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TPR's SFGAm X-Flight Construction Tour!

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So today, Cameron and I got very lucky. We got to check out the hotness that is X-Flight at SFGAm!


Track is 100% complete as of this last week, and the trains start making their appearance this week. A ton of work is going on throughout the ride right now, including the water feature, the queue, and and exits. Obviously as someone that's been visiting the park since 1977.....yes, 1977! I am always a little nostalgic for when big changes are announced at the park. X-Flight made me feel the same. I could not have been wrong. This beast sits strikingly in dark red and black, along the midway, shoehorned in between Demon and the entrance to Dare Devil Dive. It's really has some incredible interaction with the midway, and some great photo ops along the entire course. The train tracks are temporarily removed for the construction, but will be put back into it's original place soon, and the train will roll underneath a part of X-Flight.


Since it's still a very big construction site, we were kept along the midway for most of this, with the exception of being able to walk down the train tracks back by Demon. So most every photo you see is what X-Flight will look like while roaming the park. This should give you a good idea of what this will be like once the park is open. So enough of my rambling, let's check out a hot Aussie in a hard hat.


Cameron, prepared for any eventualities, had boots. I was hoping they were of the go-go kind...


We walked around through the back half of the park, and this is the view next to the former "Luigi's Pizza." *Cameron not included in most photo ops.


From here, it's a big twisty, sexy, mess.


The inline twist is really long. And hard.


Because it's made of steel.


View from the midway towards Granny's old garage, and the Eagle.


There's the first drop.


Another shot back toward the Eagle, and the beginning of the twist.


Imagine all sorts of X-Flight Entrance hotness right here.


The water feature prep has started, and it'll be very easily seen from the midway, much like most of the ride.


Again, from the midway. X-Flight will be really awesome to behold while walking in this area of the park.


Twistyness + mud = hot.


Nevermind this picture. Did you not see the ho in the last picture?


X-Flight and a ho. I heard it costs a $1 to get a ho.


Make a sharp right here, you head up the Southwest Territory walkway, keep going left and the food court is there. This is going to grab your attention!


Artsy Fartsy.


Dive into the roll.


The Demon and X-Flight play very nicely together. Here's the second corkscrew, glancing over at the small helix of death.


One of the originals, with the newest addition.


Helix of death!


And up out of the helix into the transfer track portion.


Inline twistiness. This thing is seriously long.


Some station porn.


The dive from the railroad crossing.


Station porn close up.


Cherry picker truck guy, is upset about my ho comments.


This dive is like totally different than the others.


The lift is pretty steep. If you can find it among all the other hot mess of track.


This is how we bring you hot Twitter updates. TPR outsourced to Hot Aussies.


A little more Demon/X-Flight goodness.


Footer fetish photo taken care of. If you're into that kind of thing.


This is the view from Buccaneer Bay.


Slight panorama of the first half.


View from the food court.


TPR, Cam and I would like to thank Brandon and the SFGAm Public Relations Dept. for the tour. Can't wait to see this awesome addition to the park!


That's the end of the line!

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Great report Matt!

This thing is starting to look a lot more interesting now that I have seen better photos of this thing. Fingers crossed it turn to be a great ride like I have been hearing Wild Eagle has turned out to be...


[Also that first photo was a bit much for me, far too racy. ]

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Goodness, I feel so wrong, but also... so right This is at least the third 2012 coaster that's going to one of the oldest rides the park (Leviathan/Dragon Fire and Skyrush/Comet). Must be some memo going around the parks so people can get some nice old/new photo ops

How might the drops of X-Flight and The Swarm compare? This one is a lot more bowed outward than its UK brother.

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Matt really wasn't over-doing it at all - X-Flight a stunningly impressive looking ride. I have to admit that I was a bit blasé about this ride until some of the first construction pics started rolling in, and then to see it in person


I was sporting a hard ... umm - hat ... all afternoon.


Really looking forward to taking flight in May; X will certainly mark the spot at SFGAm in 2012!


Cameron "your Punning Australian" Silver

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^ We've known that for a while. The confusion is over what happens after the ERT. In a recent interview it was stated the ride will be open to season pass holders on the 12th, so what we're trying to find out is after the ERT is it open to the general public, or only to regular season pass holders.

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