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Coasting for Kids 2012 - Be part of Team TPR!

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I'm also registered! 3 hours on an SLC then 3 more on Shivering Timbers... sounds good to me




I would just like to mention that whoever thought this up is genius. Riding coasters for hours is awesome, but coupled with charity, it just makes it that much more special. I am so excited to participate!

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Yeah baby, I'm all signed up to ride the worlds most boring hyper for 6 hours to raise money for kids with serious illness, so please, I beg of you, donate and make it worth my while!


Wild Thing on the other hand... Whole 'Nother Story!

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I have a question. the person who sets up the donation page is the only one getting in w/o park admission correct? i'm still down to do it either way, i might have friends n family joining me that day

Correct - if you want to bring someone with you, they also need to register a page, make the initial $25 donation, and commit to brining in another $75 worth of donations.


I would encourage you to recruit as many friends and families to do it as raising the additional $75 shouldn't be too difficult!



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I'm on team TPR hitting Michigan's Adventure, can't wait to see some of you folks there.

What is your page URL so we can give you a signature banner?

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Ok, let's try something here....


First person to post a link to one of the page URLs showing that they have just donated $10 to one of Team TPR's riders (meaning the donation has to have been made AFTER this post, not before) I will send you a West Coast Bash T-Shirt AND we will match that donation!



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^ Winner!


Let's do this one more time! Same rules apply. Show me that you just donated $10 and I'll send you a WCB T-Shirt and I'll match the donation!

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