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Coasting for Kids 2012 - Be part of Team TPR!

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Wow...California's Great America seems to be gaining fundraisers right and left here. Just finished signing up for myself and my good friend Teresa. I'm looking forward to raising some funds for this awesome cause.






Of course we'll be pushing like crazy to raise funds in the "real world" over the next couple months, but any jumpstart that anyone would like to give would be appreciated.

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Tamica - Please give us more information about you and stuff so we can get to know you better and help with donations!

Robbalvey- Oh sorry about that. I was getting little frustrated with my computer. I am new to this and it is a little confusing here and there. Let's see my name is Tamica Lousie Maybell Pote. I live in cali with my big family. I have 3 brothers that are married, and only 2 of them has kids. I have a younger sister that is married and has a child. I am currently turning 24 on 26 of March. I love animals, and I love baseball, especially Giants. I am currently working at Petco, and I work alot of weekends. I love amuesment parks, when I was younger I have been to Disneyland, Disney World, Marine World, Lego Land, Great America, Six Flaggs, Some of the rides in Las Vegas, Knotts Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, and probably more. I love to travel, site seeing, reading, I hate Sharks, movies, animals, I am just terrfied of them. Call me a whimp, but I can tell you I would have nightmares. lol The ones that scare me the most are the bigger sharks.

I am donating, because I am an Aunt. I would hate to have something bad happen to them. Although one of nieces did get hit by a truck, broke her pelvis bone, had it replace with a metal one, i believe. They said she would get a new one each time when she gets older, and there is a good chance she may not have kids. I have an aunt that has lung cancer. I never done this before, I mean I have help homeless of women and kids, buy food for local families that needed it, but never have I done this online. Adam my boyfriend, had told me this and I just couldnt refused. I am not sure what you would want me to tell you about me, but I can be a blabber at times about me. Sorry if i wrote too much.

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I decided that if I reach my goal (which is 200 bucks) I will donate 100 bucks of my own money so if anyone wants to help me reach my goal it would mean alot.... I'm Chris and I have been riding coasters for over 10 years. I also have worked at CGA. I'm doing this for the kids and to have a great time if anyone wants to add me on Facebook please do so I love meeting new people


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I am going to try to find out if I can do this. It is shortly after my graduation, so it would be a good way to celebrate! I am going to ask my parents if they will let me drive myself up, seeings as it is such a good cause. I would have such a blast doing this. Thanks Robb and Elissa for doing such a great job sparking people's donations. If I do not end up doing this, I will be donating, no doubt! Thanks again, hope to see you Cedar Point riders!

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Sadly, there is no Cedar Fair park in North Georgia.


If Six Flags did this, I would be the first one to sign up for SFOG!

Even though there may not be a park near you, please still participating by making a donation to one of our riders! Choose one at random, choose one from your favorite Cedar Fair park, choose one that needs the donations more than others, etc....


Anything you can donate to our riders, even if it's just $5 will be greatly appreciated!



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You can go ahead and put quantity 2 and register you both that way. FirstGiving will then send the person you registered a link to start fundraising, while you would create your own link during the registration process. Each person would need to have their own fundraising page (and each meet the $75 minimum) to participate.


THANKS to Timberskara for this info!!!! Lady Bebe signed me up and the link e-mail got filtered into my JUNK folder. UGH!!!!


But I'm all signed up now!!!!




I'm Corey (aka MR BEBE), better known from The Bebes Theme Park Adventures. I make pretty lighting for TV movies when I'm not busy riding rollercoasters or building AMAZING trip reports for TPR. Did you all see our latest EPIC Trip Report from SFMM WCB 2012 --- SOUVENIR?????


Well, anyone who donates to The Bebes OR Coreysjunk will receive memorabilia from SOUVENIR (fact cards, poloroids, hairs that were shaved from MR BEBE's chest (jk), etc). Please donate!





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Chadster, I am thinking about doing the World's of Fun. Kansas City is only about 4 hours from where I am, so I'm trying to convince a friend to ride up there with me.


AWESOME!!! Let me know!



I just dropped a 20 spot on Chadster, hitting his $75 whore trigger. Let's see those shameful kiddie coasters!

Now I actually have to show them! Aghhhhh!!


Aiight we are looking at April 9 for the whore pictures, on hiatus April 2. Thanks Paul!

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Thank you SO much for the start. I shall definitely return the favor soon by donating to someone else who needs a start. Great to have a donation under the belt.

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