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Coasting for Kids 2012 - Be part of Team TPR!

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And that letter demonstrates exactly why I'm doing this. It's not about raising the most money for prizes, or getting to ride a coaster for six hours. For me it's to make sure that Give Kids the World can continue providing their extraordinary services!


On the money, Hector. It's not about ERT or prizes. It's about helping seriously ill kids.

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So glad everyone enjoyed the family letter-- I will be sure to post more from time to time. For now, back to the IAAPA connection.


What's a magical castle without a friendly knight to stand guard at the entrance?




Once the big wooden door creeks open, Rusty the Knight bellows "Welcome to the Castle! We've been waiting for ya...come on in!" The Castle of Miracles is such a treasured place, and Rusty sure knows how to get each family's experience started right. He also says "Don't let all the magic out!" when you leave, along with some other charming phrases.


This beloved character was donated by Sally Corporation and fits perfectly in our storybook land. Rusty's image has started popping up in other places in the Village, too-- where he guards reserved parking spots for arriving families or restricted areas. He's become a mascot for Village safety, but always remembers to use his manners!

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Hey all, I know I've been dormant for just about as long as the off-season, but there's been a lot going on personally...


Finally just signed up for Coasting For Kids @ Dorney Park (and naturally joined Team TPR). This will make my 3rd Coasting for Kids at Dorney, and I'm excited to participate again this year!


If you want to donate to my page, here's the link:



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I just couldn't pass up this opportunity! Originally, I was on the fence about participating since I will be at Kings Island the day before the event, but I live close enough that two days in a row is by no means unreasonable. Give Kids the World is such an amazing cause, and I would like to support it through any means I can. Riding the Racer for 8 hours is one of the best means I can think of.


Some of you, I'm sure have tapped out your donation bank by now, but I know a lot of you have not. Please, any donation would be greatly appreciated.





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According to my incredibly rudimentary math skills, we've just broken $15,000. Thanks to all of the generous TPR team members that are participating or donating. Tim Danner. I think it's fitting that you helped the pass the marker.


About 10 people will get this joke.

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Well, I've been away from the thread for a while thanks to an obnoxiously long work trip to Wyoming, so I have some items to catch up on. First, Kara, that letter was so touching and totally made me tear up! I hope you don't mind, but I'm linking to that post on my Facebook page. People need to see something like that!


Also, major CONGRATS to the entire Team TPR crew for breaking $15,000!! That is just remarkable! I'm so proud to be a member of this awesome website full of generous, compassionate, and fun people....I can't wait to meet some of you at Dorney!!


Lastly, I'm also ecstatic to announce that my brother has joined the Dorney event as well! I'm so proud of him for joining me for this event. How awesome to get to take part in this with my brother, while also being a happy member of Team TPR!

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^ Congrats on getting your brother to join us at Dorney! The more the merrier.


WOW, we as a group have raised over $15,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With still over a little more than month to go I know we could possibly break the $20,000.00 mark!!!!!!

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I've still got the park maps to great adventure, coney island (2011), la ronde (2011), Great Escape (2011), Philadelphia Zoo, and Philadelphia Museum of Art. These maps are looking for good homes. Just a $1 or $2 to my page and a PM to me gets you a nifty map. Heck if you want more than one I'll give you 2.


Also the Forst Files have been updated to Bizarro Bash.

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While GKTW is run by a lovable six-foot-tall rabbit, Mayor Clayton, and his bunny-bride Ms. Merry, the Village has several other characters roaming its grounds.


Aside from the Claytons, one of the most popular characters is Murphy the Gingerbread Man. Murphy is notorious for his mischievous behavior-- whether it's sneaking on the carousel to go for a spin, breakdancing or riding a bicycle (that take's talent).




Murphy's favorite day of the week is Sunday, when he hosts the World's Largest Candyland game at Matthew's Boundless Playground. He also hosts the Village's 5k Gingerbread Run fundraiser each November, where participants live by the words "Run, run as fast as you can!" Murphy also runs as fast as he can when he sees that each runner gets a gingerbread cookie to devour once the race is over...yikes!


International Mascot learned of GKTW through the IAAPA relationship and has provided GKTW with Murphy and a cast of other fun friends including teddy bears Patches and Buttons, Kaley the Penguin and Bakes the Dog. They also donate their time to repair costumes and make fun accessories perfect for every occassion.

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Absolutely blows me away to see the support Team TPR is generating for Coasting For Kids. Be sure and encourage potential donors to watch the great Give Kids The World video. My daughter was convicted to donate $50 to my cause after watching it. Looking forward to spending time with the other Kings Island participants.


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I know I've said this before, but does anyone on the Dorney Park team have any idea what the itinerary is? I really want to participate in the event, but I need to know at what time it will start, because it's a kind-of long drive.

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I've signed up for CFK at Knotts. Most of my friends think I'm nuts .Most of them think I'm nuts anyway! This will be my first time doing this so it will be interesting to see how I hold up ( glad it's Jaguar ) I think Ghostrider would kill me quickly so I'm gratefull they choose somthing a little on the milder side.


If anyone would like to donate mt address is...http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/JBS/KnottsBerryFarm


I am planning on attending the TPR bash in Sept at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens. If anyone is looking to share hotels I have rooms booked. So let me know.



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Team TPR is a little more than $100 away from breaking $16,000.


Congrats to the Kings Island Team for surpassing the $1,000 mark today.


Kings Dominion - Team TPR Page - $3,460

Knott's Berry Farm - Team TPR Page - $3,388

Dorney Park - Team TPR Page - $2,283

California's Great America - Team TPR Page - $1,319

Canada's Wonderland - Team TPR Page - $1,241

Cedar Point - Team TPR Page - $1,080

Kings Island - Team TPR Page - $1,005

Michigan's Adventure - Team TPR Page - $743

Carowinds - Team TPR Page - $531

Worlds of Fun - Team TPR Page - $426

Valleyfair! - Team TPR Page - $397


Good job everyone!

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