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Cartoon Network AMAZONE Theme Water Park,Thailand

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  • 3 weeks later...

Found some more pictures as well, looks lie the water rides are mostly done now, and the buildings and infrastructure should be the next thing to get built.

Awesome looking play structure

Big-Ass bucket

The coolest looking drop box in the industry. It's "only" 70 degrees though.

Here's the parks most family friendly big complex.

I really love the bananas inside, it's really fitting for the Johnny Bravo theme.

Overview of the play structure and wave pool. Looks great!


Above is a short video from outside.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Some lucky bastards have tried the mat racer:


My only concern with this new proto racer was that a lot of speed would be lost going into the octopus rings, after the uphill section, but judging by the laughs it's probably fast enough. The grass in the photo is from photoshop.



Here's a video of people testing out the Humangaslide:



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Some more photos.



Finally a picture from inside the Magic Sphere. I'm still not sure how this slide will work, but it looks really cool.


And the rafts it will have. Looks like a clover leaf copy, which is a good thing IMO, as this ride don't have a conveyor belt. It would have been unbearable to carry regular family rafts all the way up (it will still be hell, as the ride starts at 23m/75 feets up).


Can't wait to try out this awesome looking playground next christmas.


Magic Sphere tube.


This tower is really tall. I still can't believe they went without a conveyor belt for the family slide.


Launch box.


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^^^ Those people are most definitely photoshopped, and that Humungaslide has some serious airtime coming out of that tunnel!

^^ For a water playground, those are some long slides!

^ Their head scratching sums up my thoughts on it as well. "So how's this gonna work again?!"


Still, the park continues to look more amazing.

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  • 3 weeks later...
^^^ Those people are most definitely photoshopped, and that Humungaslide has some serious airtime coming out of that tunnel!


yeah, I have also realized that after I made the post.


Here are some fresh photos from outside the park.

These photos give some perspective on how big this tower really is.


7 stories. That is taller than 95% of the worlds speed slides.


Love the look of the sphere, can't wait for a video on how it will work inside.


I remember a while ago I thought to myself that this structure was not so big after all. After watching these photos I have realized that the other tower is only making this one look small. But it is still huge.



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I really like the work Polin is doing. I think they are innovative and kinda quirky. This being said, I really hate the color schemes that get used on their rides. I have high hopes for Cowabunga Bay, but these are not the most attractive slides I've seen...

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The interesting construction in this park is pretty dead now, they are only doing the infrastructure and buildings now. The park will open July 31.


They have released a tease of the splash, looks great!


As I said earlier, I love that they have two big buckets, instead of a one big and a one small, but I hope they are not done with the theme on the structure, it looks kinda naked.



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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Small update!


Two months to opening.


Wave pool looks great




If you look closely you can see that they have now placed some more theming on the structure, which confirms that they were not going to leave it like it have been standing or months now.


Would love to try those slides out!


Looks awesome!


Hopefully lots of kids and grown ups will enjoy this structure.


Insert big splash here.


Love the bus theme, no idea from which show it is though..



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