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Coasting for Kids 2012 - Be part of Team TPR!

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After ~18 rides in a row on Vortex and 9 in a row on Behemoth, my roommate had to call it quits after throwing up on the brake run. I lasted a few more and took my count to around 20 on Behemoth (and the ~18 on Vortex) before tapping out. I felt bad having him sit and wait for me all day; not to mention I was starting to get a little queasy.

At least I got a decent number of rides in, met some fellow TPR members along the way as well, and most importantly raised around $250 for GKTW.


For Vortex I had a mini Shox iPod speaker going and played different songs on 5-6 circuits before it died on me.

Also found 3 used condoms and a broken PSP on the roof of Behemoth's maintenance shed...corrugated steel just does not seem like a comfortable place at all.


Next year I'll be more prepared (ie no to drinking the night before)

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Told you!


Here is the next round of photos:



Team TPR has conquered The Racer and the buffet at Kings Island!



Team TPR ready to ride Flight Deck at Great America!



Coasting For Kids sign at Canada's Wonderland!



Team TPR moves over to Grizzly at Kings Dominion!



More than 25 rides on Prowler and Team TPR is still coasting!



Team TPR about to ride Flight Deck at Great America!



Team TPR on Grizzly's insane yellow train at Kings Dominion!



Team TPR still doing awesome on Jaguar at Knott's Berry Farm!



Caught Joey Ray in action!



Thirty rides on the SLC and still going!



Switched over to Wild Thing at Valleyfair!



Six hours of Gemini at Cedar Point and still going strong!



Joey is part of Team TPR at California's Great America!



Team TPR ready to ride Flight Deck at Great America!



Go! Go! Flight Deck! Go Team TPR!!!



Team TPR is moving over to Anaconda at Kings Dominion.

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How about some more photos???



"Keep moving along... There is nothing to see here..."



Time for Mamba at Worlds of Fun!



Uh, oh! Looks like Cameron found where Michigan'd Adventure keeps the ice cream!



At Great America, turns out there wasn't really a "coaster marathon" so it turned into a Sky Tower marathon!



Chadster won some awesome Give Kids The World stuff!



Team TPR at Canada's Wonderland!



Team TPR moves to Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion.



Still going on Steel Force at Dorney!



Team TPR rode Thunderhawk 44 times! That's almost 19 miles of Vekoma SLC!



Over on the other side of the country, Rebel Yell marathon has started at Kings Dominion!



At least Sky Tower marathon gives you a great view of construction at Great America!



Back on Flight Deck at Great America! They gave the Coasting For Kids riders Fast Lane passes instead of having just one coaster to marathon.



Kara with Give Kids The World and Jennifer at Knott's Berry Farm made Coasting For Kids happen!



After 44 rides on Thunderhawk, Team TPR moves to Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure.



Valleyfair team moves over to Steel Venom.



Going on 50 rides for our Steel Force team at Dorney Park!



Team TPR at Knott's took 74 laps on Jaguar, had lunch, and is ready to go back!

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Report in from Cedar Point - it went incredibly well. We had a great time riding Magnum and Gemini - I personally rode Magnum 10 times and Gemini 20 times. Photos are on the way, I believe - but it was a very light crowd sort of day. It was sizzling hot and humid today, but overall I had a blast. Cedar Point, Give Kids the World, TPR riders and many more - a huge class act!

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Just got home from an awesome day at Dorney. Minus the bit of disorganization (Note to Dorney, next year, please let all your employees know that events happen at the park, and move registration to outside the park, since you got confused on how to get us into the park...) it was an awesome event. Once we got inside near Stinger, registration went smoothly, and we all got a some ERT and breakfast on Stinger.


Then a GKTW family was over with us at Steel Force and sent us on our way. I only lasted 25 rides throughout the day, but the humidity today, was a bit too much to keep riding regularly. We also had Fastlane bracelets to take a break and ride other rides.


I really wish, they could go back and see all the poses different people from all different groups were making throughout the day.


Someone at Dorney lasted all 92 laps on Steel Force, Congrats to him whatever team he was riding for. I'm glad I got to meet more TPR people today and a few more who will be on the LeviaTHON trip.


What a truly awesome experience this whole thing was. Can't wait until next year.

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This seems like it was an awesome trip. I want to participate next year, but I'd have to travel all the way down to Dorney. Thats a 3+ hour drive. Not to mention this was for a great cause. Thanks to everyone who participated!


I talked to quite a few people today who drove more than that for Dorney this year. As long as you plan enough in advance, I'm sure you could work out a 3 hour trip to dorney.

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Whew! Just got back from Kings Dominion--what a great day there! It was excellent to have ERT on six different rides (the most challenging being Anaconda).


My thanks to everyone who pledged money to Team TPR, and to Kings Dominion for putting on an excellent event.

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First of all I would like to thank Kara for not only telling and showing us all about who we are raising money for but also for putting together a top notch fundraiser, GKTW is truly a charity that I can get behind 100%. Also a special thanks to everyone who donated to all of today's riders! And the final round of thank you's goes out to TPR for helping everyone raise money and getting us all psyched!!


Worlds of Fun did an OUTSTANDING job today! The PROWLER! crew was really into our marathon riding and for the very few who stuck it out for all 25 rides, awesome job! While taking a soda (provided to us gratis by the park) break a parent of a GKTW alum stopped to talked to me. Her daughter who had a serious form of cancer(and survived!) and previously benefited from GKTW and was thrilled for what we were doing.


The Mamba crew was all over our riding making announcements to the public waiting to ride and giving them information about the organization. The park also supplied us with brochures to hand out to people curious why we were hogging a train! On our last ride of the two hour session (27 or 28) they had those waiting in line shouting in unison something to the effect of "Welcome back Coasting Kids for Kids..." it was amazing!


WoF had at least one member of the PR department with us all the times to assist in any way they could and I must say I don't think it could have been organized or ran any better, great job Brandon, Lawrence, and the entire WoF staff!


Again, we had a great time raising money for a great charity. Can't wait to do it again next year! 100k combined today, AMAZING!

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Back from Michigans Adventure, It was such a crazy day!


I still cannot believe that we were able to survive 44 rides on Thunderhawk! The last 30 minutes were pretty darn tough but we somehow managed, ok, the entire three hours were pretty punishing.


It was a great event and the staff were pretty friendly and encouraging, especially the ride op at Thunderhawk [Ashley] who would always chat with us between rides! It was a great day with great people, not to mention it's amazing that TPR raised 36,000 altogether.


Although I will admit we took quite the beating on the two rides, bruises will be evident tomorrow.

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I just want to say thank you to all the TPR'ers at Californias Great America today. While CGA's participation and organization was admittedly disappointing, everything else was amazing. The postive attitude of all the particpants and the over all desire to have a good time no matter what, turned a frustrating day into an incredibly fun day. It was a delight to meet all of you and I look forward to riding againg with you in the future.


Great job today, raising a ton of money for a great cause and having a great time. Thank you!!!

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I will second your sentiments about CFK at CGA. Was definitely a great bunch of folks that made the best of a potentially frustrating situation. My friend and I still managed to get in 40 rides on Flight Deck by sticking around there most of the day. I especially enjoyed being able to share why we were riding with other park guests (and even the ride ops) who seemed to ask us quite a bit throughout the day.


I plan to weed through my pictures tomorrow after a little rest to see if there is anything worth sharing.

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