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Georgia Meadows (RCT2)

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Finally, I'm back!


I've been working on this park for a while now, maybe a month I think, and I have enough done to actually show it! I hope that you guys enjoy this park as much as I do.


Name suggestions for the park are welcome! The park is down south, probably in Louisiana, Alabama, or south Georgia.


The park is actually almost done. I believe I'm at the 75% mark.






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That one hop on the wooden coaster near the turn out of the station should be banked all the way through.


And use more green grass, or at least less dead grass. Maybe put a lake under the turn before the looper's corkscrews.


This is a really nice park. I'm liking the flyer's rocks. Good luck with it!


And for names, I have nothing haha.

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Hi, I'm Johnny, and I had the chance to preview and review the park (after a bit of difficulty)! I thought that using a photo TR would be the best way to show the park best! So, let's begin!



I showed up a little after the park opened. After I turned in the complimentary ticket, I entered the park.



I was immediately impressed by the architecture the park had built. I knew that there was more to look at, so I went on my way to enjoy more of what the park had to offer.



First up was the Grand Carousel. This was the weirdest, yet most fascinating building I've ever seen. I love it! After that, I went to Tilt A Whirl. It was a fun flat that I would ride if I had more time. Maybe later... Hit both if there is time.



I ended up on Renegade River Rapids after all that. It SOAKED, but it was amazing! The rocks helped blend in the waterfall to make it seem as though the water came out of nowhere. I say ride it whenever you have time though.



Next up was Buzzard, which was created by GCI and is one airtime filled machine! The coaster is insanely smooth, and I kept wishing that the ride would never end! This coaster is definitely worth the wait!



Twister was boring. I felt like it should have been placed inside a building. The pure blue of the ride didn't help either. It stood out too much. Twister is a must skip.



Hangman is the park's SLC. I was regretting this once I saw it. This hurt like a B****! It was so rough I probably lost half my brain cells just going on this coaster! After that, I went on Chaos. It was ok, but it was an improvement over Hangman! Skip Hangman and enjoy Chaos!



This area of the park included Conquistador and Sidewinder. Conquistador was the pirate ship, and its location on the water's edge was a great move by the park! Sidewinder is the wild mouse coaster that didn't hurt AS bad as Hangman! I'd say hit both just to credit whore.



Apollo was an unique flat ride that I enjoyed. Next to it was a walk-through with foliage on top. I say hit Apollo for the credit as an unique flat.


Warning: This pictures includes a Schwarzkopf



This ride though deserves its own picture. Too bad Apollo interfered...as well as other rides. Moving on, Heatwave is a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop set to fire up your senses! This ride is one of the best coasters I have ever ridden!



So this is where RD's been...



Phantom is the park's B&M flyer. It was very good! I highly recommend riding it!



Kiddie Land! Skip!



Titan is a HUGE woodie! It had good parts and some bad parts. I recommend riding it first to get the credit. Littleton Pond Cruisers is a cool car ride that interacts with the woodie.



Tumbleweed is a Schwarzkopf Enterprise. It is a perfect flat, and I enjoyed very much!



Revolution is the park's Arrow Corkscrew coaster and just got new trains. It ran well when I was there. I would recommend riding it whenever possible!



There's...ANOTHER ONE...AHHH (Tries to get away but realizes he must ride the coaster) This...coaster...was...very...painful. NEVER RIDE!!!! (I might have overreacted )



Random snow themed ride...check!



A Gyro Drop tower...AWESOME! Best flat there...Good job!



Deer Park Plunge...wait...did I just enter Six Flags? Moving on...

Cool water ride...Check!



The biggie... A B&M Hyper named Warrior. Best Hyper ever!!! More airtime than Buzzard, and that had a crap load of airtime! Definite must ride and must have at end of day! Best way to end a TR ever!



And I end up where I began...


Thank you funkeymon for giving me this chance to show off your park to the rest of TPR! After 22 photos, I hope that's the end! The only issue I had was with Twister's colors, but that can be changed easily. I hope the rest of you have as much fun as I had! Try to beat that whoever else got to test the park!

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The first choice looks more natural in my opinion. It's not too bright but not too dark.


You're welcome! The park was an excellent one, and I would visit it in a heartbeat if it ever existed. Also, I think R.D had a fun time on Heatwave

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I'd be a tester but I won't have access to a laptop until Saturday.

I actually like the light brown and gold. I suggest you try the burnt red sort of color and see how that comes out. Either way, I'm loving the park so far and can't wait to see it fully!

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