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What bands need to go away?

Sir Clinksalot

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ya i agree U2 should be gone. I also think Marron 5 should ave never came into the music buisness and Britney Spears needed to leave a long time ago.



What about people we want to see come back?


i wanna see Jay-Z come back. And im very happy about Dr. Dre making another album

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Eminim. Why? See Simple Plan and add in that he can make jokes about anybody, but God forbid someone poke fun at him, they're terrible if they do! Oh, and anybody that sings a 'lullaby' to their daughter about killing people need not have unsupervised visitation. Plus I'm sick of hearing about his mom that didn't take care of him (even though he grew up very middle class), his dad that didn't love him (get over it after 3 decades), and his ex wife that was screwed up in the first place, then he married, and divorced in less than a year. Didn't he expect her to be this way? Get over it!!!
Ok, no way eminems leavin now, hes the best musican out there. his lullaby to his daughter doesnt mention anything about killin people, and u think he grew up very middle class?!?!?!? thats just stupid
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Ok, no way eminems leavin now, hes the best musican out there. his lullaby to his daughter doesnt mention anything about killin people, and u think he grew up very middle class?!?!?!? thats just stupid


Em is a far cry from a musician. I'll give it to him that he is a good rapper, but he isn't a musician, he dosen't play insturments, and dosen't sing. I wasn't talking about his current little lullaby to his lil girl (and he does mention killing the jewler, or at least hurting the jewler), but on his first album, he and his little girl 'killed' kim in a song.


I don't 'think' he grew up in a middle class family, he admitted that himself, so I'm not 'stupid' for stating an obvious fact.


Rap was fun when it was a bunch of thugs rapping about life in the hood because it was rebellous, but when it became some tired old white man rapping about 'ho's', 'cash', and what not, it lost that charm (and I ain't talkin bout Em here either, so don't crap your pants fanboy).


Rap was fine when it was rebellous, now it is a shell of its former self. Where is Salt n Peppa, NWA, Public Enemy, MC Lyte, and 2Pac when you need em?

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I have to agree on the Metallica thing.


Yes, they sell out shows, but so does Kiss. That's not saying much.


Metallica USED to be a badass kickass band. Not anymore. They haven't had a COMPLETE good original album since the Black Album. They haven't had any kind of good recording since S&M. There were 4 good songs on their last album. James has lost his voice, Lars can't drum anymore. IT'S OVER!!!


I had the priviledge to see them a few times in the late 80's / early 90's and they put on an amazing show. I heard the live stuff from the last tour and it didn't sound like the same band.


Maybe they need to start drinking again.

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Fred Durst - Behind Blue Eyes?!?!?! I don't ever want to hear a Who song covered (and I might as well say "ruined" instead of covered) by *anyone* ever.

Linkin Park - old after your 1st cd

Dave Matthews - never liked his voice

John Mayer - same reason as above

Metallica - sorry Lars, don't try to stage a come back and take out Napster at the same time.

50 cent - don't care if you got shot

Any "Cash Money" Rappers - why the hell am I going to give you money for a cd just to listen to you rap about having money? Doesn't make any damn sense



U2 I'm undecided on. Their iPod was really pushing it.




I want to see more of:

Jurrasic 5

Venus Hum

Postal Service

Peter Gabriel

Cold Play

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Linkin Park-Radio metal, uneeded manufactured for the masses.

Blink 182-wow look Im running around naked in a music video, you never know what they'll do next

Radio Rap-any rap that is played on radio is complete crap. IMO even underground rap is weakening

Ozzy Ozbourne-SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!! you haven't been good since Randy Rhodes died so just stop already we can go without the Black Sabbath farewell farewell farewell farewell farewell on this years Ozfest.

Eminem-anyone who has a CD release party and says a band "might" be there without even telling that band is a complete and total moron and should die.

Dave Mathews Band-4 words, Rich Suburban Wannabe Hippies.

Slipknot-a good way to describe this band is "conformest metal" because everyday as I walk into school everywhere I look everyone's wearing a slipknot shirt or hoodie "were different, we like slipknot" remember your unique like everyone else.


alright enough ranting.


bands I'd like to see more of





Ramones (and I don't mean Blitzkreig Bop, pick up a copy of Rocket to Russia kids)

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Good Charlotte

Simple Plan

Limp Bizkit

Brittney Spears(However it's spelled)

Gwen Stefani(solo, I still like No Doubt)


50 Cent

Destiny's Child/Beyonce

Alter Bridge(Creed's first album was good, after that it kinda ended...)



Dashboard Confessional(I'm still helplessly addicted, but their new stuff blows in comparison)

Country in general


List will more than likely expand...


EDIT: Oops, forgot The Kaiser Chiefs.

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I guess I just don't take music seriously enough like most of you ^^^^^.




I don't care too much that things are "processed" or "fake".


I don't hate Ashlee Simpson cause she's forced down everyone's throat, I hate her cause she can't sing.


I love Linkin Park because they're the type of band I listen to before going to ride roller coasters.


I never bought into the Dave Matthews Band hype, but they have a few good songs.


I have a really short attention span for music of all genres. I play the first 30 seconds of most songs on my Winamp then skip to the next one. I have 7 gigs worth of music at the present time and don't listen to much of it, but can't break myself to delete it. I like music from the 80s, but little from the 70s.


95% of classic rock irritates the piss out of me and it seems that the classic rockers whine about music more than any other group.


I'd rather listen to classical music than oldies, and I'd rather listen to the whole "And Justice for All" album all the way through than listen to half of an Aaron Carter song.


Country music is cool, usually depending on whether I'm happily in a relationship, otherwise it's the type of music I believe Kurt Cobain was listening to when he loaded that shotty.


A fuse went out in my CD player in my car, and I've lived 6 months driving around in complete silence, and it only bothered me the first week.



There you have it. Make sense of all that and I have a Krispy Kreme crueller with your name on it.

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Any Artist or Band who has a song in the top 40 that looks like this:


Artist or Band's Name- "Featuring" Another Artist or Band- "With Special Guest" Another Artist or Band.


And where the writers credits look like the phone book of a good sized town and mainly featuring samples of other songs and "Those Damn Finger Snaps And High Falsetto"


If you need that many people to find talent in your own songs, then stop looking, you don't have any.

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First of all, lets kick Simon back to Britain and let him do Idol there instead of here, first of all.

I think Metallica and most of the heavy metal bands need to go. Dragonforce can stay, though. I say give Linkin Park one more chance.

Avenged Sevenfold seems to be doing well.


Anything that's been played for more than 5 years on the radio, also, might need to go.


Personally, I love techno/Electronica. Moby, BT, Celldweller, Hybrid, and so on. We need more of that. Proves you don't need to rap about "I'm a gangsta!" for 30 songs on a single album. I'm, quite frankly, sick of rap. It needs to go. NOW.

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LOL, why are people mentioning Fred Durst? When did he ever arrive?? I will agree with Metallica, they just like Guns n Roses and In Flames need to either quit or change the band name.


I agree with you on Guns n Roses but In Flames? I still think they are great, Come Clarity is a quality album.

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