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Leviathan Bash! Canada's Wonderland

Will you be going to Leviathan Bash? (No need to vote if you're on the LeviaTHON tour)  

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  1. 1. Will you be going to Leviathan Bash? (No need to vote if you're on the LeviaTHON tour)

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Hi folks!


Just got back a few hours ago from Canada and the awesome Leviathan Bash. I definitely don't want to overshadow the awesomeness that will be the official TPR update, but I saw some comments that people were eager to hear about the event & Leviathan. I know that there were TONS of photos taken and sent to Robb, so please be patient and I'm sure you'll be seeing those real soon!



My personal event highlights:



Leviathan ERT & overall review: Morning ERT consisted of running multiple trains with lots of re-rides for everyone. My highlight was the front seat ride, which totally took my breath away. The sheer speed of this thing is absolutely amazing in the front - it seemed to run faster to me than Millenium Force.


The first drop is right on par with Millenium, but with the four seaters it seemed a bit more intimidating for some reason. The rest of the ride has just about everything one could want in a coaster - great first drop, ejector air, smooth floaty air, intense laterals & did I mention the insane speed? Even though I was one of the one's that was not sure if this coaster would live up to it's hype - I will admit that I was DEAD WRONG! This is definitely a top ten in my book as of yesterday...no doubt! I would LOVE to see more of the B&M giga's in the future with different elements and surprises. As with Intamin, they have now proven to us that they can build a winner over 300 feet tall!


Night ERT was one of the most awesome things I have ever done at a theme park to date (and the water challenge was close 2nd!). I think I got in about 16 laps with several being double rides - just as long as we all let the ride op's and Robb how much we loved the ride and appreciated the ERT! The station was just going CRAZY every time a train would load in - are we all nuts or what??


And the ride ops...I couldn't give enough kudos to them for the awesome job they did getting us in, locked/loaded and off to the races. The fact that they would even open up empty seats to get full trains in such amazing time was just phenomenal! Great job Leviathan crew and Robb for just whipping us all into a frenzy & giving us the time of our lives!!!


Breakfast Q&A with park management: While I can't remember the names and titles of all involved, the session was most informative and interesting. I won't share all of the details of questions asked & answers given, but I did find it interesting that the main reasoning behind them putting in Leviathan where they did was to draw more attention to that side of the park. With Behemoth, Action Zone & Splash Works on one side, they wanted to balance it out on the other side. They really did a great job of explaining why they chose Levi and why they chose B&M & why they put it where they did - it really put a lot of things in perspective that a lot of us were questioning/complaining about when they made the announcement last year.


Food - OMG...I don't think I have eaten that much in a long time! Breakfast with pastries, muffins, fruit and other goodies. Lunch with hot dogs, burgers, chicken, pasta & salads. The buffet at the marketplace for dinner with just about everything under the sun. And then if that wasn't enough, top it off with cake and coffee at 9:00 to kick off the ERT. I definitely needed all of that walking to burn off the calories!


Customer service - Matt & Dinene (sp?) were incredible hosts! Friendly, welcoming, warm, caring...I have to admit that CF really knows how to roll out the red carpets for TPR. While I haven't done the WCB at Knotts, this seemed comparable with the reviews I have read on here. These two were AWESOME & so was Canada's Wonderland! Most impressive as were a lot of the ride op's we encountered throughout the day.


Levi back lot tour - Unfortunately I missed this, but heard it was very good. We made the mistake of going in the water park where it was absolutely jam packed to the gills. Nice water park, but we just hit it when it was very crowded. I was disappointed I missed the walk-back for the water park, but that was my bad. Looking forward to seeing the photos of this!


TPR Quest - You have seen these before on TPR reports and this was my first one. I have to say that it was hilarious! Props to all ten contenstants for their great work!! I have a feeling that there are going to be some really funny pictures of this coming soon!


Water challenge on Back Lot Stunt Coaster from 10-10:45PM - I honestly laughed until I hurt from this one! Funny thing was...I actually did quite well on the first ride, but by the 2nd & 3rd run I was laughing so hard I ended up dumping most of the water all over myself! I'm dying to know how the winning team got past the launch and first turn without losing most of their water? Great job by TPR folks and the Backlot crew for making this happen. I know my group 'The Old Farts' were really winding down at this point and weren't sure we were even going to do it. Fortunately, this picked us right up and gave us all the energy we needed for the last ride of the night on Behemoth and the ERT on Leviathan until 11:45! Great timing!


Whore-out ERT on Taxi Jam and Silver Streak - I missed Taxi Jam ERT, but Silver Streak ERT in the morning was fun. Kudos to the ride op that sang to us all the way to the top of the lift - she was awesome!!! Did anyone else hear the ride op on Windseeker singing to the riders something like: "Welcome to Windseeeeeker, you're gonna die on this ride" as it started it's ascent? Too awesome!!


Ride ERT: Originally was supposed to include Wild Beast in the morning but they had to replace a section on the lift. They opened The Bat instead and offered Wild Beast ERT at night. Did anyone even ride this? I remember Robb asking us in the Levi station if anyone planned to ride it but all I heard were snickers & laughing so I took that as a no! Other morning ERT: The Fly, Vortex & Windseeker. Behemoth, Back Lot challenge and of course, Levi rounded out the night ERT.


Super Bonus Surprise! - Early entry to see the new Cirque show. This was another really awesome unexpect treat that totally blew me away. We not only got prime seating to see the best show at a Cedar Fair park that I have ever seen, but we got to Q&A the performers after the show! This was truly a wonderful surprise and much appreciated as this wasn't even on the itinerary. I certainly hope that more of these shows get rolled out at other Cedar Fair parks in the future - they sorely need to get some good shows for families and for the non-thrillseekers. This is definitely a step in the right direction for CF and Mr. Oiumet. Well done!


I know that I probably left out a lot of other cool stuff, but there will be more reports and photos to come from a lot of other folks that were in attendance. I hope that this breakdown was informative and gave a little peak into what it was like (at least from my perspective) to attend this great event. If you have never been to one of these events, I would highly suggest that you make it a top priority. I'm looking forward to doing more in the future!


Thanks again to Robb, Elissa, TPR helpers and Canada's Wonderland - we truly had a really great time!!

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TPR Quest - You have seen these before on TPR reports and this was my first one. I have to say that it was hilarious! Props to all ten contenstants for their great work!! I have a feeling that there are going to be some really funny pictures of this coming soon!


Part of me hopes there aren't any pics coming.

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Such an awesome day! Many thanks to Robb and Elissa for putting together another awesome event.


The water challenge was hysterical. On my two rides I didn't come close to having any water left at the end, but that's what made it so much fun.

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Wow! Thanks for the detailed review! It's great to read because these events happen so fast for me that sometimes I need to read your perspectives on it just to Remember all that happened!



No problem, Robb...least I could do after everything you did for us!

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Big thanks to Robb and Elissa and Dineen and Matt and everyone else at Canada's Wonderland for organizing a great event. With all the ERT and the wonders of Fastlane there was plenty of rides to be had even with the big crowds that came due to the perfect weather. I don't think I'll need to eat for a couple of days with all the food we were offered (4 meals?!) and the walkbacks of Leviathan and Wilde Beast were a great treat, not to mention the sweet bonus surprise ERTs. My only sadness is that I can't do the next couple Bashes these next couple of weekends, blasted job!

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Robb, Elissa and the TPR Crew - thanks for a fantastic day at Canada's Wonderland. It was a great time and my daughter is officially an enthusiast. We had several rides on many of the parks coasters. Despite not purchasing a fastlane pass, we rode everything that we wanted to, some more than once! The food was awesome and the extra suprised were great! Also a huge thank you to Dineen and Matt for hosting the group and providing insight on the park, rides and operations. I hope to make your Bash events an annual tradition. Thanks again!

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