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Coasting for Kids 2012 - Be part of Team TPR!

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Had an awesome day at CGA and it was great to meet everyone there. While it didn't go 100% according to plan, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and most importantly, helped out a great cause. I'll be posting pictures once I manage to get them off of my phone.

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So glad this all turned out to be such a success; WELL DONE, everyone who got out and rode! Awesome, awesome work.


Another suggestion for next year: Vekoma should have to match, dollar for dollar, every contribution to someone stuck riding on an SLC for the event. (You folks at Michigan's Adventure are HARD CORE!!!)

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Personally, I didn't really care at all it wasn't a true marathon at cga. It was free admission, fast lane on the best coaster in the park, and supported an amazing cause. Not to mention meeting new tpr people I had never met before. What more could you ask for?


I had a great time and want to thank robb & elissa for getting the word out and cga for being hosts to a great event! I'll be back next year with a higher fundraising goal for sure!


You have a place to stay next year too! Maybe I will participate next time.

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Well I'm finally sitting here resting my sore back and shoulders all I can say wow! what a blast. Kings Island had a good TPR turnout with 11 people. What a funny group of people. I had fun and never thought I'd hear myself say "No more coasters for me today" but at 5pm after getting soaked on the Log Flume and Whitewater Canyon to cool off I was just coastered out. I thought having two families that personally visited and stayed at GKTW was awesome even though something in my lunch made my eyes start to water. I had a blast talking to the people on the red train as we were going up the lift hill and of course some friendly race talking was taking place. I loved all the people I met and was happy to make more TPR connections and friends. All in all I have to say I can't wait until next year!!!!

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Looks like everyone had a great time. Maybe the parks will try and out do each other next year and be even more awesome next year.Hopefully I will have a little more free time to participate and ride with everyone else. Good job everyone.


During our dinner at KD, Gene sure made it sound like that is exactly what he would be doing next year.


I know there was some talk about Dorney being in competition with KD with the amount of $ being raised by each location. It would be nice to see some more "friendly competition" between parks next year.

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Report in from Cedar Point - it went incredibly well. We had a great time riding Magnum and Gemini - I personally rode Magnum 10 times and Gemini 20 times. Photos are on the way, I believe - but it was a very light crowd sort of day. It was sizzling hot and humid today, but overall I had a blast. Cedar Point, Give Kids the World, TPR riders and many more - a huge class act!


Great job, Chris! I was at Camper Village and waved to you guys on the Magnum, but not sure if you could see me. I give you all the credit in the world for riding Magnum and Gemini that many times. I rode Magnum only twice over the weekend (Gemine zero) & the last time in the back seat about rearranged my spine....ouch!


It was way easier for me to give money to the cause than marathon coasters, so I congratulate you all on your awesome effort at all of the parks...great job, guys!!!!!

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While I wasn't a part of Team TPR and a part of the CFK event, I did eventually meet up with everyone and spend the last few hours at the park. I had a blast being a part of taking over rides with fellow coaster fanatics, and meeting a large sum of new people. Woodstock's Express was by far the highlight of the day for me. Perhaps next year, I'll take the extra step and become part of the team!


While I heard that the procedure of the event was a bit of a letdown, I'm sure that just having a huge meetup with fellow enthusiasts is worth it in itself, plus enjoying taking over rides, plus raising money for a good cause!

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Kings Island put on an incredible event; everything was very well-organized. A special shout out to Savannah, Eva, Cody, and the entire Racer crew. They made riding 95 times that much more enjoyable.


I am so impressed with how much money we were able to raise for this amazing charity and hope that our efforts will allow even more kids to experience the awesomeness that is Give Kids the World Village.

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Kings Island gets a big thumbs up for this event. The racer crew made it a blast. Its too bad some left poor Eva hanging when she tried to get riders to sing a Journey song. But they did get in Gilligans Island! When Don took us behind the scenes at Beast that was quite cool. He even got us up front seats at the new magic show with Ed Alonzo. Great meeting fellow TPR members. Maybe next year I will get more than 7 rides in.

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Here are a few of my photos from Kings Island. I hope everyone enjoys them. Since I spent most of the ride time riding, I didn't get many photos of others riding.


Loading up the first group.



Lunch time



Our great crew


On the Beast tour



Hey you in green. Say "cheese."



Ed Alonzo

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It was a great day and great event at Kings Island riding the Racer with Team TPR. I managed 87 circuits on the coaster, although my internal organs are just now settling back into position. Everyone at KI was fantastic, especially the Racer crew, who encouraged us throughout the day, and PR manager Don Helbig, who made it a day to remember for all of us. The walk-back tour of the Beast was awesome. Special thanks to the two families who came out to support and thank us, and shared their stories of how Give Kids the World impacted them during an incredibly difficult time. It was a great reminder of why we were all there. Here are a few photos from the Beast walk-back tour.


Behind the scenes on the Beast.


The Beast heads down the first hill.


Heading for the second lift hill.


The group heads further back into the woods.


The Beast exits the tunnel near the back of the ride.


Hugging the ground at the furthest point from the Beast station.


Coasting For Kids participants set up for some Beast photos.

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Most of the pictures I took are already in this thread, but I thought I'd add a few more.


All in all, a fantastic event from start to finish. I ended up doing 9 laps on Magnum, around 46 laps on Gemini, 2 laps on Dragster, and a lap each on Snake River Falls and Shoot the Chutes (had to cool off mid-afternoon, it was a scorcher).


Everyone involved was having a blast at CP, including the Gemini crew. I think everyone I talked to from the Team TPR crew had a great time. I will definitely be doing this event again next year!


All the riders at CP, who collectively raised more than $25,000


Myself with the 1st place gift bag. I will be raffling off the contents soon!

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I also was at the Cedar Point Coasting for Kids and had a great time! I will definitely be doing this event again. I only stopped for about a half hour for the whole 9 hours. So I am very sore still 2 days after haha.


Total I got:

26 rides on Magnum

92 on Gemini

8 or Raptor ( no line)

I couldn't take any more after that and went home but had an awesome day!

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A huge thank you to Kara with GKTW and Dineen at Canada's Wonderland for organizing such a great event on a beautiful Sunday! A huge thanks as well to the amazing staff at Vortex and Colin and his staff at Behemoth. The entire day was very well done. The upgraded lunch to the Market Place was very much appreciated by all of us riders judging from our love of Pizza Pizza and all the other awesome stuff! The day sure proved a definite challenge that I think we were all able to meet with the encouragement from all of the riders and crew.


Congratulations to the entire Team TPR team at Canada's Wonderland: Nick (odene497), Josh (PCW_Nut), Paul (Carnage), Matt (Mightypotato) and John (Archnemasis). Together, Team TPR raised over $3,100! It was awesome meeting all the other riders from other teams or there on their own to support such a great cause. We were 26 strong and as a park, raised over $7,740 for GKTW, up from $3,700 in 2011!


Click Here if you'd like to check out pics of our Coasting for Kids "Warm up on a Wiegand weekend" and other pics of the day!

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I am still riding a high from the weekend and seeing all these photos of TPR members from around the country, riding united for one cause is just overwhelming!


Thanks to the tireless efforts of each of the Team TPR participants, the contributions and support of fellow TPR members and the unwavering dedication that Robb, Elissa and the rest of the TPR staff has shown,


More than $39k has been raised by TPR for the mission of GKTW!


There are no words great enough to describe how much this means, so I figured a photo may help:



It's truly outstanding to see what this community is capable of and you should all be extremely proud. All in all, across the 11 parks and all the participants, nearly $114k was raised from Coasting For Kids 2012!


To those riders who may still be sore or have bumps and bruises from Sunday, just remember that 6-10 hours on a coaster is nothing compared to what these kids go through and, thanks to you, so many more families will get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Central Florida and Give Kids The World.


If any TPR members ever find themselves in the Orlando area in the future, please contact me at karad@gktw.org and I would be honored to show you around our amazing resort so that you can see firsthand how your efforts have made a difference.



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Thank you what you do there Kara, I loved all the updates during the fundraiser.It was fun, and a pleasure to raise money for Give Kids the World. Im really looking forward to doing this next at Valleyfair.It was awesome meeting some of the families during the fundraiser. It really made this fundraiser really special to me.


Here is a link to Valleyfair's Facebook page.

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