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Coasting for Kids 2012 - Be part of Team TPR!

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Set up and ready to Go at Worlds of Fun!!!! Whoot Whoot!




By the way Worlds of Fun's Opening Day is Apr 14th anyone else plan on being there????


Please post the link to your firstgiving page so we can add you to the first page of the thread, Robb can create you a banner and other TPR members can find you to donate.


I think there's been a mistake with my signature. It's linking me to Joseph Cosco's page instead of mine. I'm not complaining just don't want people to get confused. Do you think you could fix this please Robb? Thanks in advance


Jake - I fixed it for you.


Good luck with the fundraising everyone.

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Hey all:


Thanks to everyone who has donated to Team TPR at Canada's Wonderland so far! The support and response has been fantastic! It is really motivating given the cause. The sponsorship so far I'm sure could get all of us on Time Warp or Flight Deck for the entire event


Team TPR at Canada's Wonderland has so far raised $485.00! Doubling that would be awesome! To do that, I think we're definitely going to need others to join in. My offer is still out there--$5.00 each for the first five to join the team from now. Just a little something to get the fundraising kick started.


I'm going to try and get a bunch of engineering friends to sign up and we can all go for Canada's Wonderland. I know plenty of people would be down for this, although I would really like to know what ride it's going to be on.


^That would be awesome! It was on Behemoth last year so my guess would be either Behemoth or Leviathan, but that is just a guess. We'll see when the park officially announces the itinerary.


Here's the team:



Team member pages:

Nick http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nick-cramer-1/CanadasWonderland

Paul http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/paulfowler/CanadasWonderland

Josh http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/joshuamclachlan/CanadasWonderland

Me http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/jasonatcw/CanadasWonderland


If you're in the area and around that day, consider joining in! Or, if you'd like to sponsor any of us, we'd appreciate it.



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Updated Totals:


Carowinds: 240

Kings Island: 165

Cedar Point: 335

Michigans Adventure: 290

Great America: 565

Canadas Wonderland: 485

Dorney Park: 340

Kings Dominion: 635

Knotts: 777

Valley Fair: 75

Worlds of Fun: 85


Total: $3992 so far!


Great job so far everyone! Thanks for all the donations! Keep them coming...I've been a member of TPR for awhile, and I have to say this is one of the coolest things we have done so far! Can we make it to $5,000 for Team TPR? (How cool would that be? To say we as a community raised $5,000 for a great cause!)

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Hey everyone!! Donate to my Coasting for KidsTeam PKI Jiz.....


on second thought, maybe that's not a good idea for me get involved haha. My user name + kids fund might not mix.


(can't anyways, I'll be on vacation; just thought it was funny haha)

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Gary The Giraffe will donate $1 for each person who likes his Facebook page starting now, up to 66 likes. There are currently 41 likes. So go like it, it's free! And tell your friends to like it! If it gets to 66 likes you'll have helped make a $25 donation.


http://www.facebook.com/GaryTheGiraffe < Go "Like" it!


Plus his page is giraffe-tastic and fun!



Gary will donate $1 for each "Like" on his page!

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I have a question... sorry if this has already been ask.


It states you have to raise $75 to be able to participate. Does your initial $25 go towards that?


In addition to the $25 registration fee, a minimum of $75 must be raised in order to participate.

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I figured since I'm going to be riding, donating a lot more, and posting on here a bit more often, I'd do a better job at introducing myself

I'm Niki! Here is my donation page: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/r0flcoasterniki/CedarPoint


I'm a ride host at CP and I absolutely could not ask for a better job. Especially since I'm blessed with the gift of working my all time favorite ride, Top Thrill Dragster. I gotta say, my enthusiasm for this ride is through the roof.

Turning 20 years old at 4:20pm, while going 420ft, 120mph.


A personal half-day marathon on Jr. Gemini at age 5, and later, a first major coaster ride on Magnum are my earliest memories of riding coasters. Since then I'm either riding, obsessing over, traveling for, or working coasters!

Aside from coasters, I'm a college student studying computer science and digital media. I'm quite a nerd who loves video games as well.


One reason I am participating in this event is to learn more about GKTW, since I have never have been directly involved with a charity event like this. And since TPR is jumping in this year, it's a perfect opportunity to learn, while representing a club and a park that are very important to me. And so far the first few days into it, it feels SO good to be a fundraiser for such a good cause. Part of the reason I work at an amusement park is to help put smiles on guests faces. I want to do the same for the children we help out through our donations. Knowing you made someone's day, or week in this matter, is one of the best feelings ever.


I am so eager to get to know more people here, especially before the marathon on June 10! If you visit the Point, I'd LOVE it if you'd stop and say hi at TTD. Any more you'd like to know, feel free to friend me on FB! http://www.facebook.com/r0flcoasterniki

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I am in with the King's Dominion group!


url: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nozzy/KingsDominion


Hey everyone, I'm Steve and while I don't post too regularly I've been lurking around TPR for nearly 10 years. I grew up in NJ and grew to love coasters thanks to Great Adventure being so close by. I had my first job there operating rides, and now am in graduate school at Virginia Tech for structural engineering, hoping to design coasters someday. I also am into video games, consider DDR my main form of exercise, and reading science fiction.


I've never done a charity event like this before, and never knew much about Give Kids the World, but after reading about their mission I feel like this is a great first event to try out. I know how much visiting parks has brought joy to my life and given my family so many bonding experiences, and allowing these children's families to have similar experiences is great. I'm glad that TPR is promoting this event as it prompted me to act, and am thankful for any support!




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FYI - I have just sent an email to all of our Coasting for Kids riders and a few of you the email bounced. Please email me if you didn't get it, and if the email address you have on your TPR profile isn't current, please update it!

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