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Coasting For Kids "Guess My Next Ride" Challenge

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The coaster season is upon us for most of the world now (unless you live somewhere like SoCal, Florida, Japan, etc where they never stop) and I've been so busy planning my summer riding that I haven't really given any thought to what I'll be riding first this year. I figured let's make this into a fun game and donate to some Team TPR people in the Coasting For Kids events around the US. It's quite simple:


1. Make a guess in this thread about what roller coaster in what park I'll ride first this year


2. People who guessed correctly will be put into a raffle with names drawn at random.


3. I will donate to that person's profile


First place: $50

Second place $25

Third place $15

Two runners up $5 each


Each and every person is allowed one guess and only one, multiple entries will not count, I'll stick with your first answer. Do not create multiple screen names or anything like that. Even if you aren't attending the Coasting For Kids events for Team TPR, you may guess and if you win I will allow you to select the person or persons participating for Team TPR to donate to. Don't let my location in Pennsylvania limit your guesses as to where I'm going to go first. As of now, I really have no idea, but I know it will definitely be by May 31, though who knows it could be Easter weekend, so get those guesses in early! If no one guesses the first ride correctly we will continue through the order until 5 people have won. Game on!

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