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Parks Coasters and Rides in Movies and TV

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Wow, I can't believe it took until page 6 to have a mention of KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. But this is coming from a guy who still owns the original VHS of the movie.


About the Banana Splits show: The amusement park clips were filmed at Coney Island (Cincinnati) & Six Flags Over Texas. I got interested in it one day while watching the show on Boomerang. They list the parks in the credits at the end.

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Lady from Shanghai - 1947 - Orson Welles - The scene at the VERY end of the movie features Playland-at-the-Beach. (in San Fran, closed 1972) (You can also find the movie on Netflix)



^Skip to 6:07


Death of Ocean View Park - Ocean View Park - 1979 - Features basically the demolition of the park/park's coaster. I got it on DVD and it's EXTREMELY hard to find - well worth it though. Also, strangely enough, the movie Rollercoaster (1977) had its opening scene featured at Ocean View Park. They filmed there on it's last day of operation in 1977. The park then stood idle until 1979 when the Death of Ocean View Park took care of the rest.




p.s. I know of others. ... just can't think of them a.t.m.

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Here's a very obscure (not to mention wretched) movie that used the old Long Beach Pike: The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies. There's even some wood coaster POV in it.



This flick is completely unwatchable without the help of Mike and the Bots on MST3K.

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Six Flags Great Adventure's "GASM" makes a last appearance on "Morning Glory" a new movie coming out this year.

Just got home from Morning Glory (which was awesome, by the way) and GASM stars as "The Manhandler." The Manhandler is a brand-new coaster with a 95 degree drop and it reaches 133 mph.

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Has anyone seen the toyota commercial with SFMM's Viper in it?! What does toyota and Viper have in common?! The commercial pointed out the wheels on the coasters train! I couldn't hear the sound cause I was at work when i seen it! Finally has Viper had any brake failures lately?!


I just saw it.


Toyota's latest ad campaign involves correlating their automotive technology to uses in everyday life.


In this instance, the driver of the SUV in the commercial talks about using hybrid regenerative braking on roller coasters to eventually have a self-powered theme park.


For some hybrids, braking energy is absorbed, stored, and re-used for acceleration. The commercial talks about doing this with roller coasters.


I'm a Ford guy myself, but the commercial was still cool.

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I'll never forget watching "3,2,1 Contact" on PBS as a child. One one particular episode, they featured an old school "free-fall" drop tower ride (park unknown). Of course no one can forget an episode of "NOVA" with Drachen Fire and Grizzly.


Some television show in the 1990's (some today show type program) featured professional WWF wrestlers marathoning rides on Batman: The Ride at SFMM. And I remember how the reporters on the show mentioned that the G forces were so strong that they distorted their video camera's image.


Finally, here is one that many not know of: "Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows" (1968)


This movie filmed a few scenes at Dorney Park and featured rides on the Thunderhawk, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Scrambler, and The Pirates Cove.


Apparently, a "Kid's Bop" video featuring "Move Along" by The All American Rejects was filmed at Dorney Park as well.



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In spy kids 2 or 3 (I don't remember its been years since I last saw them) The first scene takes place at schlitterbahn, and the girl asks the kid where her water is for the Super Slide (Master Blaster) and points to it in the background.


Later in the movie they go to Six flags fiesta texas ( I don't remember what they called it in the movie) and there's various shots of goliath and poltergeist. (Plus there's this weird thing where they turn the Rip Cord thing (not sure if thats the real name) into a weird roller coaster.

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Ah yes, the almighty thread bump.


My most recent TV credit happened recently, while seeing a Cambridge Eye Doctors (I think it was that...) commercial. It had the Mind Bender from SFoG in it, and in particular, there were some good scenes of the one of the loops and the first turnaround, as well as a shot of a much larger coaster in the background near the end (Could it have been Goliath? I was never really sure).

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