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(Re)Discovery Isle [RCT 2]

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Discovery Isle was originally started just over a year ago. After a loooooooong time, I've finally picked it back up.


Now up to 21 coasters, Discovery Isle is back, with not one, but SIX new coasters opening up soon, the first of which is Overdrive, an Intamin Megacoaster (not quite 200 feet) on the shoreline of beautiful Discovery Isle.


Before we get to the coaster, how about a more current overview? (Note: Some areas incomplete, not all of the 256x256 map is visible.)



I wonder how many of you will notice the new coasters?


Our next order of buisness isn't a coaster, but thrilling nonetheless! Fort Dread is Discovery Isle's first "dry" dark ride, the other being Tsunami Falls, an indoor log flume.



Deadrock Prison is located nearby, incorporated into Fort Dread.



On to the main event, eh?

Overdrive is Discovery Isle's newest (open) coaster, though it is a sub-hyper, it packs a major punch and some massive thrills.



The trains (Blue and Orange) rip past the shore, just feet away.



Doubling back on itself, a massive second hill provides a breathtaking view of the park, including Sakurajima on the other shore.



The entrance and the queue line, along with the coaster's first massive overbank.



Another angle of the same area. (Sorta.)



Another high speed turn flings guests back around.



Overdrive is still going at high speeds (a la Millenium Force) when it hits the final two overbanks and into the station.



I hope you all enjoy this return as much as I do!

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