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"Signature" Coasters

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Weird little question: which coasters do you think all riders should try, not so much for quality, but just out of name-value and recognition? Like, which ones do you think are the most famous in your country, that all riders should do, just to say they did it?


IMO, the ones in the US that fit that description are:


Cyclone (Astroland) - Most famous coaster ever.

X (SFMM) - One-of-a-kind.

KK/TTD (SFGAdv/CP) - Either one, either the tallest/fastest, or the smoother version with lapbars.

B:TR (SFGAm) - First inverted.

S:ROS (SFNE) - Consistently rated #1 in America.


What else?

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And for all of you that have (maybe) never heard of it, here's the link:

:o I have been on it


SROS for SFA...




Cannonball would be Canobie Lakes

and Excal would be Funtowns..

BoulderDash for Lake Compounce...

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Well, first off, I don't think a "signature coaster" is one because of the name, I think it should be one of quality. Therefore I don't think TTD, KK, and certainly NOT X even comes close!


I mean, some of the most popular rides in the world "Pirates of the Carribean", "Space Mountain", "Haunted Mantion", "Big Thunder Mountain", etc didn't get popular because they had a good name, they were popular because they were good rides.


I also think a "signature coaster" is one that stands the test of time, not one that was just built 2 or 3 years ago and got a "name" because it's the tallest and fastest.


So having said that, I can only think of a few.....


Phoenix - Knoebel's

Matterhorn - Disneyland

Space Mountain - Walt Disney World

Big Thunder Mountain - Walt Disney World

Jack Rabbit - Kennywood

Batman: The Ride - SFGam

Shock Wave - SFOT

Greezed Lightning - SFAW

Grand National - Blackpool


And let's see, for those coasters that have been built in the past 10 years that could become "Signature coasters" hmm......


Millennium Force - CP

Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park


Raven - Holiday World

Raging Bull - SFGam

Dueling Dragons/Hulk - IOA


I dunno....this thread seems far more subjective and I really don't think there is any right answer.



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^ Yeah, you're probably right. I just happen to not like Thunderbolt that much. But then again, with the 54" height restriction and "no single riders" I'll bet you that more people have ridden Jack Rabbit than Thunderbolt.


IMO, a "signature coaster" is also one that should be accessible to the most amount of people.


Which is why, IMO, I think the most popular coaster in the world is not the Cyclone, but probably Big Thunder Mountain or Space Mountain.



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Kumba (and maybe its brother, Montu)- many multi-looping steel coasters become headbangers after a few years. Kumba is still a very ridable coaster after twelve years. In addition, it's well landscaped and has the distinctive roar



The original Corkscrew

Any Schwartzkopf ride

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Most Famous?


That award would probably have to go to Big Thunder Mountain & Space Mountain at Walt Disney World. I'm willing to bet that more people have ridden those two coasters than any other coaster in the world. Closely followed by Matterhorn at Disneyland.


Also, if you are talking "most famous" in terms of exposure, I think Colossus & Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain and the woodie at the PNE in Canada have probably been featured in the most movies and TV commercials. Followed by Westcoaster in Santa Monica!


--Robb "The most famous or most signature coasters aren't going to be our personal favorites!" Alvey

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For the Kennywood reference that Robb made is fairly simple. It is a matter of preference. There are good points to both coasters.


Jack Rabbit-


-36 inch height requirement

-mega airtime

-one-trick pony (honestly it is)

-oldest coaster in the park (Built in 1921)




-formerly known as the Pippen (1924) revamped in 1968 and re-named the Thunderbolt.

-54 inch height requirement

-NO single riders

-mega laterals

-ONE pop of air in the back seat off the station drop



It's a matter of preference at this point. Do you like laterals or airtime?

Any coaster as a signature, well that is hard to say honestly.

I would pick JR over T-bolt. I like history, and nothing has EVER been trimmed on JR.



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As far as coaster enthusiasts go, I would have to say Cyclone at Coney Island for sure.


For nostaglia and Hollywood sake, I would have to say Rebel Yell and Revolution since they were both stars of the movie "Rollercoaster." Still wished I could have ridden the one at Ocean View Park in Norfolk, VA. I was about 5 years too late!

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Im not going to count Disneys coasters... because ive never been on them and they dont scream " real coaster" to me...



Id say that Americas gems are Mellenium Force, S:ROS @ SFNE, and X (just because its the only kind)... and TTD and KK just because of the height and speed... as far as the older coasters... Coney Island and stuff is an Icon..

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