than the buses.


I generally just end up in that area to connect easily to the many buses outside shinjuku (fuji bus etc) and because shinjuku connects to many subway lines if I'm going further out, it was always easy for me to find my way back to (Tobu and Yokohama etc)

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I found this photo in an information site about the new dark ride at Efteling.

And it definitely looks like the trackless ride vehicles Disney Paris had

in the Ratatouille attraction. But with more tilt to it.


It makes me wonder, and hope, that maybe an improvement like this

on what Disney has come up with so far, will fit into either of the new

attraction projects TDLR is about to get into.


Maybe, the Scandi-Land attraction in Disney Sea? Or maybe, just maybe

an actual brand new Alice In Wonderland attraction in Tokyo Disneyland?

Or maybe something completely new, and unannounced.....yet.


This would work in a topsy turvy looking glass world for me. (o;

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^ From the POVs I have seen of MM, I don't think it tilts at all. The whole base and vehicle turn together.

Not like how the Ratatouille vehicles turn separate from the base, which of course is an improvement on the MM vehicles.

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For those who haven't seen this, here's the two vehicles from Mystic Manor and Ratatouille...


Mystic Manor. The vehicle is right on the base, and turns with the base.


Ratatouille. The design which became the vehicles. Note the base and the vehicle is on a "pedestal" like stem.

Makes circuit routes much tighter and turns quicker, as the attraction proves in a few scenes.

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Still no final plans for Scandinavia and Fantasyland...


URAYASU, CHIBA— Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that it will extend the period to study the two-large scale development plans, the redevelopment of

Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland® Park and development of the new themed port at Tokyo DisneySea® Park.


Oriental Land Co. has been examining these two major development plans including revisiting some of the plans and concluded that it requires the extension of the consideration period, which was originally scheduled to end during 2015, in order to create a long-term and sustainable value of the theme parks.


source: Oriental Land Co.

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Take all the time they need for this expansion. And the update to Hightower Hotel.


I can wait. (Give or take a decade or two...)


Thinking good Scandi-Land thoughts for TDS. (Concept art of proposed new port in TDS)

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^ Yeah, on the other side of the canal, I remember in the art concept up above, here. ^^^


BTW - has anybody been out to the resort, and seen ANY stuff

going on in regards to the future projects of the resort? Or is it all still

"on hold" as I remember recent reports have said?


Curious. Anxious.

Take your pick.


What Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters at DCA might look like (dry Aquatopia, TDS). TPR 2013 Japan Tour.

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