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Aton/Thorpe trip 8/1-8/15/2012

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It is my dream to visit Alton & Thorpe(its literally on my bucket list to do before Im 24) & at 23 years old, never have left the US, I am doin all I can to make it there this August 1st!! I will be "leisuring" in London with friends for 2weeks, but the parks are my focal points, soo...


Would you happen to know what finances I would need total to be there?? (not including passport cause I've got the papers for that 2weeks ago) I was interested in gettin their annual Merlin pass but does it work at both parks?? Because I will be at each park for 2days.


Also, I will be stayin with friends MOST THE TIME except for the days at Alton/Thorpe so lodging is not an issue the entire trip, just the 4park days & food costs will be minimal due to home cooking most the time, so my friend says He says Ill need about $1600 after flight & Ill be set if I dont go crazy on souvs haha....


Im hoping these parks are everything I've dreamt to be...god Im like a little kid, sorry! Im just really anxious & nervous about $$$ PLEASE give whatever advice you can about the park, $$, etc.

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You'll be able to reach Thorpe Park easily from London (as well as Chessington if you wanted) - there's an easy train / shuttle bus combo from London Waterloo (or Clapham Junction) to Staines and then on to the park for Thorpe Park, and you can similarly travel from London Waterloo (or Clapham Junction) to Chessington South which is a short walk away from Chessington.


For Alton Towers, take a look at the details here (and possibly also dotted around in other places on the forum) : TPR Thread

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If you goto Thorpe on a Weekday, you can almost get it done in half a day (I usually end up spending the afternoon at Chessington as it is just round the corner (well 20mins).


If memory serves me correct, you can also pay about £12 when you are in the park for a return ticket for the following day (It has been a long time since I actually did this, so it may be no longer valid) So you will save a fortune if you do this rather than go for an Annual Pass.

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Alton Towers is in the middle of nowhere

I would advise you to rent a car (Like me and my mother did last autumn). For example directly from the airport to your loft or hotel in london, and you can get easily to the parks !

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