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[RCT2] New Adventureland

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I honestly don't know how to start this. I mean, this is kinda my "life's work" of RCT2. This park (in one form or another) has been my pride and joy, my go-to park, since 2007. I've been through a lot with this place. Hell, it was the first RCT scenario I ever failed at. And the first few in-game years were rough. But, for reasons unknown, I soldiered on for four more years (or, according to RCT2, 90 years. Yes, really) and I never bowed to defeat, and never tried to Parkdat anything I wanted in or caved in on trainers to dig me out of my (many) financial holes. I've been through a million ups and downs with this place, and given up on it more times than I can count, but now I'm super proud of it. So it's kinda bittersweet that I have concede that it's finally done. But at the same time, it means that, at last, I feel comfortable showing it and getting some feedback, and introducing you all to my way of park building. So, after six years, many failures and successes, and a record-demolishing *29* coasters, I'm proud to present...


New Adventureland!

So, I've been debating how to properly show the entire park, and I figured that a grand tour of the park through its many (loosely) themed areas might be a good plan. As such, lets start where any parkgoer's journey starts...




If you couldn't tell from the overview shot, this park is indeed built out of the "Build Ya' Own Six Flags" scenario, thus the ripoff of Magic Mountain's...er...geometric...mountain...thingy...and the dead flowers that only get watered during storms.

Anyway, this is the entrance to the park (obviously). I know it seems a bit cramped, but that's because this area (creatively dubbed the maingate) has existed, relatively unchanged, for 80 RCT years. It acts as a bit of a catchall for the park, featuring a small foodcourt, a few rides that didn't really fit anywhere else, and the signature beacon tower that greets guests upon entering the park. Included in this shot is Motion Simulator (the park's first ride, which used to manage five real-hour lines), Knightmare (a similarly old as dust inverter-ship), Toppling Tower (my lame, non-hacking attempt at a Topple Tower), New AdventureTower (basic as the name implies), Pine Valley Splash (to be shown later), and, peeking out from the bottom, Turbo.



Premier LIM Launch Coaster

Turbo was the first ride I attempted to "make fit", despite the fact that, when it was built, the back half of the park was entirely empty. Turbo is themed to a blast through the European Countryside in a powerful sports saloon (I DID IT FIRST BUSCH GARDENS! HA!) and features a comparatively sedate 60mph launch, three inversions, and launch/return tunnels. Simple and fun, exactly as it was built to be!


Oh, by the way, this is quite an old design, so apologies for the silly looking track-resting-on-the-ground issue. I just haven't really cared to change it since I built it.



It's an entrance plaza...deal with it.

Over on the other side of the Maingate lies something super important...






Oh, yeah, there's a GCI that was built for the 50th anniversary of the park and replaced the park's oldest remaining coaster while also honoring the long gone woodie that was the park's first coaster, but...that's in the next post. So...just go on to that if you're one of those strange coaster nerds who enjoys looking at layouts or something weird like that.


I'll just stay here.


Admiring my garden clock.


All alone.




You meanie.


GCI Custom Wood Coaster

This is Firepower, probably my best attempt at a pitch-perfect GCI layout. Much like Turbo, this ride was built to occupy a small space while delivering maximum thrills, and I think it succeeded rather well (although the unfortunately empty train says otherwise...stupid Intamin obsessed peeps and their inability to enjoy family fun...) It occupied the former home of one Jurassic Rapids, which will be featured in a later update!



And now, for something you probably don't care about.

The last major attraction in the maingate area is Pine Valley Splash (all of these, save Firepower, were names I came up with in middle school, by the way. Can ya tell? ) I only bothered to give this ride a picture because of a particular distinction...it's the oldest continuously operating ride in the park, having stood where it is for more than 85 in-game years. Other than that interesting tidbit, it's just a fairly basic flume.


Aaaand...that's it.




For now.




The next few areas are more interesting. I promise!




Thanks for reading my incoherent rambling! Please comment!

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