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Maurer Söhne X-Car - Xpress [NL]

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After a while, I started working on a launched X-car coaster, very inspired by Furmule X at Drievliet.

Riders will be launched at top speed of almost 40 mph/ 60 kmh into a diveloop and reaching the maximum height of 48 ft / 15 m, followed by turns, drops and a corkscrew, before hitting the breaks and riders will return to the station.


The ride is so far unnamed, need some help with that. I don't do 3ds. because I can't, so therefor I will make the stations in the editor.


Here's some pics



Feedback is a good thing


the first look


the station so far


brakes, with selfmade railings


the launch





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A small update!


And NAME!! The ride is now called Xpress


I've added a banked turn after the corkscrew. Not a big update, but here's some pics.


Hope you like!


the layout so far


The banked turn, and station


The selfmade catwalks


I've also added a small lake


The ride so far

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