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Best Turnround and drop on a coaster

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it isnt a high speed turnaround, but vortex's first drop. I can never express how much sweet floater air you get on that thing enough! On a similar note, Cyclops' first and final drops both produce legendary airtime while going down a curving slope so I think they apply... Also, KC just because its packed with so much airtime (and usually going into/out of a turn when doing so)

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Best turnaround and drop for me is Sheikra's loooooong, slooooow approach turnaround to the first drop and then the drop itself. The coaster ended up being my #2, second only to SFNE's Superman.


As far as the most intense turnarounds... a little surprising but there's a wild mouse in Seaside Heights NJ with an unusual non-banked rise-n-fall 180 degree turn which gives you lateral negatives. (weird sideways airtime)

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I like many other coaster drops MUCH better than these, but for air time, probably Hi-Miler's second drop (it's bigger than the first) , or Scandia Screamer's first drop.


Hi-Miler: www.lonestarthrills.com/gallery/Houston ... himiler002

Screamer: http://www.rcdb.com/ig399.htm?picture=2


Antonio"I hope the links work"G.


ACCK! The Hi-Miler pic link does not work. If you want to see Hi-Miler, go to


www.lonestarthrills.com then on the left, there is an area that says photo gallery. Click on,"Houston Rodeo". Once there, click on Album: 2004 Houston livestock and rodeo. Then click, Album: Hi-Miler.


Antonio"there you go! "G.

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