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The Control Panel Enthusiast Thread

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Here is a shot of the High Roller's Control Panel at The Stratosphere.


This was once the World's Highest Roller Coaster.

Built by S&MC and Premier.

Opened 4/29/1996 and closed on 12/30/2005


Super simple coaster to operate, switches for the loading and unloading gates, and advance buttons from Load/Unload and an E-Stop.

Everything under the glass panel was for maintenance in manual mode.


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Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood.



What it looked like before IOE redid it for the 2017 season. Auto-spiel buttons can be seen to the left.



Shiny, new, and very simplified for the 2017 season after IOE came and made it much better!



Daily Dispatches



Train times, from leaving the lift to the brakes in the "Course" column. 46-47 seconds is normal for a warm, full train. Those ones in the 50s are empty test runs.

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I was suggested to drop in a update on Wildcat at Frontier City. The park has replaced the coasters control panel. I happened to notice it while waiting to board the ride. Other parts of the park other rides have had upgrades to their control panels. Some are brand new. This weekend I'll try and get photos to post on here for you. Here is Wildcat's new Control Panel thanks to Six Flags. Showing they care about the rides at Frontier City.


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So I was at Cedar Point this week and look into Magnum XL-200's Control Booth, and there was a brand new panel in there! It looked like gatekeepers almost. I would've taken a picture but the operator closed the door as soon as I got my phone out.


The ride underwent a control system retrofit in 2014 by Consign, a company made famous for designing controls for B&Ms and GCIs. Not only is the panel new, but the control cabinet sports much newer hardware and runs a new program.

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Hi guys,


Here is a bunch of control panel pictures I took at Mega-Parc in Quebec City. It is located within shopping mall "Les galeries de la Capitale". The park has closed in 2017 after 30 years of operation for a major refurbish. It opened back in January 2019. Most of the new rides seems to come from SBF-Visa, which looks to me a little more cheaper than Zamperla. Only 4 rides from the orginial park remained :

1. 1988 Zamperla Mini-Jet ride named "Condor" (Formerly "Baron Rouge")

2. 1988 Mack Family type roller coaster named "Electro" (Formerly Capitale Express")

3. 1988 Bertazzon Double-deck Carrousel still named "Carrousel"

4. 2012 Moser rides Double-seat gyro loop stille named "Force-G".

As I don't work there anymore, since 2014, I don't know how those new control panel works (except maybe for Condor, which probably works like in the old time even though its control panel have been refurbished).


SBF-Visa Dance Party 12

The normal Dance Party can swing to a maximum angle of 120°. But, for the Mega-Parc version, the maximum swing angle have been reduced to 60° because of lack of space.


SBF-Visa Drop'n Twist 55'


I think these are RDC Bumper Cars Krazee Wh!rl.


SBF-Visa train


Unknown manufacturer or ride model. See that link to have an idea of the ride https://www.mega-parc.com/fr/attractions/convoyeur/


Pretty sure this one is from SBF-Visa, but still can't say the ride model. https://www.mega-parc.com/fr/attractions/helix/


Finally the Zamperla Mini-Jet.

I found in my old cellphones pictures of the Mack Rollercoaster old control panel (it has been refurbished too). I will try to show it here soon.

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No one's responded to this thread in a while! Anyways, I had the pleasure of assisting Magitecture (the ones who built that Materhorn Bobsleds BYRC last year) on their latest backyard coaster adventure, Little Thunder Mountain! I designed and programmed the control system for them, as well as helping get everything started up this past August! Below are the videos featuring the ride and I am currently working with them on a video about how the control system works. The ride is currently up for sale, less lift and launch components due to liability, since the location the ride is at now is going to be up for sale by the end of the year. Not sure how much they want for it, but I'm sure it's not cheap! Anyways, I give you "The greatest backyard roller coaster ever built!


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On 2/10/2014 at 10:16 AM, DJeXeL said:

Here's a few from CP.


MF transfer console



Iron Dragon control panel



Iron Dragon Lift 2 start panel




A panel I'm really interested seeing is Maverick's. Anyone have it?

I dont see anything

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Ok, so this post is probably tied for "Worst bump" this thread has seen in a long time, but I'm looking for pics of B&M panels (platform and operator panels) - new-gen inverts & dives and dual-station flyers to be precise. I've found a couple pics of flying coaster host panels on RCDB and ArtStation (Harpy and Flynosaur, to be precise) so those don't need to be sought out, however I'm still at a loss on:

  • Dual-load flyer operator panel (exc. Air)
  • Invert host panel (preferably with gates control)
  • Dive host panel (preferably with gates control)
  • Invert operator panel


It'd also be nice to get some transfer control panels and lift-jog panels too.

I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could dig any pics up from archives, phones, etc - thanks in advance!

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