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Greene Hills Amusement Park [RCT3]

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We're a few weeks away from closing for the season, this is the last I'll be able to update you for this season!


A look at what's going on over here, certainly something large!


More expansion is expected over here next season! Very exciting stuff!


A large plot of land is already cleared for the expansion.


A stairway to Heaven!


See you next season!

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We've worked so hard this winter to deliver a very exciting slew of new additions! This season, on top of all of our previous attractions, we will operate Diamondback, the tallest, fastest wooden coaster in the world! Embrace quick turns and huge drops on this state-of-the-art coaster! We have also expanded our Marine World area with three new attractions, Riptide a fast paced star-fish attraction, a breathtaking whale show, including our two wales, Nina and Sally, as well as Lobster's Shanty(OPENS MID-SUMMER).


Marine World has been significantly increased in size!


Parachute Drop was given new colors to match the area!


The whale show with Nina and Sally is so much fun for all ages!


Riptide is hidden and gives off a very nice vibe.


Lobster's Shanty was delayed overseas and has not been able to come in on time. We're sorry for the inconvenience!


Southern Splashdown is just as much fun!


Greene Swings still have a very surprising kick!


Diamondback dominates the entire skyline!


named after the state snake, this coaster offers loads of air-time!


After riders climb the 10-story lift hill, they plunge 98ft. to the ground and into a "W" hill full of air-time!


Catch your breath for a few seconds...


Because you're about to plunge 70ft into a tunnel!


Experience a twist like never before with this "DNA" twist which is quite exciting


Finish it off with a quick air-time hump, and into the turn to the brakes!


Thank you for reading!

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Looks like an awesome ride that will fit well in to the timeline. You went a little bit overload on the signage though, and I'd also change that "DNA" twist. Looks very painful especially if it's taken at a high speed.

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With the '71 season behind us, it's time to open for 1972! In '72 we're introducing the new "Carnival" section of the park, where guests can experience FOUR new rides and attractions, and SIX new restaurants! Including a new expanded diner for classic dining!


Diamondback will not let up it's guests!


The coaster continues to thrill thousands of guests a day!


Fast Feet Diner was upgraded and is now DOUBLE in size for your enjoyment!


A bridge connects the both parts of the park!


RING OF FIRE is an innovative new attraction that inverts guests 360 degrees!


ROTOR offers a weightless experience!


Dean's Parlor offers fantastic DEAN'S BRAND ice cream!


Zipper takes families back to the days of the old fun fairs!


The park finally has a classic carousel!


An overview of the area and the park!


More soon!

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I like this so far. Idk why people believe that this is a rip off of Charelston Gardens Amusement Park. I can see that you build in the coasterdude5ian style. I myself am inspired by CD5's skills. I will NEVER EVER EVER be as good as him, but I still love making parks.


Keep up the good work man.

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^ I understand the extreme similarities between my park and CD5's parks. But when you build a park in the 70's and in the ONLY style parks were built in at the time, for a REALISTIC park, there's no other option. Yes, I think everyone has been inspired by CD5, but you will see vast differences as the park progresses into the future with more choices. Thanks for the kind words!




The season continues as we get get into the warmest months of the year, July and August!


Southern Splashdown is open just in time for the warm months!


Splash into the south on this phenomenal water flume!


Or, Dip into the breeze of the cool Georgia air!


Whatever you do, you're bound to have fun!


You won't be able to have fun in the Blue House Theater any more, as we will be removing it for future expansion!


Decals on the buildings began to be removed last week.


And this week, the building is down to the foundation!


Are you ready for MORE?

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Thanks for your continued care for our park! We truly appreciate it! In fact, we appreciate it so much that we've decided to give you a little hint about our upcoming attraction!


I think you know what we're talking about!


The main entrance will have a MUCH different perspective come next season!


Not only have we removed the Blue House theater, but also Georgian Twists AND Thunder Bobs!


Georgian Twists is missing, indeed!


Two weeks later, Twists are back to twisting guests!


Thunder Bobs will be back next season in a new location.


In 1973, will you climb a lift hill?


Have a great day!

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Park looks good. I think it's starting to look a little cramped. Every nook doesn't need, or shouldn't be, filled with a ride. It's one thing I think a lot of us struggle with when creating parks. We want to jam as much in, when in actuality, there's a lot of open spaces with foliage, etc.


And this: "suvineir"


Yeesh. Please use spellcheck.

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Several things:

- I really like how the park feels; it gives a nice "down-home" feel which is very nice.

- Buildings look fantastic, though the brown and green one needs something special. I don't know why, but it looks too spartan compared to the rest. Maybe a railing on the roof would do the trick.

- The restaurant is awesome.

- Diamondback has some things I'd also like to address.

-- The "DNA" trick-track looks very intense. Maybe smooth it out some? (IE put 1 banked straight bit in between the transitions)

-- The name doesn't really fit the ride. While the diamondback might be the state snake of Georgia, with the way the ride is painted it almost should be called "Screamin' Eagle." I can see Diamondback used for a later woodie or a corkscrew coaster though.

-- I personally love Diamondback's station. I don't know if it's because the station is so airy or if it's because it fits within the park, but I like it.


In all, I think it's coming along well; would love to see more!

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GREENE,GA, Apr 5, 1973 -- For years, many dreamed of being able to be flipped upside down by forces beyond their control. That dream is now reality. Preparing for its fourth season of delivering unique thrills and entertainment, Greene Hills Amusement Park today announces a new thrill that is unlike any other in the WORLD.


Speeding in the Spring of 1973, CORKSCREW is the newest generation of roller coaster -- providing an unparalleled corkscrew experience for all that embark on its journey. CORKSCREW's phenomenal experience will give everyone the opportunity to have their stomachs turned upside down before completing their journey!


Jay Anderson, Greene Hills' founder said, "Corkscrew combines the world's best roller coaster technology with loads of fun, making it the most unique ride in the world."


The signature feature of CORKSCREW comes as riders sail through the first-ever, corkscrew shaped inverted double loop, climbing to the top of the large looping figure and diving into a second corkscrew before embracing a curve down which brings them amazingly close to the ground, amplifying the sensational.


Rounding out the ride is a surprising airtime hill just before the train enters the final sequence into the station.


The entrance plaza looks far different with Corkscrew.


A truly beautiful coaster.


The Corkscrews have to be the best part.


The coaster is visible from any point in the park.


A close call!


Around the park, there are brand new information booths.


Southern Splash is closed until further notice.


Guests await the Grand Carousel!


Diamondback is still extremely popular!


Have a great day!

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  • 4 weeks later...

June 1973


Today, I sat down with our General Manager to discuss our plans for the upcoming season! There's something that all of our guests will be able to enjoy all season long! We're excited to let you know very soon! For now, I have some photos:


Our Main Entrance is still as beautiful as day one!


Corkscrew is a beautiful coaster!


Lots of clearing is happening over here!


Lobster Shanty is sadly a victim of this!


Could it be a new wooden coaster?


Have a great day!

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July 1973


There was an awesome story about what we're working on for the future excitement of our guests in the local paper! Can you guess what it'll be?


Lindsay is absolutely right!


Will it be state of the art technology like Corkscrew, breaking all the records?


Or will we expand our food product with a new restaurant or two?


You'll find out very soon!

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August 1973


Looks like things are getting exciting!


A large area to work with!


Today was a great day to walk around the property.


Always nice to see a busy entrance plaza!


Many forget that Parachute Drop is still the tallest ride in the park.


The Carnival area will always attract guests!


This photo will be very different next time!

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Wow! Whenever I look at this park, there's always so much improvement. I really want to see where this park goes come the late 80's when the coaster craze occurs.


It's too bad not enough people watch this park, or at least comment because it's REALLY awesome!


Keep up the excellent work!

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April 1974


We excited to tell everyone about our new additions for the 1974 season! We have some really great announcements to make!


We're introducing the new Greene Amphitheater!


With a higher capacity than any other theater in Georgia, we're prepared to take on guests at our first event, hosting the Rolling Stones!


State of the art technology accompanies phenomenal performers in the amphitheater!


We're expanding our Fast Feet Diner brand to two new locations in the amphitheater.


Mark your calendars! MAY 1 is the Rolling Stones concert!


Southern Splashdown has reopened after a large rehabilitation project!


It seems like just yesterday we announced Corkscrew!


Riptide is still exhilarating guests!


"Wow!" is one expression used by many guests!


Zipper is an all-time favorite flat ride of many!


Thunder Bobs is back to thrill guests again for many years to come!


Finally, we have our new restaurant, Crispy Joe's Fried Chicken! Delivering classic Southern comfort food!


Hope to see you at the concert on May 1!

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