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Mud Runs!

Twister II

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It is that time of year again when the flowers start to bloom, plants come back to life, and amusement park season kicks into full throttle. However, here in Las Vegas its when the Ed Hearty wearing d-bags come out to get plastered at a hotel pool. To find an escape from this, I have been searching around at some other hobbies for summer fun since Vegas is a bit dry on amusement parks. About 3 weeks ago, I received the daily email from Groupon on 80% off of "The Scorpion Warrior Mud Run" - thought why not and signed up. I had no idea what I was in for.


My group of four drove up to the park where the 'mud run' was held. Althought it was more unorganized than a class room full of kindergartners after espresso shots, I was able to have a lot of fun! The run started off with a 2 mile run though a flood basin; going up the cliffs, down, around, etc. Then after wrapping around back towards the starting line the 'dry' obstacles started. A few walls to climb over, ranging from 4ft to 15ft, tires to hop though, and shipping crates to pounce on. Following the dry was the finale of the 'wet' obstacles. Lets just say Im still finding dirt in random parts of my body after two showers. Somewhere during this all I ended up skinning my knee, getting cut up on my shins, and bruising my bicep.


I think I became obsessed.


Since I am still new to this area, what mud runs have you participated in? Does anyone do them?


I signed up for one called the Devil Dash in May. Im already excited for the free beer. Here is a teaser:



And another I am debating about enlisting in is called Tough Mudders:


Tough Mudders in Vegas is a 10mile run. I dont think I have ever ran that far in my life! Has anyone done it? Seems like an amazing experience.


Oh, and post some pictures!


The after picture


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Congrats! That stuff is great.


I have a co-worker who's obsessed with Tough Mudders... he travels around all summer doing them, some of the ones in early fall are subject to some ultra-crappy weather around here.


Is it ridiculously hot in Vegas doing these?

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