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Leviathan Bash! Canada's Wonderland

Will you be going to Leviathan Bash? (No need to vote if you're on the LeviaTHON tour)  

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  1. 1. Will you be going to Leviathan Bash? (No need to vote if you're on the LeviaTHON tour)

    • HELL YES!!!

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I have a friend who's not a TPR memeber who would like to attend this event.

Can he buy tickets himself or do I have to do it for him?

HI!!, I've just registered on TPR Forum, so I can join you for Leviathan Bash

I will spend a month in Toronto on august to improve my english (now it's very very basic) and I am planning to buy the Canada's wonderland seasons pass.

A quick question: do you suggest to buy the fast lane for Leviathan Bash? Do you think many people attending the event will use it?

I can't wait to meet you all in person!!!

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^ I highly recommend the Fast Lane pass for those who don't visit the park very often, or have never visited before. The park is very busy in July and August, especially on the weekends.

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I could be wrong but this is the first Night ERT session on Leviathan ever. No other group has done night ERT. Leave it to TPR to make this event even more epic and filled with originality.


We can purchase Fast Lane by itself in the store right? Say we've already bought the ticket and want to add on the Fast Lane.

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Thanks for the advice, I think I will add the fast lane too.

I've just purchased the season pass on the official web site (canada's wonderland) but i need to pass from park entrance to get the actual admission card on the morning of the event.

I hope this is not a problem with you.

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Unfortunately, I find it hard because I will arrive on Saturday evening (around 06:30 pm) from Italy, and I will need time to arrive at the hosting family


EDIT: please give me a confirmation that everything is ok with my purchase.

I'm sorry but for me it's the first time and my understanding of english is not perfect

Thank you

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^You'll need to talk to guest services at the park and see if it will be allowed. In the past most parks have made an exception and allowed someone with a voucher in but they prefer you to have your pass processed.

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Just made reservations at the Monte Carlo Inn just down the 400 in Vaughn. Novatel was a bit high in their pricing and for three of us, but staying in a suite made more sense as it was actually cheaper than getting two rooms at some of the lower chain motels (about $140 per night CDN).


Not sure if anyone on here has ever stayed at this one, but the website didn't look too bad. And they have a bar/lounge, so they can't be too awful!

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