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The Control Panel Enthusiast Thread

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Next, I'm going to do Dahlonega Mine Train and Batman together. Most of these buttons have labels and are self explanatory.


In the first picture is the operators side of the Batman panel, minus the red sector which includes e-stop, ride/station stop, lift stop, and control panel power enable (key switch). All of these buttons are self explanatory. I never actually operated Batman, I took this pic when I went back after I left for the season and was talking to one of my good friend that was the lead of Batman. For that reason, I dont know what the two switches at the top do, I assume one may be entrance gates, and possible exit gates, but I feel like the exit gate switch is at the bottom of the panel. I do know that the red button in the top right corner of the green section is the trouble light/button. It is a button, due to the fact that when a RMC occurs, it will light up as well as an alarm will sound. Depressing the button silences the alarm, and trust me, you want to be able to silence them as they are high pitched shrill beeps.


The first Mine Train panel picture is the operator side. All buttons self explanatory except maybe the top four under the read-out screen (which by the way, tells the status of the ride, or if an RMC occurs reads out the problem that has occured. From Left to right, we have the trouble button, same function as previously stated in batman, next is the key switch from main to auxiliary panel, third is the key switch that must be turned to start the ride (separate from starting the lifts), and last is ride start which is used in conjunction with the preceeding switch as well as lift start. On Mine Train, operators do have access to a key, this key allows the switch from main to aux panel if staffing has fallen below minimum, and it also works on the ride start switch. In order to start the ride, the key must be inserted, turned and the ride start button must be depressed.


In the final picture is the emergency buttons as well as maintenance buttons. All emergency buttons are self explanatory. Station stop means the same things as ride stop. It closes all ride brakes and stops the lifts. Lift stop simply cuts power to all lifts (there are three on Mine Train). Operators have the ability to reset these two buttons as opposed to e-stop who only maintenance can reset.


On the yellow portion of the panel are the maintenance buttons. the first two rows are block section indicators and then the block reset button. When they are off the block is unoccupied, when they are on solid the block is occupied (Lift 3 and the station were occupied in this picture), when they are blinking, there is a train approaching the block. In maintenance mode, in order to reset a block after an ESR or block discrepancy, the mechanic must depress the block reset button then the corresponding block.


Operators have access to the blue lift start button. Solid when lifts are on, blinking when lifts are ready to be started. Pressed in conjunction with ride start (after ride start and key switch have been used) to start the lifts.


Key switch beside ESR reset has three modes (auto, maintnance, and transfer).


In addition to the main panel, there are various other panels on mine train. actually there are 7 panels total if I'm not mistaken. The main panel, the aux panel (station stop, lift stop, e-stop, exit gates, entrance gates, and one dispatch button), verifiers panel (dispatch enable and e-stop), lift 1 panel used to start lifts with main operator (ride stop, lift start, lift 1 clear-maintenance, lift 1 stop, lift 2 stop, and lift 3 stop. Lift 2 and 2 panels (maintenance access only, lift stop and lift clear), then there is the transfer shed panel (transfer mode selector, transfer mode indicator, e-stop, release station brake button, move track 1 to run button, move track 2 to run button, track locked indicator, release brake on track 1 button, and release brake on track 2 button).


Please if you have questions or whatnot, ask away! I love talking about this stuff! Sorry if this description was a bit more vague than the Acro one, I figured this was more self explanatory due to labels being visible as well as having described many functions already. Enjoy!

The two switches at the top of the panel are for the effects in the queue and music, if you still have any.

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Fair enough. I'm still waiting on a picture of Maverick's panel to surface......


Its a side view, but you can get the general gist of it with this picture. 99% sure this is the best picture of it currently on the internet...

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The two top switches for music and effects in the station and queue make sense. I should have known that. Ninja has the same thing I learned about when I was training for it. Yeah, the music and effects still work, so that's what they are for.

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The two top switches for music and effects in the station and queue make sense. I should have known that. Ninja has the same thing I learned about when I was training for it. Yeah, the music and effects still work, so that's what they are for.


Is the Batman theme music the only music?? I went to Great America this summer, and their Batman station had Kiss from a Rose on a continuous loop, I didn't know if all Batmans had the same music or not.

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