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Happy Valley Shanghai Trip Report

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Last September I took a trip to Shanghai and was able to visit Happy Valley Amusement Park. Here are some pictures of my experience!



The splash ride is well themed!


The western portion of the park has some elaborate theming



This shoot-em-up style motion theater would be a great addition for Ghost Town in the Sky



This mine train coaster has some of the best theming I've ever seen





She has some beautiful curves!



The kid's section of the park is all indoors under a big pavillion. Maybe it is open in the Winter?



This kid's-style monorail begins inside the pavilion, meanders around outside, then goes back inside



Once again the theming is pretty intricate and well-detailed



This is one of the funnest coasters I've ever been on! It provides a whole lot of airtime.



Evidently just like the ones at the Busch Gardens parks. But still fun!



Park entrance - the park looks empty, but the queues for the more popular attractions were in full-swing!





I finally got to ride this after it was closed the first time I came to this park. Great fun!



Hip hop?


Although not pictured here, the large pendulum ride continues to be my all-time favorite [just like the one at King's Island, though over the water]. There is also a ride just like "Soarin' Over California", although the line was quite long so I did not ride it that day.

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Yes Laura, that's indeed a Megalite.


Looks like a great park! But somehow it looks to me that the B&M is out of place here..?


And this park has another big plus for me! An Intamin Mine Train!

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The world needs more Intamin Mine Trains and Megalites. Thanks for the pictures. I'm looking forward to visiting this park in September.

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It has been awhile since I have been on it, and granted I only rode it once...I liked it, and thought it was pretty thrilling. But yes...I do recall it running a little rough, and shaking me around.


I am not so sure that the chinese maintain coasters as well as they do in the US.

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