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Coasting for Kids 2012 - Be part of Team TPR!

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I still need 40 dollars to get me to the amount of 75 that I need. Any help is greatly accepted.



I just got you half way there.. I'm sure there is another generous, awesome, attractive tpr member that will get you to your goal. Good Luck!

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Sorry to double-post (I can combine the posts if you want), but I was able to add 5 more reviews to bring me up to an even 10. I just added:


Darien Lake, Idlewild, Kings Island, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Waldameer.


That's all for tonight. I like the review feature for the parks!

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Updated totals for those who have taken my offer to write new park reviews for the Park Index


Nicole at $1 - I'll give you credit since I forgot to include that in the original post.


Bobby at $1 - Jolly Roger is acceptable


gromithere at $8 - You forgot to include a rating for CGA, since you won't be able to edit your review for 24 hours, just tell me the rating and I'll adjust it to give you another $1. Also, I don't see your Cedar Point review, maybe you forgot to hit submit. Feel free to write more if you wish.


Kumba830 at $3


Nozzy at $10


PhantomNick at $10


Shirley at $5


That's $38 so far

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Interested in Toronto hotel accommodations over Leviathan Bash Weekend?


Up for auction, benefiting Coasting for Kids, is a two night stay for two in Uptown Toronto at the Novotel Toronto – North York


Centrally located in a prime spot between Canada's Wonderland and Downtown Toronto!


Click here to find out more!

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GKTW Village isn't just a special place to sleep and eat, it's an experience in and of itself. Every morning and each evening there is special on-site entertainment catered towards kids. On Saturday and Wednesday mornings our guests are invited to saddle up at Keaton's Korral for horse and pony rides.


The Korral features a ramp for boarding at the same height as the horse, so it's easy for kids of all abilites to transfer on. Three or four specially-trained volunteers assist each child while they ride. Afterwards, each child receives a certificate and a cowboy hat to keep the memory alive!


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And please don't review any closed parks.


gromithere $9 - You forgot to include a rating for CGA, since you won't be able to edit your review for 24 hours, just tell me the

That's $29 so far


Ahh...apparently didn't submit right for Cedar Point. Fixed that now and just waiting for the 24 hours to fix my CGA review. Definitely will be done tonight.

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Updated totals for those who have taken my offer to write new park reviews for the Park Index


Nicole at $1 - I'll give you credit since I forgot to include that in the original post.


Bobby at $1 - Jolly Roger is acceptable


gromithere at $9 - will be at $10 when rating is input for CGA


Kumba830 at $3


Nozzy at $10


PhantomNick at $10


Shirley at $7


thrillgeek - $1


That's $42 so far

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A little bit late on this, but thank you to whoever donated the $10!

I can't figure out how to go in and see who has donated what, and it's probably something that is clear as day.

Or is this not possible?


Hopefully I'll be able to get more donations from my family & friends soon, but everyone in my family is just too busy doing what they are doing...

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I'm going to donate $100 thanks to everyone who shared the Wodan video on Facebook.


Now, who's gonna get that $100? Well it all depends on you, the riders!


I want you to make the best damn profile post ever! I want to know more about you, lots of photos, your favourite Disney character, fast food restaurant, pizza toppings, how you got into coasters, what you would do if you won the mega-lotto, what you're wearing right now, what apps you have on your iPhone, your favorite band, disney character, where you were when John Carter flopped, anything you want to add! ... I want to get to know you like a stalker knows its prey! That's right people, we're gonna get to know our riders more than you want to!!! Did I mention lots of photos? GET CREATIVE!!! It's $100!!!


Best profile post will get the $100!!!!


Now...I'm gonna be on an airplane for the next 16 hours so you have some time to work on this!


Is everyone excited to see these profiles? If you are help throw out suggestions! (keep it clean!)



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Shawn "Shirley" Smith aka SuperShawn was born on May 17th 1986 in Long Island, NY to a kind and nurturing pair of Religious Mormon Parents. My Dad, being in the Navy, moved around alot and settled on calling Seattle home, and thats where I grew up into the fine Gothy slightly Flamboyant Pink coloured Alchoholic beverage drinking Man I am today. As a kid I was always interested but scared of rollercoasters, in fact I cried in Line for Space Mountain as a kid at Disneyland, but I still was fascinated by them and became something worse to my parents then being gay... a Rollercoaster Enthusiast. From there the downward spiral of addiction to riding took me abroad to Japan to study in Tokyo for a year, and then to the heck hole that is LA for the past 4 years where that addiction has skyrocketed and most likely I should be put in an institute.


Important and all true Facts about me:

- I work in a shoe store and have over 70 pairs at home

- My first job was at a bakery, and yes I ate too many cookies working there

- My Favorite Disney character is Maleficent

- Don't offer me Veggies to eat

- I did drag in Seattle

- My Favorite animal is a Manatee (Ill help save them in Florida)

- Taco Bell, Burger King and Bojangles are the best Fast food

- My cat's name growing up was Mittens

- I was into Anime Growing up and was big in the Seattle cosplay/convention scene and started my high schools anime club

- I was into the whole Myspace thing and did some modeling ( will post in pics section)

- Honey Badger is indeed awesome

- My fav apps are Angry Birds, Draw something, texas Hold em, and Jet Pack Joyride

- The biggest earthquake I've been in is a 7.5 ish in Tokyo on the 10th floor of a shopping complex, it was fun!

- I've never done drugs, but like booze (VODKA!)

- Drink 2% milk

- Dolly Parton is amazing and always will be

- I play the cello

- Insert Something about world peace being good

- My shoe size is 8

- I wear glasses but most always have contacts in

- We sold shoes to Michael Jacksons stylist for his tour the day before he Died

- My pants size is either a 28/32 or a 30/32 depending on the brand

- I use lush hair and skincare products

- When I was a little kid I would ask for Doughnuts in my sleep

- Favorite Candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

- Cheesecake or Creme Brulee are always the best choices

- Maple Bars are the best doughnuts

- Boxerbriefs

- Crocs and Uggs should all be burned and never sold again

- White Chocolate Mocha or a Iced Chai

- I have watched Zookeeper... it was better then I expected

- Cherry Coke

- curry is one of my favorite meals

- Muppets Treasure island is the best muppet movie in my opinion of course.

- I wouldn't do anything for a Klondike Bar

- I have no idea how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop nor do I care

- I worked at Build a Bear

- I was on a tv segment in Japan and in a magazine

- one of the best concerts I've seen was Yo-Yo-Ma with the Seattle Orchestra

- I was drunk when I met Megan Mullally (Karen from Will and Grace)

- My high Schools mascot is a Purple Kangaroo

- I attended band camp but don't have any flute story's

- I've never been kicked out of a bar

- the only time I've been cut off at a bar was in Las Vegas at 6 am


So please when you go to choose who you are Donating to please donate to me, Shawn "Shirley" Smith and know I'm Coasting because I care.



Here is Stephen and I covering Green Lantern Media day to share with all you wonderful TPR people:





And now for a few pictures from my past:


Oh yea thats me




Welcome to my Past


Good Memories


God, I was soo myspace...


And you'll always find me taking a photo with an odd Mascot!

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Hello, I'm Cassandra, or cas93. I'm a white-as-you-can-get, blue eyed 19 year old woman. I was born on January 29, 1993 at Barstow Community Hospital, and I was three weeks early. My mother was actually in labor with me for a few months, and had to go back to the hospital on a regular basis to recieve shots so she wouldn't delever me too early.


My childhood isn't really the best, and I'd prefer to skip talking about it in detail. Too much stuff that should just be kept in the past, but to sum it up, I was sexually abused, and I was treated like a slave for the most part. At some point, I decided to eat food non-stop to gain weight, because being overweight wasn't attractive to those I was around. Obviously I have gotten better now about it, seen as I'm no longer overweight and I don't think that way too much anymore.

Due to that, I don't have much pictures of me when I was a child. I pretty much destroyed them all when I lost weight.


I was homeschooled when I hit 7th grade, I went through Options For Youth Charter School. Despite having teachers and tutors there to help me with my subjects, I pretty much never used them and figured things out on my own with the books they supplied. I was able to graduate with honors, with barely any help, except for math.


At 18 years old, I was able to purchase my first new car. It was an 2012 Ford Focus SFE. I only had it for two weeks and I was hit head on by some dumbass that didn't have insurance or a license. I was taken to the ER in an neck brace and on a back board, and later on in the year I had to have reconstructive surgery on my right wrist. I still have not settled with State Farm, and I had to go and get an attorney for them to even pay off the car. My accident was on May 7, 2011..


Now I find myself to be working with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools. I'm a Paraeducator Subsitute, which is just a fancy name for being a special education teacher's aid. Right now I'm in a long term position at an elementary school, and the classroom I am in is just amazing, despite one kid always trying to scratch and bite me. He doesn't go after any other aids but me...I guess he just loves me. Lol.


Some random facts:

-I'm allergic to bananas.

-I have at least $150 thousand waiting for me whenever State Farm settles, possibly more depending on things. I love my attorney.

-Desert Rat and proud of it!

-I've been going to Six Flags Magic Mountain for over 10 years now. I may not remember some of those years, but it still counts!

-I've been to WDW twice, each time I spent a week there.

-I've lived in Southern California for all my life, but I've been to almost all the states.

-My grandfather is the closest person to me, and I know when he passes away I will have a huge problem accepting that...

-I want to move out of California.

-I've been to court before.

-Kicked out of the house four times when I was living with my mother.

-I'm struggling with depression.

-I have two Miniature Dachshunds, one happens to have severe deformity in her front legs. She's also costed me a lot of money recently with an emergency vet visit, xrays, and medicine.

-I have an facebook addiction. Not nearly bad as before, but it's still slightly there. Before I'd usually post two or three times a day, now...not much.

-My favorite food is mexican right now...it varies.

-I loooove Outback, Souplantaion, Rustin House (Local in Lancaster, CA), and Carl's Jr.

-I don't really like sweet things anymore. My fatkid days kinda killed cake and candy for me.

-I'm currently cutting out sodas. Which is going good, only had two cans of soda this week! It's been only 2% Milk, water, and tea.

-My favorite character is Taz.


I gotta stop there, due to the fact that I need to be giving Darcy some meds and probably going to bed.

I put my pictures in Imgur, mostly due to the fact that there's an decent amount of them, and I don't want to make this post insanely big.

Plus the fact that I'm just being lazy right now, and I don't want to resize...and Imgur doesn't let them be huge.

The Photo Album!


I actually opened and went into my photobucket account for this post...I never go into that thing anymore, so that's why it took a bit long for me to post this!




Forgot my food places and favorite character. I can't leave those out...ahaha.

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