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Photo TR: Divv's Japanese Adventure


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^ Maybe I should switch my TPR China/Asia trip schedule around and go to Disney at the beginning of the trip, so that after all of that power walking through the Indy single rider line, I'll be nice and trim to fit on all of those tight Asian coasters!

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Up next is our final day at Tokyo Disney! It was yet another awesome day filled with park hops and multiple fast passes!


This was another late night as we stayed til the bitter end in order to maximise our Tokyo Disney experience!


How’s that for a hotel view to start your morning?


Speaking of hotels… The Hilton at Tokyo Disney was fantastic!


I want a Techno Toilet for home!


Yeah, it’s park opening and once again we’re in Tokyo Disneyland!


Larry and I managed to snap a picture with a couple of the furries!


How about a ride on Pooh to start the day? Okay! Just looking at this photo makes me long for the ride!


I feel like I might have undersold the Honey Popcorn. It’s really good!


Sometimes when you visit a Disney resort there’s just some things that you have to do…


How’s it going, brother?


The easiest way of remembering which rides had the longest lines was by taking a picture of the board and referring back!


Happy Easter bitches!


I remember seeing this in Florida a LONG time ago! I didn’t remember there being so much thrusting.


TPDave loves himself some 3D thrusting.


Oh crap. We got stuck in the hub during the parade!


There was no way out for us so we had to just watch it!


I’m pretty sure that this was Larry’s favourite moment of the entire trip!


Don’t mess with this dude.


Single Rider Splash Mountain For The Win! Check out the Japanese dude taking the piss out of Larry too!


Time to do a little park hopping, thanks for now Disneyland!


Not to be forgotten either is the Sea Salt Popcorn. It’s certainly good, but when you’ve got Curry and Black Pepper to choose from it’s easy to overlook.


The Gyoza Sausage Bun stand can get some crazy long lines!


And I can see why, it’s really tasty!


I could have sworn Colin was in this photo as well but clearly I was wrong!


We checked out a Big Band show in the New York section of the park. It was very good, though for some it just meant an extra chance to sleep!


This photo gets included because I realised that there is a Scotland flag in it. Unfortunately the Scotland flag is in relation to Duffy. Booooo!


As you may have guessed we’re gonna ride the boat!


This bit of theming at the edge of the water was brilliant!


Oh DisneySea, why must you be so far away???


Look at it!!!


The boat ride gives you a good look at all the different “Ports” that make up DisneySea.


You might not be able to see it here but there people already setting up camp along this bank for the excellent Fantasmic show later that night!


Anyway, the point I’ve been trying to make is, DisneySea is awesome. Did you get that? Time to park hop!


Got your hotel key Larry?




Dusk rides on Big Thunder Mountain! That works for me!


Big Thunder is awesome no matter where in the world you are!


Anyway, time to hop back for our last few rides at Tokyo DisneySea! Many of these rides were on Indy!


Please don’t make me leave!!!


Yeah, this place is fantastic. Hands down my favourite theme park in the world!


Well, all good things have to come to an end and our Tokyo Disney odyssey is now sadly over.


One more park from my Japan trip to go and it can’t be more of a stark contrast to Disney than a visit to Fuji-Q!

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We checked out a Big Band show in the New York section of the park. It was very good, though for some it just meant an extra chance to sleep!


So, it was a double win?


I agree--Toyko DisneySea is a park you never want to leave.

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Great Update Divv, probably my favourite of this whole TR.


These pics come as close as any to get across how amazing this place is, I have no idea when I'm going back (but it has to be sooner rather than later!!).


Great TR Divv

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Well here it is, the final update! After all the awe and wonder of Tokyo Disney Resort we were in for a bit of a change with my last park of the trip, Fuji Q Highland!


Let me just say first off, I had a great day. I really did, I had some great company and I even had a few good rides. But Fuji Q is a dump. A total anomaly for Japan, I can't quite understand how a place such as Fuji Q exists in that country. I don't even think photos can show it either. I'd heard all the negative stuff about Fuji Q beforehand but even then when I'd looked at photos of the place I thought it looked like a great park.


I think the thing is, looking at photos I had built up a totally different image in my head of what the park was compared to the reality. Really the park is a load of rides thrown on some broken up concrete with a few nice areas here and there. That doesn't even explain it. But I think the people who have been there might get what I mean. The whole time I was there I was getting reminded of another place but I couldn't quite place my finger on it til just before we left...


To me Fuji Q has that horrible M&Ds vibe! Now clearly Fuji Q has bigger and better rides than M&D's but the atmosphere and theming etc just gave me that feeling! Now I don't like being negative about parks but really the place just isn't very good. That said, I would happily go back (I still have two big coasters to ride there!) and it seems my experience was nothing compared to the horrors of TPR visits from the past.


But getting to our day, I actually had a blast! Maybe it was the group I was with or maybe we all just got really lucky on this day but this seemed to be a pretty positive Fuji Q outing! Dodonpa was certainly an interesting experience with an unbelievable airtime moment and the Haunted Hospital was also very good! I'll get to the rest on the photos.


But as this is my final update I would just like to say a huge thanks once again to Robb and Elissa. What an incredible trip this was. To think that I wouldn't even have attempted Japan had I not found TPR and that would have been an absolute travesty. Those guys really outdone themselves in my eyes for the fifth year in a row. So to both of you, thank you a million times, I absolutely love going on your trips.


To the friends old and new from the Japan trip thank you also, you really made this a fantastic trip and I look forward to catching up with you on future TPR shindigs!


And to anyone else reading this trip report and thinks that a trip like this might be fun but is not quite sure whether to do it. DO IT. You will love it and it will want to do it again and again.


Okay, with all that said, here's my take on our day at the famous Fuji-Q Highlands!


Beware the active stratovolcano!


The final park of my trip – the hell hole that is Fuji-Q Highlands!


Playing the role of “Erik the hotel room inspector” today is Bryan. Playing the role of himself is Larry.


No better way to start your day at Fuji-Q than with the low capacity Mad Mouse!


Get a room you two!


Larry is not really looking mad enough for the Mad Mouse yet. Someone remind him of Godzilla!


Bryan appears to be making some kind of humourous statement.


It’s cool enough that you get weird Fanta flavours in Japan but it’s even cooler that you get weird cans with screw tops!


Some on the Tokyo trip participants are getting the Japanese photograph gang signs pretty quick.


Now this is a reason to come to Fuji-Q – Dodonpa!


Dodonpa was quite the insane ride. Especially in the front!


This was absolutely the most extreme moment of airtime I’ve ever experienced, it actually hurt a little!


The rest of the ride doesn’t really do a whole lot but the top hat is insane!


The other big coaster on the menu at Fuji Q today was Fujiyama!


This is the view from the Express Pass line. Note that there was a limited amount of “Express” going on here.


What can I say about Fujiyama? Well, it’s a big Togo.


A very big Togo. That’s about it. Actually I remember the first half of the ride being okay.


But then the second half wasn’t quite as okay…


No Eejanaika for us today. Not to worry though we were all aware of this way in advance. Not getting all the credits in one visit is all a part of the Fuji Q experience apparently.


One last Ice Cream orgy in Japan for Erik!


This was probably our longest wait of the day. I can’t quite understand why a park that gets a lot of visitors like this would buy a rapids ride that can only take about three people per boat! Still, the ride itself was a good laugh.


It was roasting hot today which meant lots of weird soft drinks were the order for the day. My personal favourite from the machine was Melon Fanta.


Hooray for rodent themed rides!


Jes loves threesomes with cute rodents.


Scottish Steve is watching the bags, that can only mean one thing…


Haunted Hospital!!!


I’d heard a lot of crazy things about this walkthrough beforehand but had heard very little from people who had actually been through it!


Haunted Hospital was good! I found it really creepy and the best thing about it was that it was really long! We had a great group too with quite a few screamers! Not for Scottish Steve for sure!


Here’s my awesome Haunted Hospital cohorts! Thanks for a great day, guys!


This is more Steve’s kind of thing!!!


Thomas Land was by far the nicest looking area in the park!


If only Fuji Q had more areas like this!


How many beers you gonna have with lunch, Steve?


This is totally on par with, if not better than, Drayton Manor’s Thomas Land!


My parents have had that picture on the right on their bathroom wall for about 20 years! I know that means nothing to you as a reader but I thought it was pretty cool!


Today’s lunch – noodles, octopus balls and most importantly BEER!!!


Oh yeah, Takabisha hadn’t opened yet during our visit but we did get to see a few test cycles.


It looks quite good, a little bit different from all the other Eurofighters at least!


Fuji-Q have an AMAZING photo spot where you can get your photo taken next to Mount Fuji. Sadly this viewing area is not that spot!


This is a bit better! We really got lucky with the weather to be able to get photos like this!


Fuji Q is a dump but I actually had a great day here! Just goes to show that you can have a great time at any park with the right people!


So for my last evening in Japan I figured I’d try and end it as it started with some yakitori!


Cheers! (Though I silently hate everyone in this photo who stayed in Japan beyond this evening!)


Larry shows us his “Yakitori moves”




Emma loves those balls.


Mmm… Meat on sticks…


Well for a final meal in Japan I think it was pretty damn good! If only we had some Yakitori places in the UK!


After dinner Stefan provided the evening entertainment in Larry and Erik’s room…


Being 20 on the trip, Stefan was making the most of being able to legally drink on this night!


Stefan, thank you for the amazing amount of entertainment you provided on this evening! I’m amazed you made the park the next day! (Everyone made it the next park, right??)


It’s all getting a bit crazy now, there’s HORN involved!


Renee had a great time rocking out with drunk Stefan! As did we all!


So that’s it! That’s Divv’s Japanese Adventure all over and done with! The trip was incredible and I had the time of my life yet again. For that I can’t thank TPR enough. Once again Robb and Elissa went way above and beyond what you could expect a tour organiser to do. For that I am eternally grateful and can’t wait to do it all again. Not only in China 2012 but whenever the hell TPR goes back to Japan I’m gonna do my best to make sure I’m there!!!


Only one thing remains from this evening. As I mentioned we were doing a bit of drinking in Larry and Erik’s room. You’d think after Europe 2008 people would learn their lesson about personal possessions in hotel rooms but it appears not. So to finish the TR I have only one piece of advice…


Erik, keep your suitcase SHUT!!!


Thanks for reading!

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^You think he would learn to close his suitcase!


I've been to Fuji Q twice, and both times it was horrible. Super slow operations, rides not running (both times I was there Dondopa ran for maybe five cycles total before being closed for the day), insane crowds, and just nothing there that makes the place worth visiting. It's so different from all other Japan parks, it's like it exists in an alternate universe. I really have no interest in ever visiting the place again.


I will say you had good luck with the clear weather the day you were there. Only on the first visit was Mt. Fuji visible, and then for only five minutes at the end of the day when the clouds suddenly parted. Loved the photos you got of it!


Thanks for all the photos! I really miss Japan...



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My main reason for ever returning to FujiQ would be to check out the Haunted Hospital. I'm glad you had an unusually good day there.


It's like Bizarro Japan.

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I would say the mouse is more of a 1,5 seater. I also had a great time that day. Loved the Hospital. I think we were very lucky to end our Japan trip in this way (like Divv, I went home after Fuji-Q).

I entered that day on my last 2500 Yen, so I had to cut spending a bit and when I left the next day I had only 127 Yen Left. Very nicely done I think.


Thanks for your Report Divv. It was very entertaining

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Yeah, despite all the great reasons not to, I'm still dying to go to the Q. This damned Hospital walk-through just sounds way too amazing to miss.


Again, thanks so much for sharing all these photos, insights, etc.


I'm ready to drop a deposit for the 2013 Japan trip right now.

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