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Freds Ride's and More! (RCT3) Year 2 Begins! First TR

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(OOC: Well guys this is my 'side' project while I work either work on Adventure Island or run out of idea for it. It'll be more within the style of parks that I made before my old laptop died on me so realistic rather than semi realism themed stuff. It is also a pretty small project depicting a fun fair (at the current time anyway) instead of a actual park so to say as I thought this would also be different to what's on the boards at the moment.


As always it'll be NCS so if your against them then this park probably won't be for you. Also differently to how I normally do things, I'm commenting from a guests perspective rather than from a worker or park official.)



Year 1: First Visit




Circuses was the main reason I've decided to post these photo's for you. A small Circus had arrived in town a week or so ago and we were planning on taking my son and few of his friends there for his birthday. However things quickly changed when we got there as unknown to us before we arrived the Circus wasn't the only thing there.



In fact as this photo shows taken as we were getting the kids out of the car, The Circus is pretty hard to see through what's also here. Having seen this my son was pretty sure he was going to enjoy at least some of the rides, and we decided to spend the money originally planned for a meal for everyone after the Circus, to allow everyone to enjoy the fair instead.



First however we had to see the show we'd come to originally see. Honestly it wasn't all that great, simple animal tricks and couple of clowns and a tightrope act and the kids spent most the time messing around, obviously agitated to get some riding done.



Having sat through the show we decided to go back to the entrance and work our way around the fair. First up was this spinning ride named Fireball. Great fun and brought back memories of my childhood and the local fairs then.



Next was Spitfire. Haven't ridden one before and didn't really like it. The ride itself also didn't feel to safe but I suppose it is a fair.



The slow lines for Spitfire also allowed time for my wife to take our little daughter on the parks Ferris wheel, Skywheel. Something that none of the other kids were interested in at all.



Next was shooting star a rides that threw and spun you all over the place. Really fun though and probably my second favourite ride at the fair.



This wins though. A quirky little walkthrough dark ride themed to Atlantis. According to the plaque outside it this was designed and contracted by the fair owner himself, a Mr Fred Regin. Apparently he'd spent a while in America touring the states and the various fairs over there, working for a while at a company that designed dark rides. He'd loved the fairs so much that upon returning to the UK he'd sold his small removal firm and bought up some rides to make his own fair. This was his own stamp on the fair and has been touring with it for 15 years. I can tell you now they look after it as it doesn't look that old and was great fun, if a bit small, for the kids and me and my wife alike.


Unfortunately I didn't know what the policy was on photo taking inside so I was afraid I'd not be able to show you. This was until I stopped who looked like a mechanic and asked why the fair was in town in June. Normally it comes about September. Turns out that Mr Regin has bought the rights to the land and the fair is going to be permanent for the next few years.



This was great as it meant that maybe I'd be able to talk to him and be granted permission to get some inside shots of Atlantic Adventure. I'll have to get back to you with that though as I've got work early and its pretty late now so I'll leave you with this random photo I can't remember why I took.


Till then.


Craig H


(OOC: Now I hope it has the fair look to it that I was going for. The darkride itself was a kind of homage to a couple of my favourite designers (one more obvious than the other). I'll see if anyone can guess them from that photo alone. You'd have to have been around for a few years to have a idea though.


Anyway hope your enjoying it so far.





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Year 1: Second Visit



Hey guys, Craig here. Just got back from popping into the fair quickly with my son to try and cheer him up as he's just had the dentist and to also try and get the Atlantic Adventure photos. Now unfortunately I'll let you know now that Mr Regin wasn't there today so the photo's will have to wait but I do still have some stuff to show you.


Firstly is the rather obvious change to the skyline as you enter the fair. You see, as well as not being a particularly good circus they were also found to be abusing the animals in their care. This led to several things including a court case which closed the Circus itself down, and then to make matters worse for them Mr Regin sued them for damages to the fairs reputation as well as rent they refused to pay and won a large legal sum. Ah well it was pretty shoddy anyway.


As this shows though it seems Mr Regin wasted no time in erecting the ride that was planned to fill the spot when the Circus left, Zipper. A fast and pretty nauseating ride it may be but it still seemed to be a crowd drawer and my son loved it. Highest ride in the park as well, not that that's what's going through your mind when your on it.


This one really shows you the couple of rides that I missed in the first visit. These were more for the smaller ones but the trampolines were pretty fun.


Now for more exciting stuff. Fences up around this small plot in the centre of the fair and this lorry with several ride cars on it. Looks like it could be a fun new ride coming soon.



Well that's all from our quick visit. I'll still try and get them inside photo's for you but for now these will have to suffice.


Till next time.


Craig H

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Coupon: Cheers and I'm glad your enjoying it.





Year 1 Third Visit


Well its September and that means the carnivals in town so we decided to head over to the fair before it closed for the year. Now despite it being really busy as the photo's show I still managed to meet with Mr Regin and after explaining about the trip reports he allowed me to take my camera onto the ride as a thanks for the unintentional advertising I'd probably been providing him. Seeing as I'm doing this for my own enjoyment and all I didn't think that was a bad trade so got you all some photo's.


First however lets look at some of the other photos I took seeing as it was our first night visit.


Firstly pretty much the same photo that I ever showed you of the fair but this time at night. In my opinion the place looks much nicer at night with all the vivid colours creating some pretty funky photos.


Here's the Helter Skelter side of the fair at night. Just in case you were wondering that path leads to a fenced area holding the fairs porta-loo's. Not very interesting but handy if your visiting and needing to use them. Shooting Star was also more fun at night where getting your bearings was even more difficult.


Heading around the fair I noticed that the fenced area from last time had been replaced with this Whip ride. The kids loved it (well my sons anyway). A nice little addition to the fair. Also seen are some new picnic tables the fair has added to have somewhere to sit and eat.


This next one shows a little thing I noticed while wandering around, it seems the foliage in this place isn't being held in check to well as weeds are seeming to be springing up around what I take to be some offices for the fair. Not too bad as I didn't seem to spot any springing up around the rides but not a brilliant look to sport.


Now for the photo's of Atlantic Adventure. As these shows the walkthrough is really based on the one big room but you'll see that in a sec. First here's the facade at night. The fishman warning you of what lies ahead.


Basically you enter through these spinning portals and find yourself under the sea where theres a large room with several animatronics, including a giant turtle and another fishman. On the walls are various projected fish and a fight being depicted between the fishmen and some divers. As you make your way through you approach the fishman that attempts to spear you as you dive into a underwater building filled with laughing and crazy masks telling you your doom is near. As several fire pits spurt flames (fake so don't worry about that) you grab a small badge (for the kids mainly and saying 'I survived Atlantis') and run back into another portal and out into the real world. All in all a fun little walkthrough and a nice attraction to have at the fair.






Interestingly as I was leaving we bumped into Mr Regin again who ask to see the photo's. I was obviously happy for this and asked him what had been his inspiration for the ride. He replied that it was mainly a mash up of his ideas and some pulled from a park designed by a used called Crowheart on a RCT3 (which is a theme park simulation game) forum which he couldn't remember the name of. After this he'd given me the go ahead for the photo's and we'd left as the crowds were becoming slightly rowdy teenagers and we have a carnival to watch.




Craig H




(OOC: Hope the inside isn't too disappointing for you all. The ride really isnt all that big so I didn't have a huge amount of room to work with. Also I wonder if anyone can tell me the park that partly inspired the ride (and maybe even the ride name itself).)

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molemaster43: No. The inspiration didn't come from any real life parks but rather one of the first RCT3 rides/parks that actually convinced me to buy the game myself. If it's anything at all like that then its pure coincedence as I've never heard of it lol.






Year 2 First visit


Well I've just returned from our first family visit to the fair of this year. Its pretty cold out though still so I don't have any night shots for you I'm afraid but anyway onto the photo's.


Well the place was pretty busy today which I'm putting down to the fact that the fair has only just reopened still if it carries on like I can only see it being good news for Mr Regin. The first photo here just shows The Whip from last year but in the day. Its also seems more popular now than when it opened last year which is always good.


Now behind The Whip is a new ride for this year. This Bumper Cars seems to have replaced the Zipper which seems weird as the Zipper was only brought in last year. Still as you'll see in a minute the Zipper seems to have not been removed from the park only dismantled. Anyway the Bumper Cars are a much better option in my opinion and all my family seem to enjoy this ride together which is a bonus.


Also new for this year is this little food court. Although still relying on the food vans at least this shows the fair is thinking about the guests further than just rides. The burgers weren't half bad either.


This is why I don't think there removing the Zipper completely seeing as that yellow container over there is for the ride. Still not sure why they didn't just put Bumper Cars over here though. Also its looks like there doing some work. Will be interesting to see it whether or not its Zippers new place.


Another shot showing the Trampolines and also how the weed problems didn't seem to be taken care of at all while the fair was closed.


Not sure if I've photographed these before., Their just some hook a duck type stalls of which there are several dotted around the fair.


Finally for this TR as it was beginning to get dark and the place closed early anyways here's one of the entertainers, Sharkey or something I think entertaining some guests as they headed to leave. My sons love these two.


Well that's our first look. Some nice new additions this year especially the food court and I didn't really like the Zipper so its removal hasn't really bothered me. Did one of my sons though who keep's asking when it'll come back. We'll just have to see if there's anything new next time we visit.


Till then


Craig H

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