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Coasting for Kids 2012 - Be part of Team TPR!

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Since Erik donated the $80 needed to win the USH tickets raffle, I have another offer!


I'm $200 away from being the top fundraiser @ CGA...A $10 donation now can get you a cool transformers ride souvenir, a bonus USH surprise, AND at the very least I will raffle off the gift basket (I'm already in 3rd). But if I make it to #1, I will raffle off the entire prize package of Four single-day tickets to Great America, 4 Backyard meals, Peanuts Prize Package! Those who already donated are already entered into the raffle.


Thanks for the support!!!

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^I second this! I'm $40 away from $1,000. Help me get to $1,000, and I'll kick in an extra $20 each to the Cedar Fair and Michigan's Adventure teams!


I just kicked 30 bucks your way to officially bring you up to 4-digits! Way to go Chuck!! (Besides, gotta support a fellow Team TPR member who has awesome photo trip reports from his travels!)


This last surge of donations that everyone is seeing is just awesome! Way to go everyone!! Also, thanks to a similar surge, I'm now less than $100 away from reaching my fundraising goal, which when I last adjusted it I would've thought it would be unlikely to reach. If anyone is feeling the urge to help me get there, I would certainly appreciate it!!


Let's go for broke and hit $30,000 raised!!! Team TPR is AMAZING!!!

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I know it might sound a little selfish of me, but I am only $468 away from raising $5,000! And, $5,000 sounds like such a nice even number. So, anyone who donates any amount to my page, I will donate the same amount right back to your page. That way, we can get sort of a two for one deal going on. Anyone who is not participating, but who wants to donate, can make a donation to my page and then let me know which participant that they would like me to send a matching donation to!


Thanks Gang!


This whole experience is on the verge of becoming unbelievable! You all truly ROCK!



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This is awesome guys, It's pretty great how TPR is able to help out and be part of this!


---$100 mark: Two $15 donations go to random people who have supported me.

--$150 mark: Detailed report of X-flight at SFGAm. (Review, photos, and possibly a video)

--$200 mark: I will post a photoTR of the Coasting for Kids event at Michigans Adventure.


I currently have raised $203. Look's like I've reached my last milestone...

It also looks like I have some catching up to do for trip reports now.

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^I second this! I'm $40 away from $1,000. Help me get to $1,000, and I'll kick in an extra $20 each to the Cedar Fair and Michigan's Adventure teams!


So shall it be written! So shall it be done!

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Thank you to everyone who sent me donations so far, the generosity around here is off the scale! PM your addresses if you haven't already and I will be sending out Geauga Lake Merch to you! For everyone else my offer is still good


Anyone who donates the following amounts will get a prize. $2 gets a Geauga Lake key chain, $5 gets a GL shot glass, $10 a hat $20 a 4 shot glass set, $40 a GL polo all fresh from my personal archives. I have a literal truckload of this stuff and I will be throwing in extra random surprises. The two guys who pm'd me their addresses the packages are in the mail, you should be pleased with the contents. Can't wait for sunday!

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Let's do something crazy.



For the next 24 hours, I will match $1 for $1 any donations made to my page ("But Hector, that shiz has been done before!") OK, then I'll sweeten the deal, I'll also match an additional $1 to the person of your choice (just PM me a name, including yourself or even me!) and if you, the donator, are under $75 and want to actually participate, I'll donate both dollars to your page.


Now I'm not made of money so there is a cap, but let's see if we hit it by the time 24 hours is up!

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Goals, goals, it's all about goals


I'm $30.00 away from mine! So close!


Congratulations Team TPR on amazing results!


Remember that official counts are done tomorrow at noon EDT! Post here if you still need your $75.00 minimum or are close to a prize or first place! Let's see if we can get you there before the cut off tomorrow at noon!


Mike needs some help--he's $25.00 away!



Our pages will still take donations after noon tomorrow but it won't count toward the $75.00 minimum for participation or any prizes after that point.

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I'm now at $325 Wahoo!!


I see a couple people on the Dorney list who don't have $75 yet. So go donate to them!


You go


Tim (dannerman) - https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/timothy-danner/DorneyPark is at his goal now!


Michael (GwaziBSRider1) - https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/michaelwilsonwv/DorneyPark said on LeviaTHON Boards that he has to enter his offline donations.


So all of Dorney should be at $75.00!

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