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The Mysterious B&M Green Wingrider Track

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I've heard wing riders are pretty much forceless; coasters on the moon would be forceless. The obvious place this is going is the MOON.


It's certainly as plausible as some of the parks mentioned in this thread.

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I am not going to delude myself into thinking there is a chance this is headed to my home park (SFNE of Lake Compounce? Come on). But if it were headed to a park in the US, there a few different spots that would make sense.


If it's Six Flags, I'd be most inclined to think about the rumored new DC Comics section at SFOT, but SFOG or SFStL would also make sense.


If it's Cedar Fair, Knott's would be the most logical choice due to the timing of it all, but King's Island also seems like a possibility as 2013 would mark 4 years since their last coaster. Maybe that will be the year SoB is removed at last?


Another park that popped into my head was SeaWorld San Antonio. Both the other SeaWorld parks have just recently built new roller coasters, but SeaWorld San Antonio hasn't built a major new coaster since Steel Eel in 1999. I could see the green track fitting the theme of some horrific sea creature.


If we want to be realistic, it's probably headed somewhere in China where only the elite enthusiasts will ever get a chance to ride it.

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SFOT and SFOG just got major new additions. Until the expanded DC area for SFOT is confirmed, I don't think this is going there. That leaves SFStL, which could use a new major steel coaster, SFNE also could use a nice large-scale steel coaster, and SFA which could use a nice compliment to Apocalypse.


As for CF, CP seems to be the most likely option with some of the former Paramount parks following suit. It would be nice to see the other CF parks getting this. WOF and Valleyfair could use a nice new steel coaster. Knotts has been rumored to be getting a big coaster next year as well.


An Asian park is also likely to pick this up in the coming years. OCT is building a new park and there are potentially a few other parks springing up around there in the coming years.

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I think everyone is getting this confused with the 'What Is Your Home Park?' thread.


Sure but that happens with every track sighting at the plant....we all want it for our home parks & are usually met with disappointment.


That reminds me....I'm suprised that the plant hasn't gone so far as to fence up theiroutdoor storage lot to keep us from photographing what's there?They had to resort to changing the shipping labels in recent years so I wouldn't put it past them to go that far,after all until the track is shipped it's still their property & they might not appreciate people taking photographs of it....even from a public road.

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My favorite thing about when new coaster track is spotted, is that everyone starts speculating where the ride may go, and it's inevitably everyone's home park.

I need to retract my previous submission then, and go with Lake Winnie to be geographically correct.

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Lest be honest guys its obviously going to SFGAm because we totally need another coaster and even though we just got X flight its still gonna happen cause the guy at the hot dog stand told me so and a second wing rider would be so awesome in my home park.


I really do wonder why it is this easy to get pictures of whats going on at B&Ms plant. You think they would have something to keep us enthusiast away. Anyway where ever it goes it will be interesting to see how the wing rider evolves if it is even a wing rider.

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Yeah, I do think Cedar Point may be getting a B&M next year, though I don't believe it will be this lime green wing rider. I'm sure there's plenty of parks up for a B&M, doesn't necessarily mean it has to be this one.


My bet is for an overseas park, I'm getting a strange feeling it's headed to Spain? Though I've got zero points to back that up haha.

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The obvious choice is SFMM ... they don't have enough Green Coasters now that Deja Vu is gone.

I wonder if many years from now, if the park was to ever tear down X2, they would replace it with a B&M 4-D coaster?

Cedar Point is the most-likely park in my opinion, but then again, you can justify it going to any other park.

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