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What Restaurants Do You Eat At?

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I went to DiNic's in Philadelphia's Center City today and thought I'd share a little photo TR of the place.


Here we are at the historic Reading Terminal Market at approximately 12th and Arch St. just a few blocks from City Hall.




Reading Terminal Market is where independent produce providers and restaurants mingle and sell their goods. Many are delicious goods.


DiNic's used to be here, but their overwhelming popularity earned them the right to move to a bigger area.


Found it!!


DiNic's is most well-known for its roast pork sandwiches.


Menu! It's short, but it makes your decision making so much quicker. It's a tad expensive, but for how often I visit (it's a bit out of the way), it's worth it!


Here's where the magic happens!


DiNic's has won many awards in recent history. You may have already seen it on Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food.


Here is where I discovered that it's easier to take the pictures sideways *facepalm*


Lunch is served!!


I always order the roast pork with provolone and spinach. If I ever have kids, this is how I'll get them to love spinach!


Holy crap! This is delicious!


The bread absorbs the juices. Even the thing holding the sandwich together is irresistible!


Only half a sandwich left!


Aww! What happened, sandwich?


No! Sandwich! Stop eating yourself!! Don't give into your deliciousness!!


AHHH! Stop! It's not worth it, sandwich! Think of the children!!




This photo TR is brought to you by "ripping off the Bryan and Adam Show"


No leftovers :)


Thank you DiNic's for another amazing lunch! Seriously, I highly recommend this place. Thanks for reading!

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Usually when I eat out, I like to go to a little place in downtown Ithaca called Maxie's Supper Club. They serve excellent raw oysters and peel-and-eat shrimp for appetizers, and also make an excellent shrimp and grits dish. I hear the steak's good too, though I haven't tried it yet.


There's also a great selection of pizza places, including Italian Carry Out (ICO as they're sometimes referred to) which is right around the corner from my house. They make a delicious white garlic pizza with sausage and pepperoni called the Joey. They also serve great subs, including the meatball parm and roast beef, which are both made from scratch.


As for chains, I sometimes like to go to Moe's or Chili's if I'm in the mood for Tex-Mex. I don't really eat fast food burgers anymore, but I'll go to Wendy's if the mood strikes. There's also a Cracker Barrel, not too far from where I live. I love to get a big breakfast from there, every so often.

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The one we have been to, since the early 1970s (!)

is the small steak chain (sorry) called nowadays The Keg.

It started out as The Keg & Cleaver, but the cleaver got lost

somewhere along the way.


Great steaks, my fave caeser salad in town, de-luscious prime rib

in three cuts/oz.... so good I asked my partner David to get me

gift certs. for the place...and he did!


And they're mine, allllll mine, bwa - ah - ah.


Here's a link to the franchise http://www.kegsteakhouse.com/en/

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^^Already listed this, but it bears repeating since we returned there, and I now took photos! One of our regular places to go eat, The Keg is a franchise that started here in Vancouver, back in the early 1970s! Always had great steaks, prime rib and seafood, including excellent lobster.


Yesterday, we went there, as they had a Winter Grill Special going. And what we ordered was a

30 oz. bone-in Ribeye Steak, along with caesar salad and sides. And drinks.


For two! It was - a - ma - zing.

And I took a few photos too...




We started with water, a pina colada for David, and a Strongbow cider for myself.

Then we had the salad first, which was fine, as usual there. And then...


IT Arrived! With a twice baked potato for David and a loaded potato for myself; veggies to pick from as well.


The steak was all cut for us in generous portions. This is how my plate looked.


We ordered the steak 'medium', which still left some pink in it.


And eventually...all gone. (o:

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^ Wow...that looks tasty, Bill - and so does a lot of other stuff on their menu!


Being so close to Canada, I have always heard of The Keg but never went when we traveled North. We are going to Toronto in April for a show so perhaps that might be the time to check one out. Michael loves steak so this should be an easy one to talk him into...the Thai and Indian places are a bit harder for me to sway him into, but he has been getting better!


Edit: I just Google mapped this and there is one not far from Massey Hall where we are going to our concert. I will have to book reservations and do a report when we get back!


Not too far away!

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^ Hope it's as good as the ones we've been to around here.


For myself it's usually the Prime Rib and their nice Caesar Salad

that makes me happy. But lately, I have dabbled in other cuts.

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