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Coasting for Kids 2012 - Be part of Team TPR!

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Great idea. I'm only at $55 with a goal of $75, so I raise it to $200, to hopefully encourage more donations. So far only one of my friends have donated to me. The rest have been all the wonderful people on here. Thank you to everyone that have donated to me so far. If my friends don't start donating soon, I'll have to think of something to get them to donate.



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Can't afford to make a donation? Don't worry! Gary The Giraffe has you covered!


Just "Like" Gary The Giraffe on Facebook. He's donating $1 for every new person that "Likes" his page (U̶p̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶$̶2̶5̶ Edit: Now up to $50!). It's super easy and super free! Plus Gary is cool and you will love his page.


http://www.facebook.com/GaryTheGiraffe < "Like" this page! UPDATE: $50 raised! GOAL REACHED! Thanks everyone! Gary loves you!


Money. Donating. Machine.

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I'm Nicole. I've been a TPR member since 2007, and TBH, initially I was intimidated by TPR. Then I realized, that I have the same sense of humor as a lot of TPR members and since then the rest is history.



Celebrating my 100th coaster on the 2011 TPR NorthEast Trip.


I decided to do Coasting for Kids, because it takes charity and combines it with roller coasters. Some of my first roller coasters were in Ocean City, Maryland at Trimpers rides and Jolly Roger. At first I never really realized that the Toboggan was a coaster, it was just fun.


Now I ride because I love going to parks, and meeting new people.


ETA: If I reach $50 in donations, I will resurrect my Forst Files thread and finish doing PTR's for my 2010 Season.

If I reach $75 in donations, I'll add in my 2011 season to the Forst Files.

If I reach $100 in donations, I'll keep my Forst Files thread up to date for the 2012 season.

If I get more than $100 I'll think of something that will be mentioned at a later time.

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Next person to donate $25 to Niki's page will get a Roller Coasters in the RAW DVD of their choice and a TPR Bag-O-Crap!


Donation page: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/r0flcoasterniki/CedarPoint


And you can choose any of our Roller Coasters in the RAW DVDs and I'll throw in some cool stuff with it!

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I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just signed up to participate at Dorney Park! I've been wanting to do this event for a couple years now, but work conflicts have forced me to miss it. I was thrilled to see this year's event moved to June, and I am very eager to start fundraising for this amazing and wonderful cause! The fact that I also can be a member of Team TPR is just awesome!!


Here's the link to my fundraising page - http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nickmcsparrin/DorneyPark


I am so proud of our fantastic website community here for all the participants and overwhelming support so far! You guys and gals are all amazing! Please keep the support coming, and we can make this the greatest Coasting for Kids event yet!!


As for me, my name is Nick. I've been riding roller coasters since I was 4, and I really became a true coaster enthusiast when I hit my teen years. I live just outside of Pittsburgh with my lovely wife Erin and our dog Lacey. Our home park is Kennywood, and we really enjoy gathering with friends and family, traveling to new places (both parks and otherwise), and most importantly having FUN wherever we end up!


I also enjoy our local sports scene, including our beloved Pens! (Sorry Derek.....hopefully no floggings will result when we're riding at Dorney Much respect to your Flyers though, as they are always a formidable foe.)


This organization we are supporting for this event is one of the coolest ones I've come across, and I am beyond excited to be able to help out!


And now, so you can put a face with a username.....



Here I am! This was me basking in the newly discovered joy that is the Flash Pass!


Having some NYC fun!


Taking in a Pens game

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I wish I could have sponsored everyone; maybe next year.


But I had to throw down for The Bebes at Knott's Berry Farm, to be a part of this, and to thank them again for the hellaciously fantastic WCB trip report.


Good luck to everyone in reaching your goals! Team TPR, baby!

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For a donation of $15 or more to me I will be step foot into Six Flags America this weekend and bring you updates on the construction of Apocalypse. For $40 or more I will also marathon Mind Erasor for an hour with photo evidence to prove I did it (Time stamped pictures after every ride)

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I keep trying to register and it just hangs at the Processing your registration screen after I put in my credit card information. Has anyone else run into this problem? I am using Safari on my iPad.


I had issues registering on my ipad as well, although I don't think it was the same issue. Ended up using my PC to register instead.

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I keep trying to register and it just hangs at the Processing your registration screen after I put in my credit card information. Has anyone else run into this problem? I am using Safari on my iPad.


I had the same issue with my iPhone. It doesn't get past the processing screen. I just ended up registering on my Mac perfectly fine. And actually your account will already have been created, but you won't be registered for a team or will your card be charged. If I remember correctly. But hey at least the account is already created. Have to look at the positives.

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Huge news! Gary The Giraffe, the money donating machine, will now donate up to $50 total! He's crazy! All you have to do is "Like" his Facebook page. He will donate $1 for every NEW like he gets (everything over 41 likes). It's completely FREE to you!


http://www.facebook.com/GaryTheGiraffe < "Like" this page!


1 smacker per like. No questions asked.

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Hey guys and gals!


I figured I'd join the cool people and introduce myself in this thread! My name is Griffin Eldred and I have been a TPR member for nearly 5 years. I joined the site when I was only 11 years old. Now, at 16, TPR is still a huge part of my life. I have met many GREAT people through TPR, which I am friends with to this day (and hopefully long into the future!)


This event is PERFECT for not only me, but for all of us on TPR. Getting to raise money for a great cause is great by itself, but having a roller coaster marathon thrown in is just excellent.


Even though it is only March, I am already beyond excited to be participating in this event. I am honored to have the opportunity to be on Team TPR, and help out Give Kids The World.


I hope you all can help me reach my goal of $500. Knowing how awesome the people of TPR are, and how much time there is between now and June, I know it will get done.


Here is my page : http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/griffineldred/MichigansAdventure


And here are pictures of me! Yay!


This was used as my entry to Big Mike's EPIC contest! You should join! Also, not the awesome hat.


Here is me (on the left) with fellow TPR member Mr. Starr at SFGAm last fall. We're cool, I know.


Here is us again at Midwest Bash in 2010. As you can see in this, and the last picture, we are the champions of awesome pictures.


And finally, here's me with professional wrestler Colt Cabana. He's awesome!


Thanks for reading and supporting the cause you guys. You rule.

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Help me reach my goal (200 bucks) and I will not only donate 100 bucks of my own money but I will die my hair pink. Pics will be shown

I love this idea! Post a pic of what you look like now so we can get an idea of what you'll look like!

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