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QueerRudie DOES WCB

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And the rest...


Knotts was a treat for me overall, and I enjoyed just about everything there- save the 'accident'. More on that later on...


After having my way with Monte, I moved on to Xcelerator- which was a new credit for me. As many people know, I don't do heights. As in: Tatsu damn near killed me. So Xcelerator would prove to be another one for the 'notsomuch' record books- but I will say it was a fun ride, albeit short. As usual, the Intamin smoothness didn't fail, and I enjoyed it overall.



Photo Booth... yet to be opened...



Xcelerator Going up...



Photogenic- I'll give it that...



0-60 and stop on a dime.



Hi Jo!



Up and over, Jo.


Having finished out my journey on Xcelerator, I wandered over to the Log Flume. I will admit, of all the non-Disney flumes, this one takes the cake for being as traditional a ride as one can get, and had the most amazing theming yet. Kudos to Knotts for turning out a wonderful and wacky log flume, and a genuine delight for somebody who doesn't usually do log rides.



This is one photogenic ride- all over.


It wouldn't be a 2012 TR with a picture of the KBF railway anniversary sign...



60 years! WOW!


Leaving the Log Flume, the morning music started to waft across the park, and I wanted to score a front-seat ride on Silver Bullet. Being handicapped has some advantages in terms of having elevators and what not- but one of the biggest disadvantages is that front seat rides are for the most part few and far between. Most parks block off the front seat for handicapped guests, and I can respect that, so to get my front seat ride, I was there at rope drop- and I did get my ride! Silver Bullet is a good ride, but for me lacks some of the 'oomph' of earlier B&M inverted coasters- Good, but not perfect in my eyes.



I love B&M's funky track 'bends' for the brakes.



Looping during testing.



Flatspin Fun.



The helix element did give me some nice G's- and takes NICE photos from the top of the Elevator.



Going... down.


Feeling not quite satisfied... I needed to go back to another attraction for a bit...


Monte satisfied me twice, and without any haste, either. Nobody does it like he does it, nor as quickly.



Oh yes. You know what this means...



Hmmm- who is that handsome bald man in the front seat? Wait. He's straight and married. Damn.


A quick trip on Jaguar (Not pictured), and I started to wander back towards the front of the park, and over to the picnic groves. Along the way, well... I saw a big fat cock.



"Hellooooo LUNCH!"




Some parks know how to put special touches into a day- and Knotts really did it well with the Snoopy wearing the WCB 2012 t-shirt.






KT learns about canes... and how to use them as a weapon.


Lunch was more than satisfying- as I'm quite sure several chickens died for my lunch- but they did not die in vain. Wonderfully tasty, Mrs. Knotts chicken is not to be missed at any cost. Yes, it's that good. The food was phenomenal in every way, and I will admit, they do know how to make a fat man happy.


Following lunch, TPR quest began... and may I say it was quite impressive all around. Now, for those who didn't see it yet, a video segment from this using my best filming skill... of which there are none. So without further delays: Gregg eating warm moist pie.





Gregg after eating the pie...


At this point, I took a side trip with a few friends- more on that in the final update... but credits WERE whored, that's for sure!


Flash forward to the evening:


Returning to the park after a way too brief nap, I headed in, getting my Pony Express credit (not pictured). Although short, the ride did not disappoint, and was a good overall ride- with one huge advantage:




I mean if all coasters were built this way, I'd be a happy happy man! No bending required, I didn't have to contort myself to get onto the ride, and the restraints required very little effort all over.


Following that, I grabbed a Calico Mine Ride credit: For a park to have a gem like that is amazing, and like the Log Ride, it was amazing to see. Good effects, a decent ride all around, and one I'd love to revisit again soon.


The accident story:


I'd yet to have my Ghost Rider credit for the day- and having passed on it during morning ERT, I headed over to get a reservation to ride it prior to the parks' closing time. Upon leaving, an unrestrained toddler crossed my path, and to avoid mangling the toddler in my canes, I twisted and fell- backwards. Jarring my arm (and bending one cane) the toddler was spared- but said child then decided to throw a temper tantrum afterwards. Not good, parents of toddler. Not good at all.



The results of said toddler injury- ouch.


After returning to Phoenix, I did get everything checked out- and it resulted in some minor surgery to repair the muscles inside the arm which had torn, and I had several large bruises along my right side from the incident. Memo to me: Always travel in a park with somebody from now on to prevent issues like this from happening again.


Onto Sierra Sidewinder:


As many people know, I don't spin. Ever. I get very queasy on spinners- and this ride, as smooth as it was, was no exception to the rule. I did need the credit, so off I spun... and wish now I hadn't. QUEEEEEEEEP.


Leaving Sierra Sidewinder, I headed over to the Boomerang- which itself was one of the better ones I've ridden- Surprisingly smooth, and for me nothing short of what I'd expect from a Boomerang coaster, the ride delivered what it promised, and had some cool looking lighting on the lift structures.



Boomerang with lights- very pretty!


A night ride on Xcelerator was in order, so a few of my friends joined up to take a spin on it. Riding in the back car with Sir Clinksalot, I now know that I don't belong in the back car on it... as I uttered a simple, clear one word title.




So the four of us wandered over to Ghost Rider, according to the reservation time. Ghost rider wasn't as bad as I was expecting, and compared to Georgia Cyclone, wasn't all that bad. Granted, it still needs some love, but was a good ride overall.


After a return to Monte for a few last bangs, we closed out our night at Knotts- and I am already looking forward to returning to the park again next year- as I had a great time overall.



Chadster and Myself with Snoopy at the Knotts Hotel.


Coming soon: Small park follies, and the conclusion of WCB 2012.



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