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New Tokyo Disneyland Tower of Terror Photos

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Well, that's code for Florida I believe. Over 200 or at 200 equals pretty red light (like Epcot's wand).


I just looked at the pictures again -- those sections could be 2 meter scaffolding...in other words each stair is up 6.5 feet SO, the top T section is roughly 60-70 feet high by itself.


It could be around 200 ft

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IMO, without the Twilight Zone backround theming, this ride is going to be unique from the other towers the way Phantom Manor is unique from the Haunted Mansions. I believe that Disney-MGM's Tower of Terror will still take the cake, it's the original, it has a completely random drop sequence, its location at the end of Sunset Blvd draws you to it, its inside theming is spectacular, it has a very creepy and well-themed garden, it looks straight from the era it was supposed to. Now, Tokyo's Tower costs $190 Million in 2005, while Florida's Tower cost $140 Million in 1994. I used an inflation calculator I found on AOL Search which estimated that if the the original tower were to be built today it would cost about $180 Million. I'm always going to favor the original Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, it was "once" a Disney original.

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Be careful though -- just because its 'the original' doesn't mean its better.


Also keep in mind that Disney has spent all its r & d money in its first tower of terror and applied it to these last two TOT's. So, in fact, although the numbers come up close, in reality, the gap between the two could be significantly more. Maybe if they built a duplicate MGM today, it would only cost $100 million, that's now 90 million extra in new effects, construction and R & D.


We could have something absolutely incredible on our hands that might blow away the competition.

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